10 June 2019


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hey everybody welcome to this week's

edition of what's for dinner with amber don't forget to say to the very end where I'm gonna give you a round of review of all of the dinners that we had this week tonight for dinner we are having hamburgers we're also gonna have a lot of other stuff we're cooking out some of our neighborhood friends are coming over I made up these patties right here and they have the ranch dressing mix in them some werster sure salt pepper some parsley and oregano another thing that I made I'm not gonna show you guys the recipe you have to go watch Mandy in the making her channel I'll link it below but I made up her baked bean casserole that she made and I'm really looking forward to this obviously I had to taste it before I put it in this pan and it tastes really good I also cut up some watermelon and it's in here in the fridge so that is ready to go and then the friends of ours they're bringing over macaroni and cheese but so far this is what we've have together for dinner tonight I forgot to mention that we were having corn and what we like to do is open up the corn and the husk and then take all the hair out and then put the husk back

around it and then just grill it and we'll stay on the grill and it'll get nice and charred and it'll be a really tasty no I took a bite and I forgot to film I cut my corn off the cob so my plate looks really messy but there's the beans those are Mandy's recipe some mac and cheese that my friend and brought and the burger and tonight we've decided we're gonna do waffles for dinner with bacon and so my husband just puts in this Pyrex 4 cup measuring Bowl there's about two and a half cups of Hungry Jack pancake mix there's two eggs and he just put in about two tablespoons of sugar adding a pinch of salt to this mixture and then about a tablespoon of oil we prefer almond extract to vanilla extract so he's adding about a half of a teaspoon of almond extract and also adding some baking soda that's probably about a cup of milk being added to the mixture and then he's going to stir it all together really well and let it sit for a little bit so that it will rise over here on this side of the kitchen I've got about I've got six pieces of bacon on a foil lined baking sheet in the oven just finished preheating to 400

so I'm gonna take this bacon and put it in the oven if you guys don't make your bacon this way it's absolutely the easiest way to make it with the least amount of cleanup this has been sitting for about 15 minutes and he is ready my husband is the pancake and waffle guy so he is ready to start pouring this into the waffle maker you [Music] I am taking the bacon off of the pan and putting it onto a paper towel that is on a paper plate when I get to throw all that away as well that's just gonna help soak up that grease I actually ended up raising the temperature of the oven to move it a little bit faster so I cooked it for about 15 minutes partially on 400 and partially on 450 Oh what do you think about a good-lookin waffle yeah I think so all right now hey likes to take some I can't believe it's not butter spread and spread it on the waffle so tonight you guys are seeing waffles and bacon but for the next several nights you're gonna see some much healthier meals we just got back from the beach and we are all feeling like we just ate out a bunch at

the beach so we're going to really make some healthy meals over the next couple of weeks so if you guys are interested in seeing healthy meals definitely stick around for that because I will have some for you I was actually just thinking that I need to link this in my Amazon store so by the time this video comes out I will have this linked but I think that we got this for my husband either last year or the year before for Father's Day because these plates that you guys see so right now it's the waffle maker plates they're interchangeable but this has been really convenient for our family to have just because it's so versatile and we can use it for so many different things so I'll have this linked in my Amazon store if you guys are interested in getting it but I know that we picked up this one at Walmart so it's available there as well no one else in my family cares about this but I prefer my syrup to be hot so I usually will pour it into this little I don't even know what you call it but it's microwave safe and I guess it's like probably for a creamer but I put a little bit of syrup into that but I know I'll use and then I'm gonna pop that in

the microwave for about 10 to 15 seconds all right and here's what's for dinner [Music] waffles and bacon perfect Sunday night meal I'm gonna go ahead and start this process of chopping up some lettuce and this is just romaine sometimes I like to mix up our lettuce and do like a green leaf as well as a romaine or add in some spinach I'll probably do that tonight since the only type of lettuce that I have is this is this romaine I'm probably gonna add in some spinach just for some additional flavor and nutrition I'm just gonna loosely chop this spinach because especially for the kids the pieces are kind of large I have those too each one of the bowls and then just talks a little bit when I went to the store today I completely forgot that I needed raspberries for this recipe so I would be putting them on there right now but my husband is gonna pick those up for me on his way home from work since I don't like them have a small tomato here that I'm gonna cut up and just distribute on each one of the salads okay I'm gonna set these to the side front half because I'm leaning on the raspberries put my tomato

away and I'm gonna pull some chicken out I'm gonna take some chicken and lay it on here too right here these are gonna get grilled up and then we'll cut them into strips but then I'm gonna cut a couple other ones in half and then also grow them tonight as well just they're ready for lunches I went ahead and trimmed the fat off of this chicken and you know I just move everything around in my kitchen and I'm still confused in it now my friend Mandy showed that you should poke holes in your chicken because the marinade will seep and easier and I don't know how in the world I've never done that before about how incredibly simple it makes so much sense so I'm just poking some holes in the chicken here and then I am going to make up a marinade in this bag and in that marinade I'm going to do I'm gonna use some of this Asian toasted sesame dressing and pour some of that in there and then I'm going to pour in some balsamic vinegar and a little bit of ground allspice okay I'm also gonna be using a little bit of salt and then I'm just gonna take those chicken breasts and put them inside of this bag and these are the ones for tonight I'm

gonna do this same thing with the ones that I'm gonna grow up for lunches but I'm gonna be cutting those in half these I wasn't worried about cutting in half just because I'm gonna be cutting them after they're done cooking so just kind of spread around that marinade there in the bag and then my husband's gonna be home in about an hour so we'll be grilling these up when he gets home so this can sit in that marinade for about an hour and just soak up those yummy flavors and then we'll pop that on the grill to these salads I'm gonna be adding some split peas I am gonna make about a cup of them dried which they'll expand just a little bit in this right here I actually measured there's three and a half cups of water I'm gonna put about a cup of the split peas and then it comes in a bag just like this right here let me measure out around a cup okay so this is approximately a cup here these are gonna simmer just for about 20 to 30 minutes and then they will be a nice topping on our salad I am gonna add a little bit of salt to this so I just have this on just about medium heat right now I'm gonna get it to a simmer and then I'm gonna put the lid kind of

tilted on it [Music] all right I am resting the chicken over here not sure if you guys can see it but that just came off the grill and while that rest I'm gonna add some feta cheese to these not too much just a little nice pop of flavor there and if you're not a cheese San Paulo make vinegar as my dressing just because it's a healthier option so just pour some of that directly on there and you could use like a balsamic vinegar red or something like that I don't have that so while summit vinegar is completely fine with me for the kids and my husband I'm gonna be using this right here from Olive Garden it's their Olive Garden Italian dressing and I'm not really sure that this even goes with this type of salad but I know that they'll like this dressing so I figured we would go ahead and open this one and try it for them all right I'm going to start slicing up the chicken and just adding that to the salads for the kids I'm gonna go ahead and cube it to make it easier on them for us probably just do slices all right there it is look at those salads how colorful and bright I'm excited about

this tonight you know so we've got the lettuce we've got the tomato feta raspberries chicken I think that was everything right looks really good we just got done eating dinner and I'm I'm over here cleaning up and I just realized I never did put the split peas in the salad story in my life tonight for dinner we are having chicken we're also gonna have some broccoli and spinach right now just chopping up broccoli and then I'm gonna roast this so I found the way that my family likes it best and quite frankly I like it best is to chop it up I will I'll put it on a baking sheet that's lined with foil because you go you know that makes cleanup a little bit easier and then I will spray it with some cooking spray and just put a little bit of seasoned salt on it and just put it in the oven I've got the oven preheating right now to 400 and that just seems to be the way that we like our broccoli best so I've got my oil on baking sheet here first thing I'm gonna do is spray it and then I'm just gonna put all of this and spread it out I do need to leave a little bit of room though if you guys remember last night I

made a bunch of extra chicken and rather than cook up some more tonight I am going to the extra chicken that we made on the grill yesterday before I put that on here as well I'm just making it a one pot or a one pan thing so I don't have to dirty a whole bunch of items I am going to sprinkle that with some seasoned salt and I've already got my cooked chicken here I'm just gonna put it on this pan it's it's already completely cooked it's cold though cuz it's been in the fridge so I'm just using this as a reheating method I'm gonna put this in the oven until the broccoli the the chicken will take not too long to eat through but I want the broccoli to have a little bit of nah I don't want to say burnt what's the right word here I want it to be charred just a little bit because that gives it some really good flavor while my broccoli and chicken is cooking I am going to measure out yes I am actually measuring this is about a half a tablespoon of olive oil and the reason I'm measuring is because I told you guys that we were eating a little bit healthier so you know if you just pour it in you don't really know how much it

is so turning my burner on this is a little over a half a bag of a spinach left I'm gonna put that in here once the pan is hot and it's only gonna take about two minutes maximum for the stool cook go ahead and dump this entire bag into my pan [Applause] and it's going to cook down to like almost nothing okay and I'm going to sprinkle this with a little bit of garlic salt [Applause] at this point I'm actually gonna turn off my burner so that I don't overcook it and I'm gonna move it off of the heat and it can just sit there in this pan but it's going to still cook and it's still gonna decrease in size you guys can see that it's this is what I meant by charred you can just see some of the edges turning brown or black that gives it some extra flavor here is our dinner for tonight we've got the spinach here the chicken the broccoli and then some watermelon that was cut up in the fridge a nice healthy dinner for the evening tonight for dinner we're having flank steak so this has been sitting this bag marinating in

soy and teriyaki and some of this right here the roasted garlic and herb we're gonna throw this on the grill and my husband's gonna grill it a couple of minutes each side over here my mom is currently cutting up some peppers and onions we're gonna saute those up and then I am also making some couscous I've got some broth boiling right here on the stove for the couscous and I'm just gonna go ahead and make up this whole box here I'm also gonna sauté up some spinach to go with this meal about a half of a bag my husband just brought this steak in here he cooked it the highest heat possible on our grill about two minutes each side so you can see that it's pretty thin so it cooks quickly and he's gonna come in and slice it you can see the way that the what's it called the grain is that when it's caught on steak I can't remember but you want to cut opposite that so he's gonna slice it like this so you can see what I was talking about here how he's cutting against the grain here is the dinner plate we've got steak here I've got my peppers over here I've got some spinach and then I didn't show you guys but I

did add some feta cheese into the couscous and it just makes it extra tasty so that is what's for dinner okay Furman I'm here to do our weekly roundup I've got my notes here and I'm just gonna walk you guys through this I'm being a little bit quiet because my family is actually sleeping I'm trying to get this filmed in the morning before everybody wakes up and the house goes crazy so the first thing that you guys saw was burgers they were excellent we loved that ranch labor that we played inside of burgers and then we also have mayonnaise baked beans and one of my friend this food does not like baked beans was here and she went through the line and she was like I'm gonna try them but I'm not gonna be in here she went back for seconds so they are very very good you guys saw the grilled corn we love corn that way my friend about max brought mac and cheese it was very good everything was really good for that meal the next thing in their song bacon and waffles can you even go over home with bacon and waffles not really much to say about those we have that pretty regularly no specific recipe to be using

or anything like that you guys saw that beautiful summer chicken salad oh my gosh the chicken was so good was we did it on the grill which made it even better and then it was just such a light good flavor we even ate outside because it was so beautiful that night so I highly suggest during this these hot months make yourself a good salad because it was so refreshing the next thing you guys saw with that grilled chicken again same kind of chicken we finally feel like we can do really well chicken on the girl without it being too dry or underdone so it was really really good the marinade was awesome i really suggest going to get that asian toasted sesame dressing because it made a great marinade and then also from that you guys saw the broccoli that's pretty much the only way that i can get my family to eat broccoli they all kind of think it's disgusting but when i try it like that they will eat it and they won't complain about it and then the last thing that you guys saw my husband has perfected flank steak like that two minutes each side on the hottest girl possible and then just let it rest and then we slice it so good

absolutely amazing and then we have those sauteed vegetables with it i'm a huge fan of sauteed vegetables just a little bit of salt and pepper on them or whatever seasoning you like and saute those up in a pan and adds good flavor to any type of meal thank you guys so much for watching this video if you're not subscribed I would love it if you would subscribe and stick around and I hope that you guys are having a great week bye [Music]