08 April 2019

#mealprepsunday#cleaneating#healthyfood#nutrition Meal Prep Sunday/Funday

Hey Cr3w! Two things are sure to happen on Sundays...Church and meal prep..these two we feel very passionate about. You can't start off your week without ...


alright guys so it's meal prep Sunday there's the hubby he's actually know prepping some shrimp he's D shelling them right now after he cleans them he's going to do so we have two bags of shrimp that we bought one bag we're gonna use as stir-fry this batch he's actually gonna place it in the oven so so here is the stir-fry version of the shrimp that we'll be doing for meal prep so as you can see we have put some veggies in there of course we have some green beans we have some sweet peppers both yellow and orange and we have some carrots as well so this is our stir-fry shrimp and as mentioned hubby is currently do shelling the other batch of shrimp that he'll be placing in the oven so personally I haven't I don't know like I feel like shrimp in the oven are you sure about this dear okay ten-four cuz I personally have not had shrimp done in the oven at least I don't think I have but he seems to think that it's gonna make it a little bit more interesting to say the least so he's gonna do that and that will be his meal prep for the week so yeah we're also going to do some salmon so we have some Atlantic

I think that's upside down actually here we go yes you guys were wondering this these two are the seasonings that we use this one is a garlic and herb this one is fine herbs and so and this is a vegetable and herb medley actually so we actually preferred these only because as you see there's no salt added so really we try to try the best that we can to stay away from salt in our diet because as you know salt helps you to retain water so we try you know just avoid it at all cost right so so guys we're now putting put it on on the salmon so again we're using the mrs. - just hold it so we're using the mrs. - salt free the urban garlic and this is our salmon filet that we're going to put in the oven so my husband's just brushing it just to kind of spread all the seasoning all right then we go over here and these are our shrimps that we're doing so as mentioned there's two two batches of shrimp the first one is going to be done in the oven so that's all my husband's idea again I personally personally have not had shrimp in the oven but I'm sure I'll be delicious so he's mixed it with a lot of veggies we have some sweet peppers we have some

green beans and we have a mix medley which includes frozen corn peas and I think there's some carrots in there yep there's some carrots in there as well and so the next batch of shrimp as I mentioned earlier will be a shrimp stir-fry all right so we're about to put that on mmm looks yummy okay guys so we're gonna make along with the stir-fry and a pot of steamed veggies or actually doing quinoa as well that's gonna be our carbs for this week last week we did bulgur and so we're gonna just switch it up because you know obviously carbs there's good carbs and there's bad carbs right so the quinoa is gonna be your healthy carbs or your good carbs so today we're gonna do the red quinoa and then possibly I guess next week or the following week depending on if we're not completely over quinoa this week we're gonna do the white quinoa or the original I should say so yeah this is what our quinoa looks like and I'm about to put it in the pot alright guys so we're both to put the shrimp in the salmon in oven so I'm gonna put on the timer I'm gonna put these in for 45 minutes the timer is definitely on right now

we're just waiting for it to get to 350 and so there we go we have our shrimp with our veggies and we have our salmon all right so we'll check on them in 45 minutes along with the salmon and the shrimp that we're doing in the oven we're also doing asparagus as well so it's just a very simple recipe we're going to drizzle as you can see a bit of olive oil to go and then I'm just going to put again or mrs. - I'm gonna sprinkle some on there that'll go a lot but I'll just shake it and kind of spread that out and then you have the option of doing salt and pepper so we're going to put a little bit of pepper my personal paper all that banging noise but okay so they're ready for the oven guys so I'm going to put that in the oven and we are also doing a pot of just steamed veggies so you can see clearly the theme is to increase our veggie intake because I think as adults it supposed to have six to eight servings a day and to be honest I don't even think we're having or getting that on a daily basis so we're definitely striving to increase our veggie intake so we're gonna do a pot of steamed veggies so

what we have in here are edamame we have a green beans carrots broccoli and cauliflower so we're gonna steam these down so guys this is the finished product we have our shrimp stir-fry and we have our oven baked salmon we have our asparagus also done in the oven we have our steamed veggies and we have our oven baked shrimp with vegetable medley and we're just waiting on our quinoa which is still boiling and then we are ready to start preparing our meal plan okay guys welcome back here we have the finished product of what we were meal prepping today they're all portioned out in containers and you're looking lovely asparagus with the salmon right there and then you have a medley of mixed vegetable right there with your salmon again and this was the stir-fry that we did the shrimp with a medley of vegetable and then this shrimp was done in the oven with medley of vegetable as well so it's all the same thing but done different style you can switch it up guys just to make it different right and then we have our avocado as our healthy fat then you have your fruits on the side any fruit can go remember fruits and vegetable is always

good so remember guys abs are made in the kitchen right so you want to have that lean chiseled abs this is the food you eat you eat clean alongside with your workouts right ladies you want to have that flat tummy for the summer here is your meal that you can you clean eating alongside with your work so workout goes hand-in-hand okay so guys remember to subscribe and like leave a comment if you want to see more videos like these and stay tuned we have more videos to come ok thanks