18 April 2018

🎨Making Art & Chit Chatting with my Sister. ❤️

Thank you, for everything. for a free trial and 10% off first purchase: http://squarespace.com/catcreature We will see you soon! My week has just been hectic, and ...

-(both) Hello!

-it's Annabelle, and I finally am doing another video with my sister, -Lillith here! -and we are just hanging out, and doing our homework, basically, she's doing her illustration here, and I have my oil painting to do, I'm just gonna do the under layer today, because you have to wait for it to dry some of you may recognize this vlog, it's my sister and I running around on the beach, it was a trip that we took with our mom up to, just this little get away cabin, really. and it was just about spending family time, so, I chose this memory! -what to talk about? well, you know what I wanna talk about first of all, mercury went direct, it's no longer in retrograde, we're all saved. ok, that's the first part. and the second part, I think, the new moon in aries was like, last night? or the night before? and then... the third part, it's gonna be my birthday next monday! -oh yeahh -oh wait, Ty and I were thinking that we can just do hot pot at home. -hot pot at home? -yeah -cus it's a monday right, do you have plans? -with friends I might do weekend, sunday, saturday, and then with family I can do Monday just like the past few times, burnt siena is kind of the default but this time, I'm gonna mix it with a little bit of yellow ochre I'm gonna use a really giant brush, 4'' wide.

I know I cant show you the paint sample because I forgot them, but, I was thinking, I wonder if... in my wall, would it be interesting if I just paint maybe a 2.5 or 3 foot area, like a stripe, that's at the very top. and it's a very bright color -you're gonna really shorten the space. -but is that bad? -is short always bad? -mmm.. -no, that's true... -do you think you're gonna paint your room at all? -I want to, but knowing me, I'm so lazy... -it's not that much wall. -I don't even know what I'll paint it to. cus white's nice... yeah is the wall even white though? or was it kind of an off white? -OH.. it was an off white... I might paint it pure white, and I was thinking I'll paint a space for my alter probably like a north wall. -is there a north wall? -I'm pretty sure.. -I guess there's 4 walls, there has to be a north wall we have a lease, on an apartment for next year, that we're going to move into over the summer, once we move out of the dorm- -the doum -(both) the dorm...

-it's like the first time we're gonna pay rent and split rent -that's so exciting (sarcastically) *weeps -you know what I was thinking, if, when we buy groceries, should I like divide it so I leave some for you, so if you don't get to the groceries in time, then I dont eat yours up because you pay for the same? -if you dont isolate me, I'll just... never... get groceries... I'll just piggy back off of you, so I'd have to get it on my own -but what I mean is that, we can always go together at the same time, but just have different check outs -yeah yeah -yeah, I think that's good. -because now, when Ty and I cook, we try to leave you a portion, -mhmm -but then, I think if we don't have a meal plan next year, it should be even more equal. -talk about your cat! -oh yeah! I was also thinking of adopting a cat, and it's too soon to really go look in person, but I have browsed on some of the shelter's websites I don't think I'm gonna adopt until what, like august of september right? because I'm gonna go back to California -do you know when you're coming back? -I think I'm coming back august. -omg I'm so sleepy right now, I could just like.. -I know I'm sleepy too it's 10:30, and we are done... with the day but I woke up at 6 in the morning,

so that makes sense of why I'm tired. -I woke up at 8, and snoozed 4 times. -at least it's wind chimes (her ringtone) -it's like the only one that I can tolerate, everything else makes me very anxious in the morning -yeah but isn't that better for an alarm? -I don't know, it's just like... -it's like bad vibes, I just like the wind chime one actually, the only other one I can stand is the default. -the.. like the "doooinngngng"?? -that one?? -that one's the one I have. radar, right? -yeah -that still kind of gives me upset feelings... -I know, right?? I'm making an astrology zine, for one of my classes, but then I was thinking I can put it up in our shop, -that's COMING -still up and coming! -it's coming!! -you put! -you put your camera, on top of my tarot cards ?!? -you just noticed!?! -you just noticed? -THEY'RE NOT COASTERS -I was like -"I'm gonna make it shorter, ok" and I scooted it over, -no, I didn't see them -we're working with Squarespace in this video, and if you don't know what it is, it is an online platform where you can create your own website,

and it's very easy, they have a bunch of templates that are very professional and is ideal for any kind of website, in our case, we're gonna make an online store, or portfolio, it's still really coming together. but we haven't settled on one template yet, originally we were thinking about doing it from scratch, but no way, I'm really glad that Squarespace reached out so that we can just have a nice, clean, website. we're just SO swamped with school, that I'm trying to juggle everything at once, but at least we still got to sit down and film this, but yeah, sorry, I think you were still talking about your zine. -basically, I'm doing a couple of pages, I have gemini, libra, capricorn, pisces, aquarius, taurus, question mark, I don't know what this is, I'll figure it out and then, I have like in betweens- like this one, that just fills up space with texture and interesting things but, I'm really excited! because it'll be kind of the first time I share my art with you guys -I just never really thought of people being established as siblings because they have to look alike, or something, -yeah -and then the other thing is like, oh "but your personalities are so different", but it's like, just because you have the same birth giver, why does that mean that you can't develop as individuals? that doesn't make sense to me -maybe, it's because we're so complementary. -I guess -like, it's easy to be different, but it's hard to complement each other and really bring out the best in each other, like, when I'm with Annabelle, I just feel so calm, like all my anxiety goes away, that I don't really get with anyone else,

and it's very, it's just very genuine. I just always feel like we're on the same team. or like, we function as a unit. and, and like, you know, if sometimes if you like are having a bad day, or if you say something that hurts me, I'll tell you. you know, so it's not like I'll sit back and pent up resentment. -it's not trying to be... what's the word? like "passive aggressive" -yeah... -kind of making you look bad to anyone, it's just like our thoughts -yeah -we don't even fight that much, to be honest... -yeah, but for some reason mom always thinks that we fight... but its like -cus we fought when we were in elementary school... -do you remember, when we were in China, we fought so bad, I remember throwing a bowl at you.. -I remember throwing an egg at you. I remember kicking you in the stomach. -I don't remember the egg?! -no! I threw it at you, and I missed, and it hit the fireplace ... -was it raw?? -it was hard boiled. -yeah, OF COURSE IT WAS HARD BOILED if you're in a chinese household, how can it be not hard boiled??! I can already guess that -no, I remember when (our paternal grandfather) ate the egg and it EXPLODED if you microwave a hard boiled egg, please poke a hole in it I remember that it cut him -yeahhh yeah -we shouldn't talk about this anymore, because I remember Dad throwing a bowl at me

*inaudible fast forwarded footage* -yeah maybe we shouldn't talk about all that to them yet, cus we never really talk about our dad -yeah, they're not ready no censor everything that we just said about our bio-dad -BEEP -really, if you compare the amount of time we would argue or something, with the amount of time we spent playing, I think playing really outweighed. -YEAH -we set up school districts. we had weddings. we had an entire village. -I feel like we had like 90 something stuffed animals -maybe, but we even had America's Next Top Model... for our stuffed animals -I think we talk about this -with an entire round. and Maggie won. -when I was little, I wished we were twins. because then we'd be like exactly the same, and that would be super cool -I don't remember you saying that -I think it was in my head -maybe I was too young -cus we were still in China at the time. -but also, I do remember I was really jealous of all the attention you got because you were older, and a lot more charismatic, and I was 3.. and a foo she loved to dance, and loved to sing, -I was 5, ok -one time, we had a giant party, and I was hiding in the back room, really sad. and it was in the dark, and I was waiting for someone to notice that I was gone, but no one came. and then eventually YOu came, you were like "what are you doing here?" and I was like, mmm. I was like, "I'm obviously sad, but I want you to notice"

and you're like "oh come out, we're all playing" and you just left I was like *whimpers -Noo all alone. and I missed mom. cus at that point she wasn't there anymore -yeah..ok. let's end that there too, ok -tears, coming out -too sad -people are always like, "oh do you want to start a youtube channel?", or they're llke, "what is it like being the" um what is it called, like the... -the sibling? like...the less pretty one? -WHAT it's great that we can hang out and do these videos, but at the same time a lot of people like to project their assumptions and their own perspective on who my sister is as a person, just because she is infrequently in my content, so, naturally, people are curious, they like to pry, or they like to assume things like that, it's not really my story to tell, so I kind of just stay out of it completely. -mhmm -but, it's still nice that we can get along, and that you can come and go whenever. and stuff -yeah -I just don't want people to think that we have like an imbalanced power dynamic, where one person is like always in charge, or like always leading the other person, because -the battery's dying- -cus there's definitely like a back and forth, sometimes, often really, because I'm a little bit older, Annabelle will come to me and ask "oh, I have a paper to write," "who should I write on??"

or like, "oh, I have to make this drawing and I don't know what to do" cameras don't capture everything... so. I had another point to make.. oh yeah! I'm probably not gonna make a youtube channel. I thought about it for a long time, I thought about it seriously, but I think, if anything, I might do a blog I really want to work on my writing, I really want to advance in that more, and I've been very persistent. -well you know, since we are doing the website, I was thinking about adding some kind of blog format to the site, you can have tabs, or something -yeah. I have a domain too. I saved a domain. it's called lillith.space it's so cute. -ohh.. so we're not doing pyperlily? -no no no, I have all of it, but then I'm saying like for the blog part, the domain could change if I choose to, it was cheap. but, I was thinking if I had a blog, it could help me, first of all like sharpen my skills, and, because when I'm older, I wanna write a book. but, also, I think, it would teach me to edit and refine my thoughts, cus I have this belief that if you don't write, you don't think, overall, it might help me understand myself a little better, or it might open new paths of introspection that's more healthy for me, versus youtube, where it's like, I don't have that time management skills to like schedule, and edit, and film, and... and I'm not really a mutli tasker. -and it's also kind of just like putting your life on exhibit for the sake of others, because you don't even have the drive to do it you're just do it so

-yeah, doing it because people ask me to, I don't want that to be the reason, you know, if I wanted to make a youtube, I would have already. so, there's reasons. -oh, I was gonna tell you, when you gave me those flowers to press, I forgot about them and then they withered... -they just shriveled up? into little bloops? are they violets? -no... -cus I saw violets in animal crossing, they all look just like that but a lot bigger -roses are red, violets are blue... ... wontons are wrinkly... and.. SO ARE YOU -I've always thought my chin looked like a wonton -ME TOO when grandpa got really mad, I was like, because he would make the *angry face* mad face, and I'll be like ooh, wonton! why don't you talk about 3 things that you are very grateful for ? -that sound was like really close! *knocking oh, ok they're nailing things -I'm grateful for... my astrology books, and,

just the decision that I made to move to the east coast I think it has done a lot for me, and um, I've grown so much. and I'm also grateful for my hedgehog. -something I cherish so much is sunshine, sunlight, you know what I realized is that we are not gonna be up in this building for so long, and like the fact that we get to see the sky, above all of these buildings, I cherish every single time the sun beams just wash through my room, and I feel... so blessed to witness the beauty. I'm also really grateful for my physical health, you know, the ability to want to say "okay, I want to get better at this" so then I'm able to work at it, a lot of people aren't born with the same privileges. you know how you and mom both have the heart condition, so like, it's harder for you to actually say "I wanna go running, I wanna walk" and things like that, so -yeah when I'm doing those high knee jogs, i'm like, "I really don't wanna do this", but then I think "how lucky am I, to be able to exert my body like this" -yeah, cus I cant -like SO intensely to my muscles -like that other day when I saw you go up the stairs to the met, I was like, "how does she move so fast??" -I can full on run up college hill now. -I can barely walk all the way up but -yeah, like my heart rate can't go up above like, 120, basically

there are also things I'm limited to, like i can't I can't scuba dive, I can't dive, can't sky dive, ... wow that's a lot of diving one last thing that I cherish is, even though sometimes I can be a bit of a granny and say "oh I'm so annoyed of everyone on their technology," and things like that, I certainly am so used to growing up in a world where our loved ones are a phone call away, or a text message away, so I'm grateful that I can keep up with my mom, who's in China right now, -just the fact that, like you can take photos, take as many photos you want, of like, the dinner that you enjoyed, -that's true -or a walk that you really wanted, to record, -yeah -like, a funny person standing in the subway with a dog, I don't know -that's just you -you can like- *glares* I encourage you to just think about these things, and maybe share them with me in the comments below, I think it really leaves us with happy sentiments and it suddenly makes everything more meaningful, and more worthwhile, when you are mindfully grateful. so yeah, thank you so much for watching! it is very soothing for us to sit here and hang out, and have the opportunity to do this

so I can't say thank you enough, and also, thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video, I have a link below if you are interested in that, as I said before, so that's for 10% off. I really look forward to the next video that we're doing, because, that's when we're gonna get closer to launching, and doing a project with this non profit, I'm still in the works of filming it, because school is really... thwarting that. I am juggling as best as I can. we will see you soon, have a great rest of your day or your night, thank you for being here! bye bye!