09 June 2019


okay what is up guys I would like to

welcome anybody to my channel who is new please do not forget to smack that like button and subscribe and turn on this post notifications if it does help you do enjoy and let's get right into the video so as long as you guys know recently I haven't been doing YouTube at all like very very little pretty much none at all um I've quit playing video games a lot actually I've been cutting off weight I'm trying to get into the military and for those you who don't know I'm trying to go active duty Air Force and possibly be a drone mechanic or a drone pilot it just depends on what it is when I get there and what's available but right now I had to lose 70 pounds to enlist because I'm six foot you get to be 202 to 210 pounds also your body mass index varies too if you don't know what body mass index is I will explain that later in the video but um basically I'm going to explain to you guys what I'm doing how I'm doing it how much weight I've lost what I'm planning to lose and etc so let's get right into it so for starters I was 274 I was 274 pounds three weeks ago Friday my body mass index I was 67 percent muscle and 33 percent fat and within the first week

of doing what I was doing whenever I started this journey I cut out everything I I mean I eat one time a day and it's usually just chicken about this much chicken and that's it nothing else really I eat once a day I drink nothing but water if you don't know anything I'm I'm by no means a nutrition expert or a bodybuilding expert or a weight loss expert I'm just gonna share how I'm doing it and hopefully it benefits anyone who's watching or anyone random who sees this video so I eat one time a day when I first started the first week I was drinking meal replacements I drank one meal replacement in the morning I ate a moderate sized meal at lunch and then I would drink my protein shake which is 120 grams of protein whenever I went to the gym and then I would drink another Miller Place when I got home and eventually I got to the point to where my stomach shrunk and I didn't even need that anymore now I literally just eat one time a day at lunch usually and it's something really small then when I go to the gym I drink my protein shake and a bunch of water and I bust it out I'm breaking it

down I've lost almost 20 pounds in three weeks not a month not two months that's what people losing them in two months 20 pounds I've lost 20 pounds in three weeks I would not and I cannot guarantee that what I'm doing is completely safe or that I'm doing it the correct way like I said I'm not a nutrition expert I do have a personal trainer who I see once a week and he shows me things that I need to know like the proper way to use certain machines different in various ways to use machines and in the process I've made my own plan that I follow every single day at first like I said the first week you know I was getting into the gym and learning what I was doing but now I'm guessing gemwrap I go every single day under any Minister I don't care I go every single day and at first cardio trying to lose weight I can tell you this cardio is a must you absolutely have to do cardio period you don't have an option you have to do it and I hate running so I did the bike I was doing bike cardio I went from doing two miles a day to four miles a day to six miles a day to 10 miles a day and it got to the point where I realized that

biking is just it's not enough the treadmill is where you need to be either you're on the stairs or the treadmill because I can run I'm doing interval training and if you don't know what interval training is high intensity low intensity high intensity low intensity you're running seven miles an hour you run it through miles an hour you run a seven miles an hour you walk at three miles an hour etc to build up a pace and give yourself the right kind of the right set I mean there's a lot of lot of different factors that go into that people don't understand not even myself yet but um I stopped I don't do the bike anymore now I run on the treadmill and I haul ass like my big ass moves I get on it right now at you so I do like a quarter mile on seven miles an hour then I walk on three four like Oh point ten miles and then I do it again for a mile and a half to two miles but also incline if you know what an incline is it's when you turn the treadmill up I do a three inch incline so that whenever I can to be in the military is a PC test you have to be able to do a mile and a half in under 13 minutes and right now my mile and a half

is 19 minutes on an incline and then that sounds worse than it is it's really not that bad if you consider my weight and take into consideration that I've only been running for a week and I can already bust out a two mile run which isn't bad I would say by the end of next week I'll be able to run the entire mile and a half without stopping but I'm not there yet I'm getting there I'm just updating you guys my face I don't know maybe you see I've lost a lot of weight in my face there's still some there but I'm getting rid of it you know it's every day there's improvements and changes yesterday for example we did well yesterday was my first cheat day in three weeks and if you know what a cheat day is it's a day you're supposed to cheat your meal or your diet or whatever and I hadn't seen my grandfather in a while so I went out back and we ate some steak and I hate fries those of you who may be trying to lose weight and are watching this video stay away from fries and potatoes carbs are horrible they're good but they're so bad at the same time my carb intake I get less than 20 grams of carbs a day which is like most people if you

I challenge you guys right now right okay I better some fucking comments down below everything that you eat tomorrow I want you to check the label on it and try and calculate how many carbs you take in one day drinks food snacks anything anything that you eat and I want you to come back to this video and comment down below how many carbs you get a day I'm getting 20 the average person gets like 200 or more and car or what gives you energy so I've replaced my energy with protein like I said I was doing meal replacements I you the first week I was getting 250 grams of protein per day that's a shitload by the way and I stopped doing that because it one it was too expensive and two it was unnecessary because I'm not trying to put on muscle I'm trying to loose weight but it turns out that I'm doing both at the same time and I'm doing it exceptionally well so I don't have any like body pictures for you guys or anything like that I will probably when I hit 250 maybe I will do like decided yet but so far I've dropped my body mass index by about 5 to 6 percent so I am about give or take 75 percent muscle 25 percent fat and I've

lost almost 20 pounds in three weeks and I'm working pretty hard at it you guys have seen me play video games you've seen me progress you've seen me you know just I mean honestly you've seen me gain weight now it's time for you to watch me lose it and if you're new and you're watching this man and you're trying to lose weight drop any questions you have down below and I'll help you the best I can like I said do not just listen to things that I say I'm just telling you guys what's working for me and what I'm doing I'm by no means a nutrition expert a weight loss expert or a fucking a gym expert or any means I'm learning just like everyone else once I'm more experienced and I know what I'm talking about maybe you can 100% take my word for it but also everyone's bodies are different you know discipline is really important because did I pass Wendy's three or four times a day and when these is my favorite fucking food I hate I hate that being able to eat it but I know if I eat it what's the point I'm breaking it I had that cheat meal yesterday I ate out back I went to the gym right after and busted it busted my

ass I ran until I couldn't stand up anymore I literally almost passed out on the fucking treadmill and then I got up and went and worked out my shoulders and my arms and my back and I'm feeling it it's a it's a painful process I just wanna let you guys know what's going on I know that this is you know like an informational video on top of a fortnight background but I didn't really have anything to put in front of it I'm gonna try and record footage at the gym so you guys can see what I do the workouts that I do and that will be behind it next time or I'll do like vlogs off thing about doing vlogs while I'm doing this shit because I have a friend you guys don't know I'm Scottie and he's my gym partner we do pretty much everything together now you know whether it be getting food cooking Jam everything I mean we do it all together so we might start vlogging together and I'll upload that here so anyways that's all I gotta say for you guys today hopefully I help someone hopefully you guys understand what I'm doing now and you're up to par and I'll catch you guys in the next video and peace out boys