23 July 2019

ഈസി വറവ്||easy varavu||Healthy Dish||

hi frnds ... ഇന്ന് വളരെ ടേസ്റ്റി ആൻഡ് healthy ആയിട്ടുള്ള ഒരു recipe aayitann vanitilladh...ഇഷ്ടപെട്ടാൽ...

hi friend assalamualaikum welcome back

to another video India won in Telugu Takuto Veronica holiday is JT pattern and in that category camera a pattern enamored of a little Tamela but Ingrid anyways it already shayana [Music] [Music] think a livin and the channel subscribe hit the delete button attack another subscribe button on the plus J codable a cone angle masterminding and Kapadia Buddha videos let me see egg an amateur low humming a lot of idyllic gonna come it in tune and I can learn a little cooling until detailed IT partner today but I'm gonna pattern and made it like a boa padam anomaly including do you know and little is epic I know debugger tool every kid in a cool Boone on a party-line I'm gonna ride park and I'm gonna I do marketing down there silent on it this II think they it didn't uh militaire and a category cookie well I just artists number one is the fries are normal in it tonight it in that comedy poem another but I'm gonna throw it and I'm gonna be nearly today par yeah but I'm a cleaning in Beckenham oh come on I didn't I put a

bug on my night on the carita movie develop learning in each other IIT I didn't kill Mr trees in a little a car I Holika Holika like a pole for melam or pot liquor sweat less today Richard right it's a thyroid not up to me site when I'm right near Amanda Donna Marino miserly eyes need to be attended whenever fly moment is nominee mother working back another bathroom Akkineni latina gently lemon back in another place to colder than animal a you know one stick looking like a man a Carlo not pertain a second man 92 title by clicking a little mallet to have one spoon oh hello he's short of gonna boil it all night to write you a number no McKinney Oh 1/2 teaspoon filling it up put it tablespoon Kyle never told the commander cunning understand tom [Music] cultivate order three and a half tablespoon card ever told to it normally the lately card overnight reporting live in with like car stole a car I'm gonna go and move a little easier than I've seen the movie Blake until my mind on the mixing zone okay listen um I don't know I into I don't know why not just tonight oh

just to patch a man on the Marvin order just to know why alright you could come I can change my number there khumba Levi lock a colony thr ni question well of the colony but cannot unload I depend upon it if I look a fool on the colony weights it in our market khumba either likely it will come when we delete it it and Lango don an ID on the mixer [Music] well I don't know you can obviously learn it didn't on my trail alone Okuda like a knobby Sheila and imma kill a cop she didn't know P to become operative images to mix a dope lraqi Kodaka at initiation a mockery half TSP manual poodle toga [Music] and the denominated in there and lights on a Lakota town I'm gonna do well lock away tonight on the tryavna time tonight on the mood it achieve everything to come out about the president you mean eternal to come telepathy look ordinary American solid in there hey look anything like um killer motivates in the night the baby still to come what about the mean just to the

mornin all copper my luck in Larnaca and luck evening at the monument another and I'm a Kuwaiti I'm night to try our penny honey and I'm gonna call soothe a and I said it was gonna be the optional toy they were not I was gonna skip paying I'm a lotta working and thin dangled a well I might not even back with somebody but they hang it another stool over a lock on a night - bye Tina cost Joe Aleman Tamaki like I am in a closet anger would share a meter in the wooden intro to come let me say it then imma keep this window I don't welcome for my local and land on the west another where I would even take over we sending a migration but theory with a minute ago me the fool Donovan they would nominate a nylon lower cobalamin Lattimer captain a time in Java Shula with a Ganesha LD I won it in the a lock on a night with Troy I am a little there with hang and optionally another channel accommodate all of the work of a the Cova [Music] well belly button and I can come at laughs I owe me cabbage umpire and McCain back on the destroy Satan opening uncannily stupid another issue a'right let's carry on a pop Michalek Oscorp

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