10 June 2019

“Cooking” a healthy breakfast

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okay so of course my camera stopped

recording so I went on YouTube and I found like this peanut butter and chia pudding it's supposed to be like a healthy breakfast or whatever so I already got my chia seeds and my mouth and I already did that so I'm just gonna show you because you know thank you okay so add 1 pinch of [Music] mash have to add a mashed up banana but we have a cutting so sorry I forgot to show you guys okay so I'm just I don't know that's all they do because I'm Eugene Sufis anyways okay so yeah it doesn't look as pretty as it did when she did it some guys just mashing up the video you just figured it out guys I'm Ashley Vanina okay all right and then apparently supposed to add in the mashed bananas so I can't really show you this part because I need to hold yeah basically I don't have enough hands okay wait every time I'm doing something that I can't show yeah voila I could just do that so I'm just adding one so I almost could have gone really bad I thought that it was going to like stop recording again cuz I

already went to like half the recipes okay No I'm gonna add one teaspoon of peanut butter peanut butter [Music] so now we have yeah I think I didn't mash up I mean I have enough in video so I could barely just make a new one all right well I'm gonna pop this in the fridge