03 May 2014

Zo Medical by Dr. Obagi: The Products I Use

The Zo products I use by Dr. Zein Obagi Morning: 1. Exfoliating Cleanser 2. Exfoliating Polish 3. Brightenex: skin brightener, gets rid of dark spots, acne scars 4.

hey guys in this video I'm going to talk

about all of the products that I use from the zou skincare line by dr. Obagi you haven't seen I have another video that talks about process and how it works when you're going to start using the zou line by dr. Obagi so in total I brought home eight different steps now I do not use every step in the morning or every step at night it's about three to four steps in the morning and three to four steps at night so the first thing I use morning at night is an exfoliating cleanser this cleanser comes out it's like a clear gel and it has beads in it and it exfoliates gently it's called the effects exfoliating cleanser the second step that I have that I use only in the morning is the exfoliating polish when you wake up your skin is so purely I mean you have flaking skin everywhere so this exfoliating polish really helps to buffer off the dead skin to prepare your skin for the day I wouldn't say it makes it so you can put on makeup but it definitely takes away a lot of the flakey skin generally after this I put on the creams I don't put on any makeup just mascara hopefully after the six weeks when the peeling subside I can start my normal makeup but before that

you really don't want to put on makeup because it just really will make everything look worse after I wash my face and buff it in the morning the first thing I put on in the morning is bright next it is a skin brightener so this is what's going to fade those acne scars fade your brown spots even your skin tone and just brighten the skin the second step in the morning is the daily power defense if I had to compare this to anything I would compare it to a moisturizer I put it on usually I'm burning after I put on the brighten eggs and after the brighten X dries I put the daily power defense and it just sort of soothes the skin it's also an anti-aging formula so it's going to take away the fine lines and wrinkles the next step in the morning is the eye cream it is Hydra firm eye brightening cream so this is going to take away the dark circles make the eye more bright so it's a very creamy texture goes on smooth and it really suits the eye in the first three weeks my even my eyelids were peeling so it was nice to have a creamy texture up spread on over my eyelids my last step in the morning is sunscreen and the great thing about this sunscreen is its

tinted we can go from wearing makeup to not being able to wear any makeup because you're peeling like crazy it's really nice to have a tinted moisturizer because at least you feel a little bit more comfortable about going to work or out on the weekends so let's fast-forward to nighttime the first thing I use again is the cleanser the exfoliating cleanser I do skip the Polish and my first step at night is ACK neutral so I have adult acne so I use I can draw all over my whole face it's 10 percent peroxide you can either use it as a spot treatment or all-over I use it all over it is very drying and it does burn slightly but after I'd say three and a half weeks the burning does start to go away second step at night is the daily power defense I really love this cream because when my face is burning after that neutral this really soothes my face and does it make it feel as dry and I at night I used the Hydra firm eye cream and my last step at night is Rhetta Max the reddit max is I guess what I can compare Rhetta Max to is retin-a so it's going to exfoliate the skin take away the fine lines and wrinkles and this

actually causes a lot of the peeling and dryness and your face will burn however after three and a half weeks the burning does go away now if you're like me and your face the first two weeks my face burned for hours after putting on the the cream so I went back to my dermatologist and I got restore calm this is just a very moisturizing soothing cream and if the burning is unbearable you can use this to soothe the skin I maybe use this for two days and then I stopped because what I noticed is it really lessened the peeling and if you want to get the results this is only going to slow you down so I just have this on back up in case I ever need it but I really don't use it so thank you for watching the products that I use and if you haven't seen my first video I talked about the process what happens when you go and see your dermatologist and how old that were