17 January 2018

Zachary K Hubbard response on Healthy Eating

hey guys um quick micro video just want

to respond the soccer boots video he made for me without dieting foods and uh you know and uh you know eating more green vegetables now you know he may have gotten like a little misconception of what I said to him on his podcast uh you know in a recent uh Wednesday night you know maybe he thought that you know Bobby I did Tom that yeah I ate peas and uh white rice but I also did put out a video earlier on how I you know Nick's Tom Graham the news and you know that's what he didn't his put it in this video you know he um you know he uh he chose to eat ramen noodles without some veggies and uh and I did that too you know I put out a video well you know I've made ramen noodles I drained me out of the broth because I think the broth you know to me the broth you know I think that's just extra calories and calories and um you know it's more fat so I drained the blood from my ramen noodles and you know what he did the same thing and I put out a video where you know I said that uh I eat ramen noodles mixed with peas this is another one that I have adopted now the revenues would piece thing I just kind of got I grew tired of that like I wanted to

branch out like more horses because you know this is America it's a fatass country you know the choices you got or all these red meats that you know that make you you know fatter then you know Chris Christie let's say but are this stuff you know it's done well for me this is what I've been consuming since um I was I was on like a two a to you you know grueling journey of weight loss you know like I've lost about 15 to 20 pounds like I don't have a double chin no more much in my face isn't you know Pavia no more you know I'm actually showing you know some definition in my cheekbones and my it's good to see that my jawline is showing through and uh you know I've had weight Pro since you know I was a teenager and that you know it took me up till my mid-20s to you know actually you know start making some significant progress um you know when I was a teen you know of course that you must have heard of the stories about how you know school life you know being in the conservative school with a bunch of races assholes that made my life difficult at the time and the ripple effect of that was is that you know I would always you know

ever since I was forced to go into this concentration can't scientist you know education system we got you know because if I didn't go I would have been you know took I would have been deprived away from my parents and my parents would have been in prison that they didn't send me to this concentration camp so to speak and so I would you know eat my like bladder then was worth the smoking and everything which is you know a lot of you know teenagers like I'm not talking about like young adults I'm talking about teenagers this was during my teenage years preteens a lot of you know teenagers that went to school made you know smoked and I didn't want to smoking because I knew that it did kill and I knew that that I didn't want to you know drawn the stress and distress and uh you know and the internal pain without you know with hardcore drugs because I would have been you know in a much more shittier place in life than I am now so I I only resorted to like binging on fast food and junk food and the chips and you know snacks and all that but I you know once we ended ended to 2010's you know I said you know I mean the thing it was all the fast food

and everything I'd kept consume is just got old it's like I mean it's for so long and in 2005 I was done I'm a type 2 diabetic and that's 2005 when I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes I'm not sure if I ever broke the news of that before in my videos but I am a type 2 diabetic and um I guess that was and then I guess that was the result of eating all this fast food that's put out by designers to lead to you know you know it's designed it's basically you know kills all of that kills you only it gives you that's where the disease comes from and I you know I and I'm a perfect example of that I'm a type 2 diabetic but it's the lesser of two evils of the the two type of the two diabetics type two diabetes it's uh you know it can be you know it can be similar down because you know I don't have to you know inject myself with insulin no more I don't have to you know well test myself I would have to be to you know start about you know what might happen to me if I you know didn't monitor you know my condition you know type 1 diabetes is you know you gotta do the insulin you gotta you know you gotta let you know monitor you know the

disease with um you know at all times basically so I guess I you know I did I was at least lucky to get the lesser of two evils type of diabetes which is type 2 so I don't take the shots never ever since I did lose weight yeah I've I've been you know lower late look lowering my blood sugar ever since and this is what I eat you know we got string beans who I just ate some but you know these are uncooked I'm you might want to boil these for like 10 minutes tops you know it says four minutes on boys only has a the instructions say here that you know you got a skill cook them two to three minutes and then I'm sure yeah I can see that it's blue either to read that but it says write the I'm sure you see the world butter the they said you got a knob you know melt butter on them I don't want to put butter on my beans because butter you know I mean that defeats the purpose of being healthy butter is you know one of the most you know fat inducing things that you know that that's known the man so it's like what's the point in you know putting butter on you know on a food you know that you might eat just because you want to eat healthy you know we got

white rice though and we got these just business basic you know ground crackers you know that's about it and I also I drink this I drink I don't know if a lot of you about a lot of you that live in different parts of America no Giant Eagle you know I'm not sure if it is international if it's just a exclusive in Pittsburgh but I buy these sparkling waters it's a flavored you know bought it's like a clue you know soda but it's not soda it's actually you know there's a sparkling water its flavored you know tastes like a like a soda drinking away zero calories you know zero everything well I don't drink that I drink these kool-aid little pouches these a little kool-aid capsule you basically just uh add water I mean you know just squirt you know some of this into you know the bottom of a glass and just pour water in it and then there we go yeah you got yourself instant kool-aid it's not the sugary kool-aid on you I'm not sure if you can read that but it you know it's completely healthy has zero calories you know everything almost for the most part so I just wanted to kinda like clear that up with Zach you know maybe

he was thinking that yeah I wasn't eating enough greens but you know eight piece to you know I and these string bean I mean these string beans these are my most favorite I mean I love these I mean I really really really love these though you know they're absolutely delicious I also eat some broccoli - I don't put cheese on the broccoli for the record but yeah I just learned a lot you know put that out there you know just this is a response video for him so uh yeah and yeah if you want to lose weight you know I mean this is the way to go I mean just uh eat like a servant sizing these beans are defined a nutritious passed by fit assume it's only like a pie like a handful of these and I put two cups of rice in there and I like a sleeve of this - just for a snack you know I don't eat chips I don't eat Cheetos or any of that you know fat stuff I used to but you know not no more and I look sexier than ever I feel sexier than ever so that's that I don't want this video to drag up the too long that's all I wanted to you know share though and uh yeah that's all bye