06 January 2019

YouTubers React To Top 10 Trending YouTube Videos Of 2018

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- (male voice) Laurel. - Oh my God.

- (David) We're gonna be doing-- - Ah! ♪ (dramatic intro) ♪ - (FBE) So today, we're gonna be showing you the top ten most trending videos of 2018 from a list released by YouTube and we're gonna see if you can correctly place them in order from one to ten. - Yes. - Great, awesome. - Yes. - (FBE) We also would love for our subscribers watching to play along too. Just grab a pen and a paper and leave us a comment or tweet us on how you did on this challenge. So, what do you wanna say to the people playing along at home? - Have fun. We're gonna beat your asses. - I'm sure they're very intimidated. - To everyone watching at home, good luck. These games can be a little bit tricky, but I have faith. You can do this. - Ah yes. Walmart yodeling kid. - Walmart yodeling kid. - ♪ (yodeling) ♪ - (singing along) ♪ To say goodbye ♪ - This also had Ellen DeGeneres' blessing, which you know elevates it. - I actually love this guy's voice. Guy, he's a kid. - ♪ (yodeling) ♪ - Aw. - ♪ Such a beautiful dream ♪ - I love him. It was big. He performed on stage with Taylor Swift, he performed at Coachella. Number four. - He got that Ellen bump. If you're on Ellen,

you already know that you're probably top ten. Six. - You gotta start somewhere in the middle, but I feel like this one's gonna be at the top part. Number three. - It's number one. That's the most prominent digital memory I have from 2018 was this kid. - I missed this completely. - I know Primitive Survival. Is this one of their videos? - I haven't seen this one, though. - I love this guy. Well, there's two guys. - This is so cool. I've never seen this. - Whoa. - This is so satisfying to watch. - Wow. - Yeah. - Wow, look at that. - Isn't that cool? - How sweet. Dive. Oh, he's dead. - Okay, that's a really cool video. I'm putting pool at ten just because I personally have never seen it. - This one goes at number eight. - I would say nine right now. - So cool. - Low. I think that ranks pretty low. - I would say that's a low one. - Number nine, Primitive Pool. - God, Primitive Survival is so fascinating. What a cool, - It's so cool. - Cool channel. - This, really? - Cobra Kai? - How much did YouTube pay to get this to trend? - Who didn't see this considering YouTube

advertised it across the entire platform. - Could it be that it was one of YouTube's biggest projects of the year that they were actively hoping they would win an Emmy for? Could it? No. - You gonna make me watch the whole 45 minute episode? - I've been meaning to watch it, actually. Everyone who has seen Cobra Kai, - Says it's great. - Says it's one of the best shows, not just of YouTube Premium, but of 2018. - Did YouTube put out this list? - (FBE) Yes. - Okay, I'm gonna say that that's top three. I'ma say three. - Gonna put it as number three. - I personally have never seen this, but I've heard that this show performed really well, so I'm gonna guess three. - Oh, Kylie Jenner. - This one, ooh. - This was cute. - This one was pretty massive. - This was such a shock. This year was such a, "What?" - Very heartwarming, all of the feels. - I missed this completely. - It's a baby home movie of a Kardashian family person, so a lot of people must have watched this [bleep] garbage. - Does this remind you of you being pregnant this year? - No. - I cried at this video. It was really well edited. I'm gonna put that as number two. - I'm gonna go with six. Just seems like a safe in between. - I feel like it would be up here. All right, let's put it at four for now. - Yeah, four for now.

- Uh oh. - Oh wow, I don't know this one. - Of course. This is one of my favorites. - I'm so curious where this is going. - Oh. - Oh my God. What is happening? - Uh oh. - Oh no. There's trouble in the brick house. - Oh no. - I don't know what's going on. - (FBE) This is a Vietnamese YouTube channel which often posts sketches including this film, which is two hours long. - Wow, and it made it in the top ten. That's really awesome. - It just goes to show you how wide the YouTube universe is. I would definitely give it a six or a seven. - Let's go seven. - I'm gonna say eight. - People love the drama, including my mom, including me, including my nana. I'm gonna put this as number three. - Oh, Jesus. - Nope, I have no idea. - Is this just a sketch or is this also a two hour movie? - Oh man. - This could even be a T-Series video. - No, the production value's not high enough. - That's true. - (speaking Hindi) - Heck yeah. Those are my people. - (FBE) So, this is from a popular Indian sketch channel. - I see.

- I don't know what was said, but I for some reason enjoyed that video. Half court it, number two. - Put it maybe at six. - I'm gonna say six for now. - These international videos, I don't know. We gotta put one at ten at some point. - Okay. - All right, we're putting that one down there. - Yeah, Dude Perfect. - Oh, Dude Perfect. - Yeah. - My nephews love these guys. - Okay, that's pleasing. - I love these videos. - Are they real? - We debate this every time. - Oh yeah. They're from Texas. That's why they have a massive studio with a lot of space. - These guys are the reason my brother in law is going insane because my nephews are constantly throwing [bleep] around the house. - It's cool dudes doing satisfying things. You can't go wrong. Five. - I'm gonna put them at number seven. - I'm gonna put them up on number four. - Because I love them and I'm familiar, I'm putting them as two. - (male voice) Do you hear yanny? - Oh my God. - Oh [bleep] this. Oh. - (voice) Laurel. - Yanny. - I hear Laurel.

- It's unbelievable that that high of people heard Yanny. - This was really popular this year. - (male voice) So, what is the science behind the madness? - What do you hear? - I always heard Yanny. - Yeah, Yanny's more pronounced for me. - Do I put it number one? I'm just gonna do it. - I still hear Yanny. That was huge, that was huge. Oh man, that was this year? This year's been so long. Yanny is number nine. - That was really big, but that specific video alone from AsapSCIENCE? I'm gonna say five. I just put myself in a situation where I have the next two have to be one and ten, so I'm killing it. - (David) This is gonna be a different kind of video. We're gonna be doing-- - Ah. - Aw, this is so sad. - Somehow the funniest breakup video of all time. - (David) It wasn't healthy for us to continue to be together. - It's so weird just to even be in this environment and looking at it and thinking, "Whoa, you guys saw that?" - (David) But just not now. - I appreciate that video so much just because it's the culmination and education of five years of people breaking up the wrong way on YouTube. - No matter what, it was the best breakup video I've ever seen. - It's a great breakup video. - It's a great video. - Yeah, that video was massive. Oh my gosh, that was everywhere. - I was questioning my whole life.

- We're gonna have to put it at two. - Let's put them at number four. - You got it. - Dave and I are still friends and it's really fascinating to see that it ended up on the trending list. That blew our mind immediately. You're seeing us be human and for me, I've never been-- I'm not a vlogger. I don't make vlogs and stuff and I've never been super personal, so for me, this was a whole opening to a vulnerable side. For David and I, we made that video just to let our community know that we weren't together in a relationship anymore, so for us, it was just for our audience, but then it ended up on the trending page and then it ended up everywhere across different websites. I received so many messages after that from girls, guys, everyone saying, "You don't realize how much that video helped me and helped me and my boyfriend and helped us in our relationship." We broke couples up. - (announcer) Score at three different world cups. - Oh no, it's not gonna be ten. - Oh, sports. - (announcer) Can he get the shot away? - FIFA World Cup 2018. This has to be massive as well. - (announcer) Ronaldo with a shot. Oh, it's gone in! Cristiano Ronaldo. - Oh my gosh, he's so handsome. - He did a knee slide. - Yeah, that can't be good on the knees. - No, it's gotta hurt. - This was a great game. - Dude, this is number one. - You think so? - Yeah, but we have to put it at three. - So, here's what I've got so far, but I'm gonna

move a few things around. - (FBE) So, now that you've watched through all of these, we're gonna give you a chance to make changes. Let us know when you're locked and remember you get two points for every answer you get exactly correct and one point for every answer you're only one off for. - I think we're looking at a zero point situation here. - I think David and I's breakup is number three. - We could be horrendously wrong, but I like this list and I think it has good rational, Steph. - (FBE) Number ten is NGƯỜI TRONG GIANG HỒ PHẦN. - That was number ten? - That was a bit of a free floater. We didn't know quite what to do with that one. - Oh my God, I put NGU as number one. - Yeah, we got a point. - Oh, okay. I had birthday at number nine. I get a point. Point for me! - (FBE) Number nine was School Life. - Ah, come on. - We were way off. We were way off. - Close, but no cigar. - We were close. - Okay, one point. - Oh, I got that right. - (FBE) Number eight was Cobra Kai Episode 1. - I was close on that one. - Cool, I'm off by two again. - Eight is Cobra Kai. I put it as seven. I get a point. - Whoo! - Yeah. - That's two points.

- (FBE) Number seven was Primitive Survival Tool. - Off by two again. Loving this. - So close. - I got it. - Hey, yes. - (FBE) Number six was FIFA TV Portugal vs Spain. - Ah, come on. - Wow. - Wow, we had that as number three. - I put soccer as number one. - Hey, I was within one. - (FBE) Number five is AsapSCIENCE Yanny or Laurel. - Yes, I got that right. - I thought that was number one. - Wow, that was big. - (FBE) Number four is Walmart Yodeling Kid. - I was one off. - Put that as five. - Okay, that's a point. - All right, one point. - Whoo! - Yeah. Accidentally-- okay. - (FBE) At number three, is Dude Perfect. - No! - (FBE) I'm just kidding. - Is it me and David? Yeah, baby. Oh, sorry I called you "baby," David, but yeah, baby! - Number three? That is crazy. - I put that as two. One point. - (FBE) Number two is Dude Perfect Real Life Trick Shots 2. - I put it as six.

- I had it as number two and I switched it to number three. The regrets. - We moved it out of the second slot because of your hubris. - Your arrogance! - (FBE) Number one was Kylie Jenner, To Our Daughter. - That makes me feel things. God, they know how to work us. - I honestly think I did better than I thought I would be able to do, so I am leaving feeling really proud. - It's a strange mix of actual YouTube trends and outside of YouTube pop culture trends and it's unclear where those actually mesh. - Thank you guys so much for watching this episode of YouTubers React. - Subscribe to all the creators in this episode. - Links are in the description. - Wishing every one a wonderful 2019. Bye, everyone. - Hey guys, Vartuhi here, producer at FBE. A huge thank you to all the YouTubers that came out to shoot with us. Make sure to check them out and Subscribe to their channels. Links down in the description below. Bye, guys.