27 October 2018

Your healthy food choices affect your children in the best way possible!

This video discusses some statistics on how the parent's eating patterns are a positive influence in lowering the obesity rate in their children.

hey Jules bless vegan and welcome today

sixty five of our hundred a countdown to the best version of ourselves in the new year I'm so glad you're here I'm exhausted for so many reasons this was a really difficult week but I was like I don't care how tired I am I am getting on there and making my video just in case there's one person hello hello if there's one person showing up to say did Jules show up day I'm here if there's one person for the first time cruising through going I wonder if I can change my life before the new year I'm here you guys inspired me to be accountable and I'm happy to be here I was just gonna say I had kind of a great day with my students I was doing this science lesson it was a unit let's say a science unit and it was on Apple's it was actually on all kinds of fruit and from the beginning stages until you finally produced the fruit but we focused on apples and I brought a bunch of apples today and I had Granny Smith and Red Delicious and you know the yellow one what is that Golden Delicious and then pink ladies and the children were so excited and they ate every bit of it maybe when I only had the course left some of them were like not on the

core and they were trying to save the seeds because they swore they were gonna plant their own apple trees they were so excited like I've never seen them that excited over sugar as I saw them over natural fruit which was really encouraging and I was thinking no you can encourage children to eat right especially if you're consistent and eating right may know that I'm vegan and sometimes they ask if they can see my lunch and my lunch will be full of fruit and vegetables and that just all giggle so I was just looking at this study from Harvard and it said the risk of obesity was lower among children of mothers who consumed low or moderate levels of alcohol so that was important to recognize just obviously alcohols poison anyway but less alcohol is better and more alcohol can affect obesity I think it's because alcohol is just sugar in the blood but this one it says that the greatest drop in obesity risk was seen when mothers and children followed a healthy lifestyle no surprise but then this one was a surprise Mother's dietary patterns were not associated with obesity in their children possibly because children

have so many other factors of where their food comes from but the finding in this study highlighted the crucial role of mother's lifestyle choices can have on her children's health and bolster support for family or parent based interventions in trying to help the children to be well so there was this one of the part that said that the mothers healthy lifestyle reduce the risk of obesity in her children by 56% which is just amazing I mean if you're choosing just to eat right is reducing your children's tendency towards obesity by 56% it's a win-win I mean you're getting well you're gonna live longer so that you can love and care for your children and grandchildren and your children have a greater chance to it's pretty fantastic so that gives me hope with even my students because in many ways they're with me certainly more quality minutes in a day I'm so often a parent is so exhausted so busy so tired you know the conversation is 15 minutes a half hour I think one study showed six minutes was the average of face-to-face time but they're with me six and a half hours a day except for recess right so I'm gonna continue to witness to this

best way of eating - sparing the planet by my food choices and hopefully some little person you know I I do know that many of these children choose to bring a snack that's healthy now and they're super proud to say this we can't look I have fruit and I'm like rock and roll man even if next year when they leave my class it's no longer true it's true for today so just for today I'm rejoicing in the way of eating I'm thrilled that you're here and do know that I think about you guys and pray for you and people who haven't even found this channel yet we are here we're doing it and we're gonna bring in that new year as the best version of ourselves so I'm exhausted and I'm going to bed feel free to share the comments like the video if you liked the video and in the meantime stay vegan and be blessed