07 April 2019

YOU NEED THESE! Current Favorite Beauty, Skincare, & Health Products! April 2019

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hey guys it's Mandy welcome back to my

channel today I'm going to go over my current favorites these are things that I've gathered for a while now and I really wanted to talk about this is all going to involve beauty but two of them are going to be more in the health category I would say and I am going to be working with home chef on this video but I also have one flop in this video that really really bugs me because more and more I see companies doing this and I just don't think it's ethical said this is gonna be a flop that I feel like applies to a lot of brands but mostly this is going to involve an eyeshadow palette that is an amazing prize skin care products that are drugstore and yeah there's just a lot of inexpensive products in this video that I think you guys need to know about and I'm really excited to say let me just jump into it [Music] okay so the first product that I want to talk about it is this color pop eyeshadow palette I am so happy that they put me on their PR list as you guys know I really don't care about being on the PR list for a lot of brands but I love this because they have inexpensive products and I can test them out so

early for you guys and give you my input on which ones I think are really really worth it this I used on my ice today I feel like this could be a fifty sixty dollar palette at Sephora it performed so well and it has beautiful spring colors look at these I only use like three of these I use this one this one no for this and this the packaging number one this packaging gorgeous I love it I feel like they're really getting into the high-end looking packaging and then the colors beautiful the shadows are very pigmented they're buildable but not buildable to the point where you have to build it up to see any color you can go from a medium color to a dark color so I really love it there is not much kickback or fallout whatever you want to call it which is so surprising with an eyeshadow palette at this price and it not being a fifty sixty dollar palette because usually if they're pigmented there's a lot of fallout and kickback but this you got the best of both worlds also the shimmer shades in here are all different there are some that are more of a satin finish so you get that silky look that I have like do you guys see

them in the middle of my eye and then the end so you get that silkiness which is beautiful and then you also have a wet formula in here that is very similar to the Kylie wet highlighters I love playing around with the wet formulas they're very very pretty so that's the only one that's a wet feeling it's this one over here so these two are more satin finishes and then you have two glitter shades really love these I'm wearing this one in the inner corner of my eye and this is gorgeous and I am all about glitter in the spring and summer I think no matter your age glitter you gotta use it and I'm gonna tell you why because glitter if you guys don't know which I feel like no one talks about this I don't think is aging at all as you get older your eyelids tend to get little wrinkles which if you use retinoid maybe that can help there's also lasers for your eyelids we can talk about that in another video but you do get a little bit of wrinkling so glittery shadows like this just glitter a chunky glitter can hide that and it distract from it so actually I think it doesn't age people at all it actually distracts from the small small wrinkles

that people naturally get with time so that is why I would recommend this palette for all ages moving on to Neutrogena so as I said earlier I have used these products previously I've loved them all of the hydro boost products and the Neutrogena line are amazing and then when my dermatologist recommended these two I fell in love with them even more and she just told me that the ingredients and these are amazing they're really safe for the skin so these have a lot of water in them because whether you have dry skin oily skin or combo skin you need hydration in your skin I actually recently bought a skincare book that is for dermatologist and estheticians and it said one of the biggest mistakes that oily skin individuals make is dehydrating their skin and then they end up with really really unhealthy skin oily skin needs water oil is different than hydration those are two different things and dry skin needs water conv skin needs water they all in need hydration this also has hyaluronic acid in it that's really really great especially for a drugstore product if you don't know what hyaluronic acid is it's not actually a

normal acid it's basically a compound that attracts water to it so when you put these two products on your skin the hyaluronic acid in this absorbs water from around the air and also absorbs the water in here and keeps it on your skin so your skin can get hydrated and be healthy again it makes such a big difference water and hyaluronic acid you guys no matter your skin type you need it and so let me just give you guys the product names and I'll link everything down below this is the Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream for the eye and this is the Neutrogena hydro boost gel cream I got the one for extra dry skin there's one for regular skin but again same thing no matter your skin type no matter whether it is sensitive or not sensitive this is going to do yours good and you will see the results so so fast and it's gonna be a product that you for sure keep re-buying the other thing I love about these two is that it does look amazing under makeup so again no matter your skin type it's gonna look good okay let's get into you home chef's really quickly and then we'll jump back into the other products and the product that I was really disappointed with so

before that let's talk about home chef I have been loving this so much and the reason I really love this you guys if you know me is I am actually a good cook when I try but I just never find the time for it it's so important to eat healthy it's so important to nourish your body it's so important to take care of yourself so one of the reasons I really like the service is the price we'll get into that a little bit later but also they do have 18 weekly menu option so meal options and some of them are 5-minute lunches so I'm going to show you guys how I prepared a five-minute lunch it was a salad and it might look like a plain sell it to you but when you taste it it tastes like a top top rice straw salad so you go to home chef's calm you enter your email address you put in your shipping information things like that you can even log in through Facebook if you would like to do that so you put in your shipping address everything like that and then it's going to give you meal options so you're gonna pick from the meal options and they're all gonna be delivered at the same time and each meal is gonna come in a separate package

which is great because you can keep all the ingredients together and then when you want to make it it's so easy and each meal does come with a card so you don't have to be confused you know exactly what to do it's in the bag and then you follow the instructions instructions have photos so it's very very easy also that one thing you do before you select your final meal options is you can put in your preferences for food so if you don't want anything with meat or you don't want anything with fish you can do that as well okay so there is a link down below in the description box and it has a code all the details will be in the description box and this code will give you $80 off so that's $20 off of each meal and you guys can go on the website and try it I would urge you to try it at least once just to see how good it is okay so I have one two three four products and one of them being the flop so let's get through this quickly so then next thing I want to talk about is also a health product it is the vitamin of b12 b6 and folic acid pill this is not sponsored and this I actually got from

Whole Foods because my doctor recommended to me and I'm gonna talk about why this is so so so important it is by the brand superior source and this you put under your tongue it's equivalent to a shot of vitamin B which again let me get into it cuz I have a lot to say a lot of us including me I used to be addicted to coffee I would have so much coffee and my energy levels weren't really affected by it would give me a little bit of a boost and I ended up getting really anxious over time I felt like my nerves were weakening and I felt really unhappy fearful a lot of tension so it was almost like a excited oppression state that I fell into and what I realized it's not so soon after it took around a year I believe is that I had a B deficiency a vitamin B deficiency which was ruining my nervous system it was giving me anxiety and it was making me live in a constant state of fear and anxiety it was honestly terrible and I wouldn't want should have on my worst enemy during this time I did not realize that this is going on so I would try to compensate for my fatigue and anxiety through caffeine and that makes her

anxiety worse so not only was I vitamin B deficient which makes her anxiety really bad but I was drinking caffeine which is an upper and it gives you anxiety so finally I went to doctor got a blood test done and my vitamin B was low so this is more of a warning than anything else please don't use caffeine to try to fix your fatigue there might be something seriously wrong with you it might not be a vitamin B deficiency there might be something else that's going on with your health definitely go get a blood test but one thing that will help you even if you're not super vitamin B deficient is this this makes you so confident this takes away your anxiety and you don't need to drink a bunch of uppers like caffeine to not feel fatigued and to accomplish the things you want to so this has really really truly changed my life since this video is getting pretty long I'm actually gonna finish with one more product and then I'll leave the rest for another video and I'll get into the product that I was disappointed with so next product that I actually discovered in my boxycharm is the

Oh freh what is it called liquid lipstick long-lasting liquid lipstick and Monaco is the color so it didn't do a video on my boxycharm even though I do it every month but this color is so beautiful and I'm loving this formula I wanted to show you how stunning it is I'm not obsessed with metallics because sometimes I feel like they just look weird but this formula is a soft metallic and it plumps your lips and it's flattering I just want to put some on it's gonna look crazy with my eye shadow but see how pretty it is it plumps your lips gives you a little bit of a highlighted look you can mix it with your lipsticks you can mix it with your lip glosses just how to tell you guys about it because when I see a formula that's different and superior to others I want to talk about it so now talking about the flop this is a little bit controversial I want to make clear that I do support this company a lot they are an influencer brand and I I think the husband-and-wife hit on this brand are absolutely brilliant I think oh I adore them this has nothing to do with them actually it has to do with the way influencers have been using this

product and I don't even think it's intentional that they've been doing this but it's happening and I want to point it out so the product I'm talking about is the first solid liquid glass this on Instagram has been looking like it's a glass highlighter like you put this on and you have this beautiful highlight on your nose on your cheekbones etc and it's not the case whatsoever even when I'm shaking this up let me just show you what it actually looks like there's not much highlight see there's nothing actually it's basically an oil and that's it maybe has some little bits of sparkle in it so that is it you guys it's not a highlighter unlike how it looks on Instagram and it on Instagram it looks more intense than this I just think let's be ethical let's try to do our best if you have different lighting if you have a different camera and it's not looking accurate to how it works or is in real life you can always put a disclaimer and just tell people hey this looks like it's a highlighter it's actually not so that is it for this video thank you guys so much for watching let me know in the comment

section below what else you want to see and I will make those videos soon I can always make an anxiety video to skin care video I literally have learned so much it's insane I can tell you guys the difference which so many things so many products own ingredients so just let me know in the comment section below make sure to subscribe if you haven't yet give this video a thumbs up it helps me more than you know and I'll see you soon back here for another video bye guys love you [Music]