09 June 2019


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good [Music] today it's like 1 o'clock in the afternoon Wow I know brothers and me just woke up we had this crazy place a sensational line and then I was watching this movie called kgf have you seen it apparently it's very good and I just saw the movie it's actually pretty nice I loved it I hadn't seen this movie so far and it's a South Indian movie I've been doing now if you saw my last video you know I am on a shred 2019 18-week shred this is literally week 1 and day 3 day 1 and day 2 the workout starts but usually I'm like having my own favorite comforts day 3 is when the diet kicks in which is today I've been getting it crazy on a request of people asking me how I do my cigarettes see I keep putting pictures of my chicken breasts or my prawns or whatever food I'm eating on my Instagram stories diet food yes and obviously I love eating delicious foods and I'm a strong believer of the fact that food doesn't have to be bland just because that's basic science that's the truth believe in that food doesn't have to be blind for you to actually get all the

nutrition from it if someone comes to you and tells you you should have your chicken breast bland you should have it without salt you should have it without pepper just go to them and be like poisonous alright cuz it's not like that when I get new dieters and then you know people who are new to the whole Fitness game and they're selecting foods because I let my clients select their own foods before I give them a diet so you know that way they like what they eating and they look at chicken breast a look at shrimp in their whole menu and they're like you know what I can have all this every day and still be on a diet I'm like absolutely yes that's the whole idea you need your protein I mean if you are vegetarian as well sharing sources but you get the idea bottom line bottom line you do not have to have bland food but then when I get these new people into the program but they have a tiny bit of experience in fitness they know what dieting is they know what protein carbohydrates and fats are they when they select chicken breasts they're like oh my goodness chicken breasts I'm like why does it make you sad if you don't

want it you don't have to eat it but why does chicken breasts make you certain and they're like I hate the blind taste of it I hate how chicken breast is like it has zero fat in it you know it's completely lean and I tell them who told you you're supposed to eat it like a brother/sister who told you you don't have to eat I make some of the most amazing chicken breasts like I've personally seen on any diet or Fitness people's channels on YouTube or instagrams follow me on Instagram right now I posted my recipes most of the time I posted just my meals recipes I usually make videos but I kind of you know put text on the what kind of goes into the food which is almost like a recipe so if you're into stuff love that definitely follow me on instagram and today today as it marks the first day of my actual diet I figured I'll give you guys my chicken breast recipe there have been so many requests for this one type of video because the whole myth that bland chicken breast is what gives you muscle gain it has to be broken boarding it up before all that gym session what do we have today it was shoulders back and shoulders

today lovely I'm in the mood for a crazy shoulder pump today I'm taking my brothers with me to the gym as well right now that you know about them a little bit free so you know I'm looking forward to their transformation as well I will post all this on my Instagram the whole idea with the 3 day a week blog is actually working out really well I got so much time to work with my clients so much time to do so many Skype calls getting before I used to be able to make just one Skype call every two weeks nowadays I'm calling my clients like every five six days from Skype clearing all the doubts it feels amazing sorry guys if you were a huge you know a fan of the whole daily vlog thing I'm terribly sort of not able to do it right now it's three blogs a week and hopefully you know the future as time you know gets around you practice you get better I will make daily blogs once again but for now three blocks a week and and let's go kill those shoulders [Music] say what you feel yeah I don't even know this this is real power like me

you're as close to perfect as anyone can be just knocked my mic sort it [Music] solid session back and shoulders as of now the volume is not really too high you know finish reading you don't want to start with two high keys after then you have like no we're together so you want to talk low and then I'm gonna push it probably like to at least 150 percent of what it is right now in between of week ten perhaps and then last for weeks once again you want to avoid inflammation injury because you're on a calorific deficit so I'll be bringing the volume down nice session the intensity stays up the volume and intensity are two different things you don't know what it is industry is how much you're pushing yourself how much less rest you're taking the amount of weights volume is number of sets number of reps bottom line you know volume intensity you understand now let's go get some post-workout so I'm making some chicken breast I mean you obviously gets from the title of the video apart from that I'm gonna add some Tomatoes some onions a tiny bit of oil and some flavoring now I'm not adding any special

spices because for some people like earlier said spices can cause bloating we are worrying that just to say on the safe side I actually don't bloat but what if you did so now let's let's get something straight about adding oils chicken breast is a very lean meat that's the reason why we can actually add fast to it then you might ask a question if you're gonna add fast anyway why you having chicken breast why don't you just have any normal chicken like you know like the thigh or in other software parts see in that case although we are getting extra fat we don't have quantifiable fat we can't measure it in this case when we're adding oil we can choose what type of oil we want excess Merrill in my case so it's not saturated fat I'm able to choose the type of fat number two I'm able to measure it I'm adding somewhere in between five to 10 grams today probably 10 grams because you know I have something nice and it's absolutely fine fats are very essential for the human body trust me you need the good fats to get rid of the bad ones you have to put it in layman's terms let's go to the chicken

[Music] so got myself 250 grams to 60 actually today or 270 somewhere around the 250 ballpark of chicken breasts right here obviously it's boneless it's just a breast absolutely lean meat probably less than 2 grams of fat in this bowl [Music] that's slightly around 10 grams of sesame oil to this obviously you can add like you know curry leaves to add up the flavor any type of herbs you want and spices like already said the today we keepin it simple I'm going to add 50 grams of onions [Music] - Tomatoes now usually I would go a little higher than the onions but today I'm doing a low-carb based on my overall carb source it throughout the day is less than 150 grams so low and onions because onions 100 grams of onions is easy a 1910 grams of carbs be watchful of that carbs are not bad because I'm doing a low carb a I'm adding less onions if you're doing a high carb day feel free salt I'm getting a tiny bit of turmeric mainly not just for flavor but turmeric is an amazing anti-inflammatory food source so it's

gonna help you avoid a lot of injuries especially when you're on a killer if you dip sit and obviously we're gonna top it off with some chili powder for some flavor if you don't like spicy food stay away from it use paprika more flavor lesser spice [Music] I'm adding the chicken breasts now [Music] that's literally all of it now you don't want to add extra water to it because chicken generally releases a bit of moisture when you cook it closed in low flame so low flame keep it closed end of story if you add extra water that's when it's gonna overcook and become like rubber that's when it's gonna taste like death don't do that you get real sweaty in my kitchen quite fast there that's close come back in like six to eight minutes it should be fine now as my carb source I've got some roasted potatoes here to have with you know the chicken meal now I'm not going to much I'm just going to fifty grams because like I already said it's low carb but this is an amazing way to cook your potatoes if you don't like you know putting them in the pan boiling

them gets all messy let me just chop them put them in the conventional oven on 180 degrees 45 minutes 714 I have no idea what I'm showing the time now because I didn't show you the time when I left it was seven or seven now see what I've basically got here on my plate is prepared on the screen is there are two degrees of chicken breast 50 grams of onions 1 cup of tomatoes 10 grams of sesame oil literally these are all the things that qualified to be counted into the calories of macronutrients so this looks like a diet food how do you make it a delicious type dude you add all these spices herbs that's about it literally that's about it this is how you turn any diet food into a delicious dog food add your flavorings as long as it's not sauces or extra oils now see that we'll have added is 10 grams of sesame oil which I've measured it I've calculated for that put that into my dowel diet plan and I'm still on track if you not love that if you couldn't just throw on your oil and add like barbecue sauce and I don't know maybe a bit of ketchup and stuff laval then you're gonna go off track because you know they're not the best things get

up here once in a while barbecue sauce yeah once in a while measure the launch is fine on general if you someone who doesn't really have an entire grasp of how to plan your own nutrition don't do that don't be risky and that is my amazing chicken breast love these potatoes butter right here so good it's like a healthy potato chip so cool let me get a thumbnail now so after this I've got like three more clients to send out diet plan so by the way if you're looking to online coaching one-on-one personal fitness coaching shoot me an email at this email id if you're new to the vlog I'm a full time online fitness coach and a body transformation expert part time youtuber cuz you know I love making videos plus I studied media in the UK and US and India for a couple years so gonna get this done get my work done plus I got to go to bed early tonight gonna edit this video i´ll be for tomorrow because I have a very early morning tomorrow I'm going on a try which means Tuesday is gonna be an amazing blog I will see you Tuesday enjoy a chicken breast it doesn't have to taste like that Berta see you the

next one [Music] that's my other brother the guy's been in the shower for the last 48 days Hoshi [Music]