10 June 2019

Yoga Asanas For Loosing Belly Fat || WEIGHT LOSS YOGA || 30 DAYS YOGA || SumanTV

Yoga is a great way to work on your flexibility and strength. Yoga means union of the individual consciousness with the Universal Spirit. Yoga practice is ...


[Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome to yoga for weight loss and total health eros humanum 10 today low numb so asanas yoga postures in the currency madam program chess sonamoo along with that I'll tell you a nice tip today that is presence of mind and there every time throughout the day whenever we are doing some work or whenever we are simply sitting whatever when a mind a mouth event a usual --ga you know it will go to the past mean I am Jeric in the morn am Jeric in the one month back a mind they you know what they told what happened and all these things or when a mine named chase the meant a future table for today so what will happen after one week what will happen next year it love we will never live in this moment so which is very important so if you want to lose weight or if you want to have good health mind knee a present mu Matic movement K you know T score Oh Adam chale chale important so every second given insight to yourself am i living in this moment now Co Linda Greene chief ear on the Bioman Donna for

about rape occur in China came on my manga own take a dame you know not very significant e moment lo nano smile Church on any penny Chucho nothing even Nene no Jo to make a list what all you can do in this moment into one hour low aim future just think about that don't think about yesterday or tomorrow which is very important for you to get rid of your stress which will help in weight loss and health management so posh WA konasana LH aioli and what are the benefits in the to Danny ki practical the Mero mana 30 mil put a cha cha the e video to see pregnant Wendy it is an excellent exercise for hormonal problems any hormonal imbalance fibroid uterus etc get ready for partial konasana Pro right side and left side R and aside low e asana che Ali up today they complete out the ring so let us see how to do it on the right side first so stand straight mentally prepare yourself for partial konasana yo slow gah Rando Carlo during the paternity antara Kumiko comfortable Dahiya unperson dough on tobacco maximum de do run the pattern de rendu Carlo now turn slightly to the right side and

raise your hands to the shoulder level interval query trikonasana last episode aluminum choice M de otra konasana Allah given to the same procedure in tohoku EPO Bend only at the right knee right side knee MA from a bend Chiellini joint yes bench AC first marrow it ties me floor key parallel the pattern ok the thighs should be parallel to the ground in kakan jamun the Crouch oh yes in turbaco parallel garganta left leg should be straight and relaxed yes in tower question Tabata slowly right hand right side chat low Hinda near the food vitaly by the side of the food you can romero support this coach bring the hand above the ear straight go above the year vitaly you can keep your eyes closed or you can look at the fingers here fingertips here excellent maintain posture konasana with normal breathing for two to three breaths right side low partial konasana Cheston amo maintain four to two three breaths and very slowly release very slowly reverse order law okay first you have to bring the hands up body up tabata knee joint stretchy alle and then very slowly only bring hands down

Carlo Miro during on a patterned a jet look in that petty relaxed you any conscience you put a left side same partial konasana left side side low left side Mooji check them turn slightly to the left side jet low shoulder level three Pisgah Randy Randy Civello keep the arms straight in the shoulder level put a left knee bent Ian left knee bent JC left thigh parallel the pattern the ground key parallel go straight to the yes now slowly bend towards the left left hand is near the left foot maintain same on both the sides and aside low three breaths beginning look Miro practice chest the chest though you can increase the time that you're maintaining an asana but Oh first no Miro two breaths maintain chase arrow Theravada three there are the four at La so equi say primero maintain TS their final posture low aunt amico equi benefit directly two to three breaths IANA Tabata slow Guevara slowly release the asana by lifting your body up jet low Pike it is currently shown that level key body could have straight cut is currently very slowly

Jake look in the key pattern D body the Ganga and Carlo degra case this grunting very slowly without losing the spinal L and spine echo abend chair koonta body knee straight this Cavalli in the country maro asana chestnut amico oka vedanga benefit underlay asana released chestnut our wa taqaddas circulatory changes of any body low out and I want only so marrow immediate cut jerky movements chest own tear or bend the chest or knee or immediately sitting immediately walking it latches they Miko the asana benefits as lador occur so after releasing the asana how do you keep your body relaxed how do you keep your body straight a reach Allah important eros in toka asana choke them for weight loss uniqua tummy stomach fat Tiger Annika Chawla help out to them so Miley car loader on the Brittany right side load them first so turn to the right side conscience right yes no catch hold of your hands at the back cheat low back side low petco knee slowly bend to the right side before head is coming towards the knee straight the bending from the lower back add

Achara important if you want to reduce your belly fat bending from lower back is very important it Lachaise don't day it helps to metabolize the fat around your hips and stomach thighs Madonna Fukuda chala release our theory or metabolized out the way so bending towards the knee keeping the leg straight slowly release comes straight very slowly bend release the bend come straight release the asana release Chandi come forward release chestnut Budokan come back world coulda been chill and utterly consumed back because we are bending forward backward bending is also very important same thing left side law rip each other turn to the left side check low Monica on dolly body back side low and bend forward touching the forehead to the knee me private Nam at lawn dolly suppose neva Rocco crowd Anika Chawla cached on counter no problem wherever you can maintain with normal breathing aunt America chase the cha Lu you will get the maximum benefit out of the Sun either yoga therapy low this is very important so last final posture raw atom important anta lado but interval Kumi me

maximum Pratham 30 Miro chest ro asanam aunt amico benefit director release slowly come straight now same asana you can do with namaskara mudra at the back at the okay sorry to pitch to pinch and a at lemare o namaskara mudra backside low better or they turn to the side yeah yes so back side low namaskara mudra pet Randy Chet low-tar witha same Miley same asana repeat indeed turn to the right side and touch your forehead to the knee namaskara mudra at the back he D me Chester Kokoda chala benefit beneficial count on it shoulder and chest low mako chala aqua relaxation and movement direct away when you open your shoulder and adapt namaskara mudra release very slowly repeat on the left side left side low same money same movement left side love Chandi bending to the left any normal breathing they chase a breath tie to the petrol Dahiya release a stone Ollie breathing from the nose Chara important don't breathe from the mouth release namaskara mudra release th April chat lo release chandi side patent De Carlo slowly with normal breathing degree angle Bettany stand straight and Tadasana and relax

Molly name check the Nano relaxation Chara important enter within the Meera asanas chest ekkada relaxation Lumiere entertain spend Chester or they could have count out them to release their stress to maximize the benefit of yoga relax completely into a pressure point nimma madam insomnia or nidra problem k consume points to samo in coca tea point same related to the same thing stress and insomnia grinch each of them so take your hand like this okay take your ear tip club red coney just touch your midi fingers on the head sculpt me that la so e wherever the middle fingers are touching your scalp on the head that point is very important point on top of the head this is called a sahasrara chakra in yoga you know this point this top point so when you keep pressing this point what happens under stress Charlet acutally a point low this is very cooling point and the cozumel be encouraged applying oil every day to the hair a point low applying oil or applying pressure can bring your stress levels down also it helps in sleep very good sleep if you have disturbed sleep Mico Negreanu Charlie dreams worse than the Taliban gone the atlante

just press this point before you go to bed suppose nine ten o'clock you are going to bed on time around 9:30 9:45 at La okay - three minutes that's all - two to three minutes just press this point with normal breathing so it largest on tape you can get rid of such problems thank you so much [Music]