23 September 2018

Yes! You can Reverse Diabetes with healthy eating and moderate Exercise

A true story..

I could not help but overhear two ladies

talking today about health whenever I hear folks talking about illnesses and things like that my ears naturally perk up because I want to put my two cents in or at least listen so I can learn from what they're saying today to ladies I heard two ladies talking one lady coincidentally was really petite and slender and the other lady was yes short probably of all the same height maybe about four five foot tall one was really petite slender and the other one was obviously morbidly obese the lady's tummy was probably touching her thighs huge belly and she just kind of hauled those around I've seen her multiple times and they were talking about diabetes and that one lady was the heavier lady was sharing with the other one that she has been diabetic for a while and physician just put on insulin and that she's insulin resistant and he needed to put on insulin because her sugar was so very unregulated what when I heard that yes my ears perked up but also I heard the lady say that tell the other one that she asked her physician what can I do to get off this insulin that you have put me on and

regulate my blood sugar better and she said her doctor said lose twenty pounds now if I were to talk to that lady I would've I would've said new 60 80 even but I guess it's easier to say to someone 20 pounds and it is to save them to see obviously her physician feels that if she lost 20 pounds that it would sure help to regulate her blood pressure to get her back when I held him pass so I want you to share that with you because obesity fat overweight directly related to what we eat how much we eat and what we eat how much we eat the times we eat lack of activity and to a lesser degree stress and in inadequate sleep but I would dare say 90% of that is we directly related to lore nutrition what we eat how much we need I commend that doctor for telling her that I heard her tell her friend that you know I know what to do I've started fasting for like 16 hours I know what to do and she said I know I'm not supposed to eat the junk the cookies the crackers things like that I've started regulating that cutting back on a lot of things I know what to do

to lose the weight and get my sugar back under control so I wanted to share that with you because the physician has confirmed with her that it is the actually I heard her telling the other lady that her doctor told her that this on stable blood sugar they saw unstable diabetes high blood sugar is directly related to the an excess weight she has on and and all that way that she has recently are gay and I wanted to share that with you because I do know that diabetes can be reversed diabetes is directly related to what we eat how much we need the lack of activity and overweight fact this so if we if we are diabetic our diabetic drugs and we decide that we're going to reverse that we can with good nutrition losing the weight with good nutrition low carbohydrate foods cutting out the junk eliminating things like fried foods and bread crackers and cookies and bacon and all that junk and do some water and exercise I walk in half an hour three days a week for sure we can reverse that it is we start shedding the weight and as we shed the weight or blood sugar will also

regulate and we'll be able to get off who's that kills I wanted to share that with you take care your health is your wealth and we are what we eat diabetes affects every single organ in our body in a negative way Oh brain heart or lungs digestive tract or urinary tract or skin it's a blood disease and blood flows throughout our body so diabetes has negative effects on every parts of an amputation source that can heal blindness circulation issues pain neuropathy it's a horrible disease and it can be reversed with good nutrition and moderate exercise and encourage you if you have diabetes give it a try don't change the way you eat start walking a vast difference your body function okay we meet again god bless you and take care