25 September 2019

WW Wednesday | Healthy Meal Prep | Pumpkin Spice Donuts and Ramen Stir Fry 🧡

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hey guys it's Paige here thanks for coming back to my channel and being a part of my story I'm doing a standing intro right now because there is a bunch of stuff on the table where I thumb right now and we don't have enough space at the current moment to move it I mean I'm sure I can move it away but I'm just gonna do this and as you can see we got a sign back here so that blank wall anymore but anyways I am bringing back wait watch your Wednesday's and I am so excited and is that just gonna be like a recipe one recipe it's gonna be actually mail plainly but when I thought about doing this I thought I was gonna do it on Sundays because a lot of people grocery shop on Wednesdays but then I got to thinking if people grocery shop on Wednesday then they won't be able to try the mail pair up until the following week if they like what they saw and wanted to try it oh that sparked my idea to bring back wait watch our Wednesday's it's in the middle of the week when people are still maybe planning at their grocery list gosh I can talk Hey plating their grocery list so I thought it would be a great point of the week to post this I'm

so excited to share it and let's just stop babbling and get right into this week's meal brother okay guys so for today's meal prep I am making some pumpkins face donuts I'm gonna use this pumpkin pie or spice cake mix sorry use the Betty Crocker spice cake and then I am going to use a can of pumpkin and that's all you're gonna need for these so I'm gonna get that in the bowl right now mix the ball together [Music] and then I'm gonna take my pumpkin and I'm just gonna a little at a time and kind of mix it in together this is what it looks like when you mix it all together now I'm going to take a sip of bag and fill this into it that way I can make the donuts okay so I have my donut pan right here I'm just doing two circles but just reheat the press for so long I don't have to done it pans so just gonna put some and then my thing we're gonna cook these for about 11 minutes now the recipe for my lunch for this full week I found from louisa wine i will link her video down below but she did like a ramen noodle stir-fry and it looked so good so i'm gonna try it this week

gonna take my chicken first and cut it up basically what it is is you take the ramen noodles but you don't use like the chicken flavor packet i'm just using them for the noodles and then gonna pick up some chicken going with some veggies and stir-fry sauce okay [Music] [Music] [Music] garlic you can see me whatever you like [Music] [Music] now I'm gonna take some of this keep in mind stir-fry sauce [Music] and now I forgot to show you but I did boil some ramen noodles as that my pumpkin spice donuts / muffins here I tried one and they work so I just added a little bit of powdered sugar on top not very much but I'm so proud of how these turned out I've never made donuts before they tasted delicious and then this is the stir fry all right here I divided it into you five servings each serving is gonna be

about six points and there is a lot for six points so it's gonna be very filling probably have some fruit on the side and yeah so this is gonna be a winter all week I also forgot to tell you the donuts are for smart points apiece kind of high and it's because I use the spice cake mix but I just wanted to give it a try we'll definitely link through this video in the description as well so you can see both of our recipes I put a little different spin that on mine but it's pretty close to what she did both of these things so comment down below if you're gonna give this a try and if you gave it a try and if you liked it so that was it for this week's meal prep you guys I hope you liked it if you're liking the series I know it's only one video but if you like that idea just comment down below and I'll keep doing it I'm super excited to get this all started again so please give this a like subscribe if you haven't already and I'll see you guys next time