11 March 2019


Hey guys! Today we are doing a #wwfreestylemealprep. I decided to keep it super simple this week with things like chicken and turkey sausage, but I'm also ...

hi guys and welcome back to my channel

or welcome if you're new here it is editing Angelica here Sunday late at night and I just realized that I completely forgot to film an intro or an outro for this video and I wanted to come on and do that for you guys some of you have noticed that I've been off of YouTube before about a week I've been sick I had a fun wisdom tooth infection we have a puppy that is new and so we have just been really busy and I honestly didn't have time to film edit and upload but I am back in the game now back on track everything is back to normal I am so sorry about this intro and I usually do better this is another male prep we're making a vegetable soup chicken turkey sausage broccoli green beans roasted chickpeas and hash brown waffles and these are super good they're extra great to take on the go with you in the mornings and things like that so hopefully that's something you're interested in and if it is just keep watching also some of you have asked me about a discount code for the smart cakes I know I mentioned that in one of my other videos I do have a discount code now so I'm gonna go ahead and put my code and my link to get that in the

description box below anyone who isn't familiar those are the one-point cakes or cupcakes or muffins or whatever you want to call it and the one-point hamburger buns and they are all actually really good I tried all the flavors except for the new raspberry one so I'm excited to see how that turns out anyways thank you guys so much for stopping by my channel and checking out this video I hope it can help you out in some way on your journey don't forget to hit that subscribe button before you leave and let's go ahead and get into it so I'm gonna start by spraying some olive oil into my pan and then we're going to add about pound of low-fat ground turkey breasts this is the extra lean so it is zero points and I'm just gonna let this cook on low if this will be for our vegetable soup to it I'm gonna add some salt pepper minced onions and some mrs. - original seasoning I love the mrs. dash seasoning I'm not sure what it is about it but then I'm just gonna go ahead and let this cook and I'm gonna move on to prepping breakfast so this week I am making hash brown waffles I saw Amanda Seibert make

these on our Channel and they looked super good and they really are so let me know in the comments if you try this out so we're gonna be using 1 cup of the shredded hash browns for two points and 1/4 cup of the Velveeta shredded cheese for two points and the only other thing in this recipe is an egg you can also add seasonings like garlic and things like that if you would like so this is gonna be a four point breakfast we're just gonna spray it the waffle iron and mix it all up until everything is coated then all you have to do is put it in there and let it cook it is super easy and this is what its gonna look like whenever it's done it's very crispy it is cheesy and potatoey like a hash brown should be and to store this all you have to do is you can leave it in the fridge or in the freezer it does reheat well in the microwave but I prefer mine in the airfryer I also like to add some ketchup on it so this is also something that is friendly to take home ago so now our turkey is done and I'm going to go ahead and get started on the vegetable soup I'm using it two cans of mixed vegetables a can of peas a can of corn and can of tomato sauce and then we're

gonna add in our ground turkey and I'm also going to add in some beef broth the amount of broth that you add in it's totally up to what type its consistency you want in the soup I do like it to be fairly liquidy so I use almost a whole thing then I'm gonna add a little bit more seasoning and we're gonna put this on low for eight hours so for lunches this week and our husband and I will be having some of this Butterball turkey sausage I've come to the realization that it's easier for me to just put these in the pan hole and then cut them so that's what I'm doing then I'm gonna set my oven to 350 and I have a bag of broccoli here this is the bird's eye brand and I'm just going to plop that out I'm gonna spray some olive oil and I am gonna add some mrs. dash seasoning I know a lot of people count this much olive oil but I do not sorry and I'm gonna just put this in the oven usually by the time it is heated up to 350 the broccoli is done so it really doesn't take long I just am sure to keep an eye on it and now I'm gonna move on to some chicken that we will also be having for lunches and dinners and I'm gonna go ahead and fillet each of these

breasts I just prefer to do that for cooking and it helps me feel better about it being done I'm gonna add some steak seasoning salt and pepper to this I know steak seasoning for chicken might sound a little bit weird but guys if you haven't tried it it honestly is really good and adds a lot of flavor so I would highly recommend you to try it out [Music] once I'm done adding the seasonings I'm gonna go ahead and put these into the pan season to side down and then I will go around and just add the same seasonings to the other side and I like to let my chicken cook on a low to medium heat for quite a long time and then I just check the temperature make sure it's done and it always turns out really good chicken is also good in the airfryer so you guys could try that speaking of the airfryer for a snack this week I'm gonna try out roasted chickpeas this is my first time trying it in the airfryer I did already drain these and we're gonna put them in there by themselves with no seasoning for 15 minutes on 400 degrees and once that's done we are going to it bring it out some lemon juice and this week I'm

trying ranch seasoned roasted chickpeas so this is better if you can do it in a separate bowl but I was lazy this day and I just did it in the airfryer but what you're gonna do is add the lemon juice and then add the ranch seasoning and make sure everything gets coated then you're gonna put it in the air fryer for an additional five minutes at 350 degrees I was so happy with how these chickpeas turned out they were super crunchy the flavor on them was great I'm really excited to try out some other types of flavors and seasonings soon but these were really convenient to have throughout the week they would be a great replacement for croutons and a salad and for storage you can just leave them in a dry place like your cabinet and a bag or a bowl they do not store well in the fridge because they'll get soft from the moisture and I'm gonna go ahead and pack up some stuff into my containers so I have this scale here from E city or etekcity I'm not sure how to pronounce it they did send me this and as you can tell I've used it a few times but it is beautiful first of all it has this nice stainless

still effect to it and it is touchscreen so it's much better than the one I've been using from Walmart they did not pay me for this video they just sent it for me to try but I will have a link to it in the description if you guys would like to try out this specific food skill they also have some type of app I haven't gotten the chance to try it out but if you like to cross track you can track your calories and stuff like that on there but I'm just gonna weigh out four points worth of the turkey sausage for myself and that is about three ounces and I'm gonna get that into my containers next up I'm gonna go ahead and put a bag of green beans in the microwave I wasn't sure if I would have enough broccoli so I just wanted to make sure I had vegetables for the week and with my lunches I'm gonna take some baked potatoes so I'm just gonna wash them and this is also gonna be my first time trying to make baked potatoes in the airfryer but they turned out so good it was delicious it was easy I wouldn't necessarily say it was quick because you do have to do it on 390 for about 30 minutes and I think I may have added some time on to

that but then I just measured out three points of this which is about 4 ounces and I put that into my containers so my lunches that have turkey sausage and potato our seven points and I'm having them with either broccoli or green beans so I'm going to go ahead and pack that up [Music] for dinner on the night I was filming this I had made us some macaroni and cheese it is five points for half a cup so it is a lot but we did have leftover so I put half a cup in my chicken Mills and so that was the only points in those lunches so that would be a five point lunch and the blue ones are for my husband just in case you're wondering and then I have my chickpeas that is my meal prep for the week I hope this was helpful in some way and you guys enjoyed it if you did don't forget to give it a thumbs up down below thanks again so much for watching and I'll see you next time