09 December 2019

Women's Health Supplements At Nature's Outlet Roanoke, VA

Ladies, even though you tend to be the caregivers, Nature's Outlet Lynchburg doesn't want you to forget about your health and wellness. So we focus on ...

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Virginia is sponsored by nature's outlet women are often the caretakers in the family but how well are you taking care of yourself well today I'm going to help you take care of for yourself and I'm out here at nature's outlet learning more with John Rigden and you're an expert in this field and you have several products here let's talk about this first one I've never heard of it before what does it do Oh p.m. Fido Jen so this is definitely a popular product in the summer this helps with hot flashes for women as their their hormones start to get imbalanced this is the best thing that we've ever found to help them with with all of those symptoms so better sleep at night and and definitely a big diminish in the hot flashes and I understand what you guys have here are all natural products right they are yes it's all natural and it's very unique so for a long time women would use things like soy or black cohosh which which are both are great products but for for hot flashes but this one seems to work a lot better even on the the scientific end of it if you look at this under a microscope this ingredient in

there the herb they use it matches up more with natural human estrogen more so than those other herbs do so I think that's why it works better we want something that is as natural and safe as possible and this really goes hand in hand with this tell me more about that yes oh so the other awful thing about menopause is that our bone density can start to rapidly go down and so this has always been our best-selling bone density product bone strength from from any chapter it's plant-based calcium which makes a huge difference compared to to other products out there a lot of calcium supplements contain rocks I mean literal rocks and our body has no clue what to do with that so this is from algae it's from algae from the ocean really clean algae so it's it's like getting your calcium from from a dark leafy green which is the way we're supposed to it's just nobody's eating five or six servings of kale and spinach and collard greens every day so this has the plant calcium and then all the other little helper vitamins and minerals to to make your bones stronger and you're teaching me something fascinating our skeletons change

throughout the years and this is so important to keep your body strong so they don't break down right yeah it's about every seven years we have a completely new skeleton all the cells have been changed out so what happens with during menopause is that we still break down the old bone but we're just not producing the new healthy bone as fast and so you know if you're breaking down more than you're you're building you're not gonna have much left after after a while so and then we move on and here are some products for urinary tract infections tell me about the difference yeah yeah that's a that's another big issue sometimes for women is is your UTI so this is a really powerful one this this UT vibrance product it's a powder so you can actually mix this with a little cranberry juice or water or tea and it can really give you really fast so so that's the you know if you're if you're really struggling with it that's the product to use they also we have a product from nature's plus that's a extended-release cranberry and that's the one that you can use more preventative Li you take that once a day and and it's like taking

a good cranberry supplement throughout the day you just don't have to remember to do all of that and that's a very good point in itself because there's a million products out there and stores but you guys focus on ones that you know that work and like you said that you're only taking a couple pills as opposed to all day long pills yeah yeah the the compliance on that I mean when you some of these companies out there they they tell you to take one pill a day and that's it's not enough to do anything I mean you can't you can't take a fourth of the the therapeutic dose of something and expect to get results from it you're just not doing enough so we try to work with companies that that make truly therapeutic products that are gonna make a difference and make it as simple as possible and then this last product is one that I started using after hearing about it from you all and I noticed that it has gone to one of the big box stores around here for half the size but ten dollars more so you guys have a good deal over here tell me about collagen and I'm a big believer in it because it's good for your body all over isn't it exactly and that's

what I tell people about college and I say it's a repair kit for the whole body it's basically what we're made out of so we're talking you know it's a beauty product hair skin and nails but it's also our joints or bones back to bones so about 30 percent of the bone is actually collagen so a lot of times people are just focusing on the calcium and that that's important for sure but a collagen that's gonna nourish the the living bone tissue kind of the core of the bone so it does that digestive health it helps repair the the gut lining as well I mean that's why bone broth and and all those products are so good for it's because of the collagen they contain and you can come out here and get advice from John yourself tell me more about that yeah yeah I do one on one consultations with customers that they can schedule that it's it's free I think we have a lot of fun and I'm actually able to help people sometimes they're taking like a dozen different supplements and and it's it's because they're not doing the best one so if we can consolidate that to two higher quality products I can usually cut that in half if not better and you can get

your questions answered by the experts here at nature's outlet they have several area locations you can find them in forest Roanoke Martinsville and Salem to find out more about their products coupons sales and events you can go online to nature's outlet dotnet and to find out how you can meet with an expert call four three four two one five three one zero two