15 January 2019


Vitamins and minerals are essential for all Life. The problem is none of us knows where are food comes from in our diet. It's not the color and beauty of the fruit or ...

welcome everyone dr. Mandela here

vitamins & Minerals allows our body to grow to thrive to repair to live to have a healthy life by allowing our internal system to stay as healthy as possible with all the technology over the years now we have tablets and capsules and all kinds of vitamins and minerals that are on the counter but many of us don't take these vitamins and I'm going to explain why you may need to these vitamins make our metabolism run helps build bone blood tissue and muscle it makes it possible for our brain to produce the proper hormones our immune system greatly depends on these vitamins and minerals as well as your fitness regardless if you're working out running or swimming you need those vitamins and minerals as well these vitamins are water-soluble and others are fat soluble now water soluble vitamins pass quickly through the body and are eliminated meaning that we have to eat those every day our fat soluble vitamins could only be processed if we eat fat fat carries these vitamins around the body and stores them in their own fatty tissues now these fat soluble vitamins take longer to become eliminated from the body so we don't need those vitamins

every day but we still need them now minerals come from rocks and dirt within the earth there are many of them we only need about 16 out of those 16 seven of those are what we consider major minerals we need a lot of those the rest are considered trace minerals and we don't need as much these minerals keep the fluid balance of our body correct assisting our muscles to contract helping our nerves send the right signal helping blood clotting and sending oxygen through our blood now those mineral allow hundreds of bodily functions to occur it's so important for our immune system the minerals are found in dairy and milk and seeds and nuts as well as green plants but the problem here is how do we know we're getting those minerals we as humans are not a hundred percent efficient and metabolizing our vegetables and we're completely unable to properly digest cellulose for example grass is a type of cellulose animals like sheep and cows can digest that cellulose they can eat that grass they can get all the nutrients inside their bodies and obviously it's stored within them so we depend on those animals to

get those nutrients so what about the millions and millions of factory farmed animals eating a poor diet we're depending on those animals to get our nutrients and what about the depleted soil that soil that doesn't have nutrients in there that's growing those beautiful crops our bodies are being robbed so let's say that you're not the healthiest eater and you're eating lots of processed foods fried foods and once in a while you'll say you know what I'm gonna eat those vegetables we're going to eat some meat but the question is are you really getting those nutrients your body can't afford not to so how do we know what foods to eat to get the right nutrients how can we tell we can't it's unfortunate what we can do to a vegetable to give it that pretty color putting two carrots side-by-side how do I know I'm getting my vitamin A from the beta-carotene my vitamin K my biotin how do I know what I'm actually getting I don't just because it looks pretty don't be fooled I understand that we can only do our best to stay proactive to find the right fruits or vegetables or foods that's good for our bodies we can't afford not to get those nutrients I ask

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