01 May 2019

Why We Need Meat To Be Healthy!

The mind is a powerful tool! We can actually shape reality with our mind. In order to progress spiritually as a civilization we must take responsibility for ourselves ...

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rising my name is shane sterling in this video we're talking about why we need meat to be healthy thinking that we need meat to be healthy is an extremely limiting construct of the mind there are people that are breatharians there are people that leave their bodies there are people that bend spoons with their mind [Music] physical reality bends to our mind we can create any reality we want when we say that we have to eat meat to be healthy that I've tried a vegan diet and I got sick or it's not sustainable or it takes meat to be healthy we are limiting ourselves we are literally saying I'm helpless I am completely helpless and not in my power and not in control of anything in my life because when we take responsibility for ourselves full responsibility we realize we can do anything we want we can leave our body if we want we're spiritual beings having a physical experience we're not physical beings just randomly here by chance bound to carnism for survival you know you see those pictures of the hyena families with their noses

buried in the belly with the blood all over their faces that's like that's true hell on earth being bound to carnism to death humans aren't bound to death we can create any version of reality we want and we can choose to be spiritual we can choose the evolutionary path where we raise up rise up out of the limitations out of the carnism out of the death you know we have to choose that we have to choose and when we make a decisive decision when we take decisive action in our life by choosing to be vegan then we find the pathways to achieve that when our mind is stronger than matter we can achieve anything we want obviously including being vegan so someone that tries to go vegan and says they got sick or says that it doesn't work and that it's not ideal and it's not sustainable is weak in the mind not taking responsibility for who they are in their spiritual progression and no one wants to be bound to death and carnism and it ideologies of violence that's the domain of Lucifer that's the domain of Satan on planet Earth in dualistic nature reality we're not bound by that we're actually far more powerful than that we can align with the

universal laws of mother nature with divine will and God you know the universal divine principle that's in each one of us which takes us on an evolutionary path and that includes milk and dairy and eggs because the milk industry is the meat industry those dairy cows are ground up into ground beef it's one in the same if you support the milk industry if you support dairy if you buy cheese even local raw cheese you are supporting the ideology of violence if you eat eggs thinking that those chickens aren't harmed all the male chickens are killed at birth in mass quantities they're suffocated they're drowned they're buried alive they're ground up alive the egg industry is death it is one in the same even the chickens that come from your local friend's backyard those chickens are come from hatcheries and those hatcheries are killing the male chicks in mass quantity so it is the death culture so we can't eat eggs and dairy and think we're being ethical it's not ethical what's ethical is truly empowering ourselves truly saying I'm you know what I deserve to thrive I deserve to be free of the being bound to

the physical dualistic nature and it Lucifer rules on planet Earth I'm actually free to create my own sovereign well-being my sovereign well-being where I used the power of my mind to form and mold the fabric of reality around me I am not afraid to shine my light into the world I'm not afraid to experience the highest level of success possible which includes extreme health radical self-love a higher vibration for all to see and I'm gonna stand out and that's okay and it's okay if I stand out because I don't need to be sick so my mom and grandma don't feel left behind I don't need to eat meat and be bound to carnism and death and destruction so my friends and family don't feel left out and excluded know I can shine to the highest level of success possible in this world because I'm worth it and I deserve to do that it is my birthright and it's actually just simply aligning with the divine nature that I was born to have I went vegan at 17 years old that was 29 years ago I've been raw vegan for almost two years we don't need animal products we got people we don't need animal products but what we do need is to feel loved by

ourselves we need to love ourselves enough to say I'm gonna use the sovereign power my birthright the divine will inside of me to stop the death and destruction and violent culture of our society I'm gonna be a leader I'm gonna be a wayshower I'm gonna be someone who actually takes responsibility when no one else around me is taking responsibility and that is true power that's empowerment and it means to under no circumstance under no circumstance are we bound by just nutrition and just what we put in our bodies we're bound by universal law and the power of our mind which is limitless and endless so I wish for all of you to wake up to your own empowerment so we can all get on with the evolution of humanity moving the needle one step further on the scale of evolution we're all in this together so please subscribe to my channel so we can help share the message of veganism and raw food and the power of healing and the power of mind to create our reality give this video a thumbs up please leave a comment and tell me what you think and how you use the power of your mind

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