17 August 2018

Why Eat Whole Clean Foods v Processed

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afternoon here on the Eastern Standard Time part of the u.s. so this is Len from holistic health and wellness coming to you today with a few tips on why you choose between fresh and project processed foods so those of you that know me you know that most of everything I eat probably 95% is totally fresh foods I have found that that has made me energized rejuvenated I just feel so much better when I am eating Whole Foods so pretty much Whole Foods yes the foods that you get straight from the ground or you go into the grocery store and you shop around the outside so prior to doing that I was always a person that would eat as much processed food as I as I could I gave no thought to it didn't even think about what the consequences were but I lived that tired fatigued energist lot yeah I guess that's a word totally no energy all of my life I would crash in the middle of the afternoon I would think I'd get a quick fix from chocolate or from caffeine and what I didn't realize because I just kept drinking more and more coffee to give me an energy boost that that really wasn't anything that that helped so what I've learned over the years that eating

simple foods right from the earth really do a lot for me they caused me to be refreshed they caused me to be energetic I don't have that slump in the afternoons anymore I just feel so much better so different and I just really like to encourage people to to try it if you don't eat that kind of lifestyle then you should try it so I'm also a vegan well vegetarian more than vegan but I found that in my life works really well doesn't work buddy but it does work for a lot of people and especially I found if you're a type-a blood type we tend to thrive as a vegetarian and it can be very been beneficial for your health because it does encourage clean eating and even though some processed foods a vegan or vegetarian in the vegetarian vegan world they tend to discourage that so why do I discourage processed foods well one of the main reasons is because they lack nutrients when you eat a good clean whole food diet especially one that doesn't allow for meat or cheese those nutrients as well as others have to be found in different foods obviously so beans and nuts a great source of protein calcium can easily be found in greens

and the problem with eating too many processed foods is that they fill you up without having any nutritional value whatsoever so that was where I found myself having headaches and migraines putting on the weight always feeling hungry was because I was eating foods that had no nutritional value whatsoever so if you eat Whole Foods as close to the earth as you can you go to get your essential vitamins and minerals you're going to get all of the nutrients and the fiber that you need so that you can feel satisfied and feel full and having healthy levels of vitamins and minerals in your system can increase your energy and it does promote weight loss processed foods tend to be high in calories I don't know if you've ever really thought about that a lot of them are just empty calories but they are high in calories so you may be able to regularly consume processed food and still eat the calories in those processed foods but they really add up so if you did add a comparing a day of eating processed foods as opposed to a day of eating Whole clean foods and checky calories and see what you can intake is the probability is that the

processed foods would be higher in calories and you've had no nutritional value from them so most whole fruits and vegetables with some exceptions such as squash avocados cherries they contain less than a hundred calories each so because of that it's easy to stay fall until lose weight especially if you're on a vegan or vegetarian diet you can eat plenty fruits or vegetables supplemented with whole grains vegan proteins as an option and you don't feel deprived and that's the lifestyle the type chosen for myself and I have found that it has worked really well for me and I know it's not for everybody and I don't discourage the meat and that's not what I'm saying it's just that I'm talking around this vegetarian vegan process today so the health benefits of a vegan diet diet really are that you're eating plenty of whole foods so I've used Whole Foods a lot so a whole food is the food that comes straight from the earth to your table you're going around the outside of your grocery store and you're finding your fruits you prod you you see vegetables all of the stuff in those sections and you keep to the outsides of the grocery store you're not

going in there to where the processed foods are and then you're getting whole nutritious foods so the only exception to going around the outside is when you maybe go to get some kind of legumes nuts whole grains they they're really key on a vegan or vegetarian diet because you have to replace that protein with something if you're eating processed foods and they're very full of fat and they're very high in sodium then you miss out on the complete benefit of a vegan diet so a lot of times people ask me you know clients come to me want to know what are the benefits of a vegetarian or a vegan type of diet and it's not that you have to eat that again that's just what I'm talking about today so you may find that your energy levels increase when you do that kind of diet you may find that you drop some weight I've had some clients that have merely done it so that they could lose weight more easily you could find that when you're eating processed foods it does drop your energy level for sure and it can be a stumbling block to weight loss because of all of the sodium the belly bloating that you get from from eating processed foods and their lack of

nutrients and fiber so healthy vegan or vegetarian options are often high in fiber and water and so they tend to keep you full longer and they aid in your overall hydration levels so so many of us these days are dehydrated and I see my sister's on here and I know that she'll really appreciate this because I'm forever tell me you have to drink more water so the recommended amount these days is to drink half of your weight in ounces so say you were a hundred pounds you'd only have to be drinking sixty fluid ounces of liquid a day but you don't want to go just by what you're getting in water a lot of the foods that you can eat can contain a fair amount of water for example cucumbers are high in water watermelon is a very water rich food radishes some of the lettuces and if you eat those kind of foods they have the fiber and they have the nutrients so you're going to feel full longer so if you find that you're not losing as much weight as you'd like I would tell you that it might be worth giving it a try go vegetarian for a week or do one of my detox is for a week that really does get you off that but gives you plenty of

filling foods and if you aren't feeling well take a look at your food choices because very often in the past when I have not felt that great it's often because of what I've been eating so once I got off the process foods and I started eating a healthy diet I guess you could call it or it's really a healthy lifestyle it really changed the way that I feel it changed the way that my body reacted so a lot of the foods I now know are food sensitivities I stay away from them and I stay a lot more energized and a lot more full and I eat a lot less food than I used to so you know a vegan diet should be good for your body but it's also good for the environment I don't do a vegan diet because of any specific environmental thought processes it's just because my body does better on it so you have to see how your body reacts if you're doing something like that processed foods often come in plastic packaging individually wrapped and then boxed or wrapped again and that goes into the environment and it's not good think about all of the plastics that we get and I know I was talking to some visitors from England the other day and

they were telling me that they pretty much are phasing out the straws over there the plastic bags you don't go into the grocery stores and find the plastic bags like we still do here in the States and I know last time I was visiting if you took one of their plastic bags you actually had to pay for it so my son-in-law tells me over here our plastic bags are made so that they can be recycled and not be as harmful to the environment but my preference is to take my own bags to the store and help the environment as much as possible I use pba free bottles as much as possible or I use stainless steel receptacles for my water something I can wash again and I'm really wanting to get some of those stainless steel straws and see how they work I know that they would be more difficult to clean but you know I want to help the environment as much as possible so just remember that if you want to give veganism a chance you're going to have to do it for a couple of weeks and see how your body feels it is not for everybody and that is not what I'm advocating here just happens to be what I'm talking about today so remember that processed foods like

nutrients and processed foods are high in calories so eat as much as you can fresh from the earth shop on the outsides of your grocery store for the best benefit and I hope that that has helped to give you a little bit of insight in some of the things that you can do I can promise you this when you go on a healthy lifestyle type of eating you definitely feel a lot more energized a lot more healthy than you did before and for me that also meant that I was able to get off my cholesterol meds I was able to get off my high blood pressure meds so my disclaimer here is I am NOT a doctor I'm not a nutritionist I'm not a dietician I am not telling you to get off you meds you should always consult with a doctor but just for me with what I did with my own dietary requirements it just really helped me so much in so many ways I went from having migraines almost daily to only two three times a month depending on our weather here in Florida so if you're considering a vegan diet or a vegetarian diet and you want some some recipes just post under here and I'll get some to you I would really appreciate you sharing this today with someone and commenting in the

comments that is always really helpful for me again this is Lynn from holistic health & wellness I hope that you have a really great rest of your Friday for those of my English friends on here you all will be off work by now ready for the weekend so have a great day and care and I see you're on here and I hope that you feeling better I hope that the surgery went well and sending lots of great thoughts you away for a speedy recovery so I love you all thanks for being here with me and I will talk to you later bye