11 March 2019

Why do you need to be careful after MGB| Best Weight Loss Surgery|Punjab|India|Dr. Kular|

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[Applause] [Music] there's only one thing which we you need to be more careful about with the mini gastric bypass because the name is mini but it behaves like a machine gun yes so we fear the malnutrition if you're losing weight you should not get malnourished hmm that's the only thing which you need to be worrying about you need to take care yes one person we're gonna get out of your pony and whatever is left behind should be energetic okay but how is that possible to have the energy to have the nutrition you need the nutrition you need to eat it was no other formula and the purpose should be such the designing should be such that you can eat if I give you a designing which you know makes you warm at all times you're not comfortable then you cannot eat but if you can eat then you should know what is been done for me you need high-protein diet so I suppose you are a non vegetarian and go on taking fish every day yes so you are blessed because non vegetarians can have fish chicken protein and good one is for vegetarians they need to take a lot of milk or curd or yogurt milk products so

focus on proteins focus on exercise after one month or surgery you should be going to gym because we don't want your muscle to lose we don't even want your muscle to get weak lose if you lose 60 kilos maybe you lose 10 kilos from your muscle we don't want that yeah and then how to handle it you should give the food to your muscles and muscle needs protein and you must know how much protein is required it is equal to the weight of your body converted into grams like if you are under collusion you need hundred grams protein if someone is 80 kilos needs 80 then you can just google these days it's very easy how much protein is the in grams of fish yes so that way you can calculate easily you can even take protein powders so but you should be your own dietician yes and that's easy these days isn't the milligram of calcium how to have that either take one and a half liters of milk and ever knowledge tired has got calcium then take some tablets as well food because every female leaves couch cheese so vitamin D all of us need vitamin d once in a week yes calcium 1500 milligram but at least 1000 milligrams should come

from your tight because dietary calcium has to be the best nice and protein again 80 200 grams of protein most of it should come from your diet they want to rely too much on the powders mm-hmm but still if you are taking like 40 grams you can take one scoop of protein powder protein isolate you can get from Amazon and anywhere internet you can just order online or go to any you know vitamin shopping and you can get protein good isolate protein which is the concentrated protein okay one big spoon has got 30 grams I choose so one spoon is enough rest will come from your diet yes that's easy and then you don't need to look into other micronutrients because if you are grossly if you are eating and you're not vomiting then most of the patients will do well only those who cannot eat properly and vomiting all the times and then they will end up losing too much weight yeah too much break you just have the bones left it's not it's if that happens hardly speaking this will not happen in 99 out of under patients because if the designing has been gold edition' is eating nor vomiting there's no reason you will not eat today but still god

forbid if anything goes wrong you lose too much of it you must remember that this procedure is reversible as well yes we can put it down and it doesn't take much time because there's only nemesis and we can take it down in 15 minutes you must remember that this procedure is a reversible revisable as well you are the master of your weight but you need to handle it let's say it's easy to handle but still you need to handy so after about two years once your weight stabilizes then you need to be careful whenever you gain some weight you just need to look into your diet what is happening you were partying for last two two months you know dad was not proper so just do some change in your diet decrease the sugars decrease the calories it's not the cold rings for two months you will lose that four kilos so that's how can you know keep going [Music] [Applause] [Music]