26 April 2018

WHSmith Retail | Children HEALTHY EATING ? | WH Sugar "Join the Campaign" McDonald's VOUCHERS ???

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but like all of us who want to curb our

snacking Johnny will need to avoid temptation every time he heads for the high street so here I am and Superdrug even when you're not shopping for food someone's trying to sell it to you from the chemists to the clothes store chop-chop spatulas on its own line of candy and at the toy shop ah now we're faced with the inevitable thank you very much but it's Britain's best-known stationer WH Smith who seemed to me particularly intent on taking advantage of our sweet tooth this is literally a wall of confectionery being forced or boxed you in the only way thank you and when I finally done my shopping and paid and got my change I was given these those are familiar six McDonald's vouchers that's a whole new ballgame I want to find out how this intensive marketing works and whether it's driving the obesity crisis so I'm meeting a former ad exec who used to work for some of the world's biggest food brands planter Dan Park has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and now wants to help turn the tide on obesity it's all about getting an extra item in your purchase so you

went in for sellotape which might cost a pound right but you end up spending another pound so they've just doubled the amount that you spend by putting temptation in front of you at that kind of impulse moment so their goal is always going to be to sell more chocolate and they do what the machines now do you get a self checkout the self checkout pops up and says why don't you grab one of these things that are conveniently next to the till funny you should say that I just photographed the self checkout at the WH Smith round the corner look at that Wow it's good the margins are great on those products that's why as a little going-away present I was given these McDonald's vouchers what do you make of that y6 what's going on it's designed to encourage you to come in several times it starts with gum habitual and what if you just go in with the family or a bunch of friends and you blow all the Vout just in one go then it hasn't worked tell me I don't have my glasses does it just say you can do that ah one offer per voucher holder per day and they want you to go six times and that

is more than enough for it to come to Mitchell that comes an expectation do you think that's likely to be effective everything they do not just McDonald's but the whole industry is is backed by a huge amount of research and data that says we do it because we know it works [Applause] Britain eats more chocolate than any country in Europe and WH Smith seems determined to cash in on our cocoa cravings but what's really got me riled are the shameless things they say on their website with increasing concerns about levels of obesity in the UK healthy eating is another example of an issue which has grown in importance and where we now have more programs in place to ensure that our ranges and promotions offer our customers more healthy eating choices really I walk into WH Smith I do not see more healthy eating choices as if the wall of sweets and chocolate isn't enough right on the screen in front of you it says would you like to buy it chocolate orange yes or no sorry but it is madness I mean we've got to adjust a bonkers place where they're just trying to push all our buttons by

chocolate by chocolate by chocolate have you still not Watson chocolate you've got one more chance before you buy your newspaper to buy some sodding chocolate so of course I'm sending them an email I'm hoping they'll give me an on-camera interview to explain why we're being forced to navigate a sea of sugar just to buy some station ring Avenue 8 Smith's what's happened to you and I also think if it's a huge amount of pressure on the one big brand of cereals in the UK that still hasn't got traffic-light labeling Kellogg's while I'm waiting to find out if Kellogg's will step up I hear back from another multi million pound business who I've challenged to change their ways have a reply from WH Smith sadly it's a no to an interview they're keen to tell me that less than 20% of their vouchers offered at the till are for fast food and they have told me a few things about the confectionery side of their business they say they sell only 2% of the confectionary in the UK they also tell me that they're increasing the range and visibility of their healthier choices and the other thing they say is that they always

listen to their customers so today I'm putting that to the test I'm setting up shop on the High Street in Slough conveniently located just outside the local WH Smiths I want to give their customers an opportunity to say what they think about the way WH Smiths is selling confectionery by tweeting them a message using the hashtag WH sugar right ready for business one of the things that really gets me about WH Smiths email reply is them saying they only sell 2% of the confectionary in the UK as if that's an insignificant amount I've done a bit of rough maths to work out how much confectionery WH Smiths is selling nationwide that's why I've got this wall here I've actually managed to get 900 chocolate bars that's the equivalent of what WH Smiths sell in 45 seconds it's a crazy amount of sweet [Music] guess how long it takes w8 Smith to sell that much confectionery that's on that one in one day a couple of hours 45 seconds oh really that's our calculation yeah what is the W Smith is meant to be a he's meant to be a stationers do you shop at WH Smith

yeah yes he's come out after you notice anything happening at the checkout as you were standing there waiting me know the chocolate is there by any chance a lot of chocolate there is discounted chocolate but most of the time you don't go in for food you know you're going in for something completely different yeah tonight they're just trying to entice you in sisters spend and spend and it's just unhealthy when you get to the checkout yeah what do you see how do you feel about that I'm good I think that is very bad idea and that is very unhealthy approach it seems I'm not alone in my outrage at having to walk through a canyon of candy just to reach the checkout put it on Instagram with a message please stop pushing chocolate at the checkout I will do though the people who seem to find it the most frustrating are parents mommy can I have the speed can I have this sweet what happens when you get to the tilt yes they know noni can we have some chocolate so if they're not going to put the chocolate on the confectionery by the till where should they put it just in a normal confection an aisle yeah not by itself

no no no perhaps if enough customers tweet WH Smiths they might start to really listen there is a classic example of what happens when you put confectionery at child height they want it it's quite understandable thank you very much I'd really really hope they ban it WH Smith are really keen to assure me that they listen to their customers and I am a wa8 Smith customer in fact I think most of us are at some point we pop in I get my paper there most Saturdays so hopefully they'll listen to me on social media I'm going to tweet them at WH Smith please stop pushing chocolate at the checkout hashtag WH sugar I think if enough people send them tweets and social media messages like that it will make a difference they say they listen to their customers where their customers are you listening WH Smith time to do something about it next week roll up roll up it's time to play here free truth I find out just how much sugar is lurking in Britain's most popular drink