02 August 2018

White Flesh Dragon Fruit Taste Test, Review, And Nutrition Facts

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all right what's up everybody

here's another taste test today is this wild looking thing and dragon fruit randomly went not another owl and only don't go down to or like the proto set produce section you know the fruits and vegetables and I saw this and I'm gonna trust for a super long time this one will probably be white inside but I'm seeing there's white and red ones inside it was saying there ones that are red inside or more they're darker red and they're more round instead of like a oval shape so I'm gonna code up cut it up and give this a try give y'all the taste test reviews memo test and hey all the macros on this alright so I've been seeing two different ways to cut this online and there's some people saying use a spoon other people are showing a way just way easier so I'm gonna show y'all that way so I'm just saying you just cut it like this and it was saying that feel if it's ripe or not just touch the skin and there's a little bit of give that means it should be right it was saying it doesn't ripen after they cut it off of the you know that they pick them or whatever all that is sick

so now here a lot of people were saying use this funnel shoot it in the first place anyway a lot of people are saying use a spinner in from here but instead of having to scoop it out with a spoon just cut it one more time like so like so and you give this going anyway here's what you do you just peel it out like this super super easy instead of having to mess with his food well that one didn't go as smooth as ice online but anyway pretty simple just to peel it out like that BAM and when I was reading it saying the skin is not edible can actually like make you sick if you eat it so do not eat a skin just gonna peel this last one out I'd really like to try the red ones I heard they're supposed to be sweeter all right so let me rinse off my hands and we'll get into a smear test and taste test on everybody so here we go got it out now it looks pretty wild I'm a zoom in here with the camera it looks like a pretty much Kiwi but it's white so it looks super sick I've never seen a white fruit for my wife looks super sick it's trying to get the zoom in here get y'all nice high definition shot this video being 1080p so you can zoom in and

really get some good uh you know clear shot there for you some good definition but it's what it's looking like looks really cool well I guess coconuts white anyway Oh smell very mild smell doesn't smell anything - kind of smells like a Kiwi a little bit - not natural my own eye it just kind of smells like a regular fruit I record okay it doesn't really have a distinct smell so anyway I'm eating this small one here I weighed this out this is 33 grams so here we go not much of a taste to it the seeds always throughout the middle tier there's not a whole lot of taste to that but it is good I'll say that um um well I'll buy it again probably so just cuz I like switching up my my fruits I'm only the home I make constantly beating the same as that food but to keep it healthy and switch it up um now I'm gonna buy again I want to try to maybe find one that's a little darker red maybe even be more right I was reading the more like they are the sweeter they get kind of like other fruits um and I really like to get my hands on a purple one or a red one on the inside they're supposed to be even sweeter to get that taste but

really a very mild taste which is what I was reading online it was and it was saying some people saying it tastes like a mix between the Kiwi and the strawberry definitely cool texture there I'll get you all the macros so I don't know I'm asking you another piece here before I give you our thumbs up or thumbs down which I will do I'm gonna tell you all the you know let me eat another piece I'll give y'all thumbs up thumb down then I'll tell you all the calories the nutritional value the macros and stuff like that going with a bigger one this time a lot more taste in this one a lot more flavor there's a lot of water in it but not a super amount of water like watermelon um it's good I like it it's just a very mild flavor like you can taste it a lot the bigger bite you get you get more of that juice and that's when you can really taste the flavor um so I get a thumbs up like it's not bad it's decent when it's not like taste wise it's not anywhere on the level of a strawberry or blueberry or grapes or pineapple top delicious all those are or any fruit like that but

I still do get a thumbs up I mean it is good and it looks awesome um I'd like to try the other ones to see it you know how much different in tape tastes or better and they have super good nutritional value which is another reason I'll probably buy again I said just to switch things up and still to keep it healthy per 100 grams the second or understate was 52 grams that smaller 180 first was 33 grams per 100 grams you got 11 carbs 0.4 grams of fat 1.1 grams of protein and then you got no vitamin A you have a 34% vitamin c daily value 34% in just a hundred grams that is super super high vitamin C for only 52 calories point nine percent calcium ten point six percent iron and I was reading online that said it has a vitamin b3 or something like that it has some B vitamins in it too so that's pretty cool cuz normally I think that's one of the arguments it's like veganism and vegetarian this stuff like they don't get the beef B vitamins but I don't know how many B vitamins are in this I was just seeing where it say it so I'm in their way I give it a thumbs up that's pretty good it's nothing like super amazing so as for the white ones don't

believe so I mean it is awesome I guess it's like the dragon fruit height but oh it might just be just high but nutritionally powerhouse taste and straight ain't nothing great or like oh man craving dragonfruit I don't never had that because it's the flavors so mild but it looks cool inside it now the names awesome the nutrition is awesome and that's what I hear the nutrition so yes I will be eating as again and if I couldn't get my hands on the red one I just watched a video my day it was like purple on the inside maybe it was like that right I'll do another one and see if it tastes how much difference it tastes it's from this pretty much you asked it for this one stay happy stay out they're gonna make ya'll some games I'm selling this one peace out everybody oh I got these at Walmart by the way Walmart thing I said that earlier on long as I say where I get them from so check your Walmart every online lock people said they were getting from Asian markets so um you can check those out anyway peace out like comment share subscribe to please it really it really

really helps my videos get seen more and I'm really trying to grow the channel here and it's actually been growing a lot here recently and I really really really appreciate the growth that's been coming like really appreciate it so let's keep growing together peace out everybody it's also Memorial Day here so and this videos gonna be up probably a little lopsided videos I'm gonna be editing but happy Memorial Day to y'all got a great weekend gonna be doing a little cookout my dad's lighter so you know I'm gonna enjoy that I hope you have a great day to be said everybody also wanting to say I just started my patreon page this past week she'll would get support me literally anything at all is greatly appreciated literally 1 cent $1 whatever $10 to that man or anything greatly appreciated because I mean the more I can earn from doing this YouTube I don't get paid from it yet you know the more time I can spend on it more time I can spend researching and stuff bringing y'all you know more videos basically so please just support me on there really appreciate that thanks for watching