10 October 2019

Which Processed Foods Are Allowed On A Plant-Based Diet?

In this video I share my thoughts on processed foods on a whole foods plant-based diet. More weight loss resources ➡️ https://naturalweightlossmastery.com ...

hi guys it's Ryan Adams here from

natural weight loss mastery comm sadly this debate about the inclusion of processed foods in a plant-based diet is not as binary as processed foods equals bad Whole Foods equals good regrettably it is not that straightforward now processing a food of course strips away a great many of those really important nutrients that our body needs so as a rule of thumb we want to focus on what dr. Greger refers to as those intact foods those natural plant fiber rich foods that are relatively untouched let's say and again as a rule of thumb the more of those we stuff into our diet the better health and weight loss results we will see that's not a particularly contentious statement there are however a couple of caveats one it really depends on what your goals are and two it really depends on your I would say activity levels no.not activity levels but your caloric requirements this is really important if you're somebody who's particularly active right now you might well be benefited by the inclusion of more and more of these acceptable that same will come on to what's acceptable in a second processed foods in your diet as we know

plant-based diets can be very low in calories they're very nutrient rich but they can be a calorie Void are unless you take the right steps all of these plant foods they yield great volume for very few calories sorry I say all of these plant foods that that's a generalization nuts seeds avocados and whatnot these tend to be higher in calories and don't provide that much volume but certainly the majority of the grains the fruits and the veggies and whatnot the tubers like the potatoes and sweet potatoes these tend to be extremely low in calories for the volume they provide compared to a modern Western diet at least so you can eat all of this food without consuming that many calories now if you're on the bike a couple of hours a day if you enjoy running you know 5 kilometers everyday maybe the inclusion of some acceptable processed foods will benefit you now of course we then come on to the question of well run what is acceptable now of course I spoke about those intact grains and whatnot and the intact beans and legumes fruits and veggies but the processing element doesn't automatically make a food bad of course it's stripped

away stuff but again it's not as simple as that process of stripping away that process of refining something means that the end product is automatically bad no it's more about which type of food it is and exactly what's included there so in my mind at least what I deem acceptable in let's say the Ryan Adams protocol is healthy cereals like bran flakes and shredded wheat things like whole wheat pasta whole wheat bread or even whole grain bread if you've got a gluten intolerance sometimes I will have rice noodles every now and again I'll have some white rice I'd prefer brown rice it's you're a lot better off with brown rice but sometimes I'll have white rice and so these things are included the white rice less so but things like the bran flakes things like whole wheat bread these are things that I'm having several times per week now of course you can argue well Ryan again like you said earlier it depends on what your goals are mate you're at you go weight now which I very much am so maybe there's an argument to be made that I can throw more caution to the wind but I certainly lost weight eating a reasonable amount of these foods but again the rule of

thumb here is if we're looking for weight and health mastery with focusing on those intact Whole Foods as I say and including these things like the bran flakes bran flakes the whole wheat bread so on and so forth so hopefully guys that's just added a touch of clarity there to what is quite a confusing debate in people's minds maybe it's mayor sent you down the rabbit hole even further and now you're even more confused but yeah generally as a rule of thumb my stance focusing on those Whole Foods not particularly contentious and then it really depends on what your goals are what your caloric intake is and we've got to also factor in schedule as well here some people have such crazy schedules that maybe rather than cooking oatmeal in the morning reaching for the bran flakes reaching for the shredded wheat minis is perhaps a better way to go for them personally so they can actually adhere to their diet so there's point number three caveat number three I should say die adherence yeah we've got to think very tactically and troubleshoot what we need to do in order to stay on track for our personal lifestyles so perhaps there's an

argument to be made there for processed foods as well or there's acceptable processed foods thanks guys for your time I'll see you in the next video oh and I forgot to mention as well tofu and tempeh - these can be part of a healthy and weightless encouraging there's no question although they are classed maybe tempeh less so but they are classed as processed foods as well if you're coming out this from a weight-loss point of view maybe you don't want them every single day because they come from soybeans which tend to be high and high in fat and high fat foods can slow down weight loss but yeah as a rule of thumb they can most certainly be part of a healthy and weight loss encouraging diet Caesar