01 May 2019

Which oil is the best for heart & health.

mustard/olive/sunflower/coconut/palm oil ..Which oil is the best for eating.

why am i showing this important figure

there has to be reason for that if I am showing so for example I know in different parts of different a lot of the regions where coconut oil and palm oil is widely used so but what has happened is this article from Freeman in gaming jac 2017 where they said it coconut oil is high in saturated fatty acids and raise cholesterol so you should try to avoid it but similarly in virgin coconut oil we have some beneficial effects but it does not the best so that's why on an overall basis the best things are green leafy vegetables plant-based proteins and 30 grams serving of knots per day is really good and I had sorry berries berries with more than three servings per week is really great and yes yeah I would say extra-virgin olive oil it is the best olive oil is the best yeah that's why I will tell you now now I'll come to that cooking part actually you asked a very good very good question so now the that's what the answer you will get it in my next slide best all for all so this is the list which contains like I would say the olive oil is the best but then comes the canola oil then comes the safflower oil then comes the sunflower

oil but when it comes to cooking the cooking what happens is see over here as well you can see there is difference of saturated fatty fats polyunsaturated fat and monounsaturated fat but and how will you differentiate saturated fats are solid at room temperature but unsaturated are is always liquid okay but and they're now coming to the best oil and now I'm coming to that what is extra-virgin olive oil so what happens is they're very high in antioxidants but extra virgin oil the right way you still use them is only in the form of salad dressing okay you should not heat them if you heat them you're destroying them actually so what happens is then comes okay so whenever you are trying to use cooking especially I know those Indian cooking or South Asian cooking you take the temperature to very high temperature so for dad so there's cooking great olive oil you should use that I would say or canola oil is pretty good as well even safflower oil or sunflower oil is widely available so that's why I would say don't use extra virgin olive oil for cooking or frying it is literally cancerous so there is cooking grid olive

oil which is better otherwise as I said it can boil you can use or sell all or sunflower oil you can use it for this and even in that I would suggest you should keep on rotating between these are different types for example yeah for whenever you are using you are trying to make salad I would suggest use virgin olive oil but wherever you have to fry if today I'm frying then you can use canola oil maybe even sunflower oil as well similarly if you are trying to make some curry then maybe just use little bit of mustard oil as well because now I will tell you another important thing mustard oil usage has been associated to me to predispose high heat for the coronary artery disease and also complete heart block development so that's very unfortunate but very true thing actually so I hope the doubts are cleared so now here comes the candle oil which I was talking so it it has a very high smoke point so it is really good for baking and also for frying as well so here it comes so this is my secret formula this is what I would say to you guys if you want to enjoy the heart-healthy benefits of olive oil but find the flavor too strong

you can also mix 1 is to 1 ratio of Kerala iron extra-virgin olive oil similarly now coming to walnuts walnuts has they're amazing in the form of omega-3 fatty acids you can also use its oil as well but it's really its oil can be very costly but very nutritious now the big question and this slide is from Time magazine about key ok so key it's a very this slide is taken from the Time magazine I hope you are aware so what it has been shown research has shown that it is also among the 50 new healthiest food of all time with recipes ok it's high in vitamins and also can be used as a alternative to cooking oil or butter so I would really recommend to use it not too much maybe in a single day for one teaspoon that's all but not more than that and now coming to the big debatable question of coconut oil which I already shown you the evidence but it doesn't have a wonderful flavor but what I would really suggest us it has also very high amount of saturated fats as well so I would really recommend to slightly avoid it although on international basis I will say it like this there has been a bit bigger Lobby as well which has been trying to make

below the Mediterranean diet with olive oil but yes they have evidence as well to be