09 May 2019

WHERE TO EAT IN MAUI (Food Tour Vlog) | SB

One of our favorite things to do when we travel - besides see amazing sights - is to eat! Food is such a huge part of the travel experience, and as true #foodies ...

we begin our food tour at Bell surf cafe

for a quick stop for coffee and we highly recommend that you stop here and try their dirty chai our second stop was at Lahainaluna cafe which is a mix of Asian and Hawaiian dishes in a very casual setting with outdoor seating only so we are going to be eating at down the hatch at 7 o'clock but I got super hungry so we are gonna have a quick snack of some garlic fries and in just a little while yeah we're about to wrap up save one and we're gonna finish up the day by having dinner here at South Minaj and we're super excited we've got amazing their menu and it's just we all brush so let's go check it out [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so we just sent out a thousand hi I'm Emma chatting with the owner and basically what has been best friends who started this week and they have ever seen the divisional drivers drive-ins and dives and you know who drive areas he actually stopped here and tried the food and they were

featured on the show and that kind of exploded and they also have breakwall here which is how they started and came to be and it was what kind of set them apart specials so we ordered a bunch of food a bunch of cocktails and you're gonna check it out and get [Music] another thing that sets them apart too is that they have fresh fish so what any make fresh is that it is a positive day that you eat it and they can also affect the dishes so for example if I'm gonna have the fish tacos and it is the catch of the day so it could be different every single time that you come here so absolutely I completely devoured the fish tacos they were absolutely incredible and everywhere that I go I tried fish tacos and one of my favorite meals taking ever and that these were hands-down going at the top of my list of best fish tacos that I've ever had they were spicy but the right kind of spicy for what I like they were crunchy the fish was super good just everything that the way that it was spikes than everything and also I had a chance to try all the honey's in tacos

that they burn out to us and I will tell you that they were definitely means and different they put a lot of thought into the flavors they were all so different from each other and that they were incredibly incredibly tasty so I would highly recommend that you pair your meal with a cocktail and just enjoy the tropical depression hombre claw for in Sicily and their specialty is shaved ice I can have a positive value without having a site in there [Music] thank you so much to tell Mahajan breakwall for having us tonight I highly recommend that you come try her shape ice it was absolutely amazing all the players that we had and I particularly love their Pina Colada it was spectacular so make sure you come check them out and you can come sit down the Hodge for dinner have great wall shaved ice for dessert thank you here in Maui and our first restaurant today is going to be to come and have brunch at mallet tavern so it's in a beautiful location here in Lahaina because it is right off to the beach so when you go inside they have a beautiful patio or than the back and you can just enjoy the

views of the ocean while you're having your meal so let's [Music] [Music] kalenna brought us out here in their patio with the amazing ocean view on our side here and they just cleared aware plates we tried the seared ahi bruschetta and it was absolutely spectacular and as we're eating there's a bunch of sea turtles coming out of the water as we're you know eating our meal and it's just an absolutely amazing experience and so we're just gonna wait for our entrees [Music] we just finished your meal here at mallets have urn and it was absolutely spectacular everybody loved their food everything was super delicious there's nothing that we like more than the other everything was unique different and just delicious in its own way highly recommend that you stop by this place and enjoy the food alongside the view of this restaurant so on to the next one so we just got here till Liotta's famous price shop and I'm super excited to see the variety of pies that they have but just wanted to let you guys know what is

kind of in the middle of nowhere you literally pull off the highway so it is kind of a cool location for this [Music] so here's what we ordered we brought it home because it was full house in there so this is a coconut cream pie banana cream pie and a lime pie these pies were on the expensive side they were each nine dollars and we were honestly not completely blown away just got to the winery and it is amazing already we haven't even gone inside but just the drive itself was spectacular [Music] if the kingdom is overthrown meet me at the cornerstone and know that I can't be without you this bond is solid Simon didn't honor [Music] it took me forever to find you [Music] [Music] so you know me number one I love Mexican food number two I love food trucks so we're checking out one of the best food trucks here in Maui for Mexican food so let's give it a try [Music]

who's calling [Music] oh my gosh you guys that was so good you have to come to the food truck you have to the fish and the chicken were so well cooked it was full of flavor it wasn't greasy or anything like that they have like freshly squeezed lemonade which I also recommend everything just tasted fantastic it's made to order so it's super fresh it was really delicious [Music] I ordered a smoothie here at the well oh look out and it's called the 420 it's acai berries with papaya coconut and pineapple and I will tell you it is so so good it was delicious worth every penny and also if you're coming to the road to Hana make sure you wear lots of bug spray because we are being eaten alive by mosquitoes our journey continues and in case you didn't know Hawaii actually has the best banana bread in the world and this place is one of the original places that had a banana bread so let's go and check out [Music] this bread is warm it was just baked Oh