22 August 2018

Whats the best diet in 2018

The best diet in 2018, is the same best diet as 2017, and any "best diet" before that... Simply, the best diet is the one that you will stick too. All diets work and they ...

so the 3-step system that we use here

dancing and working to create a transformation is Fitness food and focus if any one of those three pillars is missing it's like a two legged stool it's gonna fall over so you need those three pillars in place your fitness your food your focus that's how you get a transformation so let's start with everybody's nemesis food as you know there's many diets out there often are confusing often you see so many diets that you don't do anything with them because there's so many of them you don't know which one works typically diets last a couple of weeks before we give them up because they're just not sustain them or to keep up because they're often boring and don't fit in with our schedule or I tastes we don't wanna be on a diet we want to have some fun so therefore that's really stunts your your progress but the golden rule is that all diets work and they work for one reason only and that one reason is that the diet created a calorie deficit okay that's all it is it there's nothing magical if you don't eat after 6:00 p.m. or if you don't eat any carbs or low carbs or if you don't eat fat or meat or collect dairy or cadet bread from your

diet they're just all methods of reducing calories there's nothing magical about them so the first big understanding is that and it's a game-changing understanding because it will really transform the way that you get duped by all these diets you shouldn't you should no longer get duped by them because you realize that the only reason why they work is because of a calorie deficit that is it think about it if you remove bread from your diet you're removing color is it's not that bread was the enemy it's likely that maybe you eat too much of it because it's good it's nice but the reason why you gain weight on bread is because you eat too much of it not that it's the end and very few people are gluten and wheat intolerant and if you are to see then it's it's not seeing you wanting you diet but the reason why putting that bread for most people reduce it reduces their waistline is because they do much of it okay um so we understand that there's only one reason why a diet works and that is because it's a calorie deficit you know the best diet that you can follow is the

one that you're going to stick to let's think about this you could go low carb or you know collect dairy and bread from your diet for a few weeks and you do it in your lose weight oh and as we know now that was because we reduce the calories but if you don't enjoy it or it doesn't fit in with your social life or your tastes or your schedule you ain't gonna keep it up that's why people rebound the way so understand that rule one calorie deficit is what we need to achieve well there's so many ways to achieve a rule to stick into it is essential because you don't lose weight and then put it back on so the method that we select needs to be a method that fits in with your tastes your preferences your schedule but constantly maintains a calorie deficit long enough for you to achieve your ideal weight there's a couple of ways that you can do this the probably easiest is to download to get started today is to download an app called My Fitness Pal and you could there's many flaws to it I don't particularly like it it's a bit really I wouldn't set somebody off on there but just to get your foot in the door with it you could download an app called My

Fitness Pal and start tracking everything you consume that will be the food you eat and the calories you drink everything all the slacks eat you include and and get an idea of how many calories you are currently in in your typical day shooting your message over and let me know what that number is that is the reason why you're having difficulty losing the white because this is the golden rule to lose white off that scale and off your waistline in order to burn off the stored calories we need to create a calorie deficit and this comes down to the law of thermodynamics of calories in versus calories out we need to burn off more calories through exercise but also the calories that you burn off from walking and the functioning of your organs and thinking and breathing and all these ways that methods that we burn off calories keep yourself warm that number has to be higher than the calories were putting in does that make sense so therefore because we've got this calorie expenditure from movement and daily processes of our body you need to get those calories from somewhere and it's not the room from the food that we

then comes from the body fat stores that's how it works however if the food the colors that you're consuming it exceeds the calories that you're burning off then you're going to gain body weight and body fat if it's a match pair of the two where calories coming in and color is going out is balanced then we maintain our weight okay now the key is doing this over days and weeks and months because it's almost like a balance sheet if you have one good day of a diet where you've got a calorie deficit but the very next day you go out and you lose track of your calories and you have a calorie surplus it balances out Counsel's out the progress so it's about maintaining it so find out how many calories you eat in at the moment then create a deficit and you'll notice the scales start dropping that's how to do it now at the team workout we've got a specific method for making this work extremely well so you don't have to worry about using MyFitnessPal and other apps and things that take a lot of time and become very tedious so that a better strategy would be to have a collection of recipes let's say for example you could have 1,500 calories a day and

we've got a strategy of having five hundred codes at breakfast there's a recipe for that another recipe for lunch time that's farm two colors and another recipe for for dinner time that's 500 codes we put together and bish bash Bosh we've made a 1,500 calories and we're set sailing okay that'd be a better method than having to track every single calorie at the team-working we have exactly that and the recipes are not only tasty and super quick to make but they're also convenient but if you need to grab something on the goal of your a shift work and you need things to fit in with your lifestyle it works because the things and it's very unique to our area here in in Walsall is its foods and restaurants you're going to get from around here there's nothing like on the market and you have it at your fingertips here at the team workout so that's a method but a method to get you started today my fitness part is perfectly fine but understand after today in this educational video is that the only reason what any diet works is because it creates a calorie deficit now you could

have a kick start by going low-carb for the next two weeks but know that the only reason that worked is because you were reducing calories you couldn't that feel great and it's a simple way of progressing it is that are you going to keep it up the reality isn't and that's why I recommend our program because if you start a program that is going to guide you along the way keep you on track and hold you accountable you do the stuff that you know you're supposed to be doing and that's the real big question today is that you know what to do now go and do it and if you're not doing it then you need some help and I'm always here for you if you need to reach out I'll see you in the next video we're going to talk about Fitness which is how we're gonna boost your results increase your metabolism understand how important exercises during a weight loss process to keep your metabolism high most people really mess this bit up and we're going to be talking about it in the next video how to get your body looking better a lot of people when they have weight gain or mums after carrying birth their abs or

or get stretched and they have no idea how to pull that back in again very very important because not only is it going to cause back pain and all of the sorts of problems even knee pain having a stretched abdomen the organs push forwards and actually give you a potbelly so it doesn't matter how much weight you lose you're still going to have this pods that you won't be able to shoot so we're going to be talking about this in the second video on fitness so I hope to see you there I send you an email send you the link for the video out make sure you tune in and watch it and as always if you've got any questions please do reach out and let's start conversation and getting you in the right direction cheers guys