23 September 2018


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I followed my gut instinct it said go to

the food I would have guided me out of the city and right to the source I wanted that farm fresh straight out the dirt organic biodynamic tropical local farmed with love and pride stuff yeah I wanted to participate and I said pay me and food because that's what I'd spend it on anyways this was it not just eating to live the truly living to eat hashtag the food life hashtag send foods welcomed and found much love trap here so got a question in the comments my suggestion for a video and I will of suggestions and video is basically talking about diet asked me what I'm eating what I'm eating on the daily and and this applies to everybody I mean everybody has a diet obviously whatever your eating is and some of us have more or less strategy to it so I'm gonna walk you through what I think for food mine's a little extreme but I'm also going to talk about thoughts along the way and give you some tools to eat healthier to have a better diet that tastes good and makes you feel good whether you're in the city whether you're in the country wherever you're at so let's start off with what I think is the basic of like what makes a good diet people will say a

good diet is the one that you can stick to because if you can't stick to it what's the point I would say that a good diet is a diet that tastes good makes you feel good and heals slash prevents illness disease okay really simple it should taste good it doesn't have to be because that makes it easy to stick to it doesn't have to be bland it shouldn't be bland right and it should make you feel good right it shouldn't make you feel bad you shouldn't physically feel sluggish you shouldn't feel sick you shouldn't feel shameful or guilty right you should feel energized it's normal you know it's normal though if you had a big meal even if it's good you will be tired to take a nap or go to sleep for the night so but it should give you I don't you should feel extra energy the next day should be extra healthy extra mental clarity and it should heal and prevent disease right it should help you heal you from diabetes or whatever you're in physical injuries inflammation it should slow cancer prevent cancer you know these sorts of things a diet can do very simple so that's what it is can be a lot of things depending on what you are I'm

talking about some more specifics but like you take like fast food it feels it tastes good it makes you feel bad though right you feel kind of good immediately after as you eat it but afterwards you feel sick you feel sluggish you feel shameful right it's not going to prevent disease whereas if you eat just chicken and rice maybe you feel good maybe it'll be healthy but it's not going to taste good so you want to find that that kind of intermediary that happy medium and that thing that hits it all and gives you everything that you need so you know I came from the city I grew up in the city and some things that I found well well I mean let me walk you through this like for real I was a foodie I love to eat I love to workout I wanted a lifestyle where I could eat a lot of food without being unhealthy and I could eat good food and the more curious I became about food and eating it the more I realized like the quality matters chicken is not chicken is not chicken right Organa chicken that lived outside and round around picking bugs out of the ground it's different from a chicken that had its beak cut off because it's crammed in and over

concrete with so many other chickens that they're biting each other and it stresses out of control it's being injected with antibiotics and stuff like that same with the cow is not a cow you have these outside cows you biked past in the countryside chewing on grass and then you have these inside cows that are eating grain they're not supposed to eat shot up with antibiotics etc so I one thing it's like you want to know the quality of your food and that's like organic is a safe bet it's better but also what the hell does free-range even mean well like did it live on a pasture and and in order to really know that it helps to if you're actually there like where did this food come from can you go to the farm so that allowed me to like I want to go to the forum I want to check it out I want to be able to look at it on Google Maps or I'm going to call the farmer I want to be able to ask some questions right so that students really you don't have to but like that's not you know most people when I'd be farmers that's not the point but like you can go to a farmers market to get your produce and talk to the farmers you go to if there's

a co-op it's like Whole Foods will try to source locally PCC in Seattle try to go to a health food it's very worth it because this food is more flavorful it tastes better like that's one thing is if it's you're eating locally you're sourcing locally it's generally going to taste better because the locally sourced food is more interested in taste and nutrition than shelf stability the stuff that's shipped in from far away generally those are breeds those restraints that are designed to last a long time in a storage container at the cost of taste it's why I like iceberg lettuce tastes like doesn't taste like anything whereas if you get some really good baby green lettuce mix it's going to taste it actually will taste good for the first three days until it spoils right but so that that's only viable if it's local so like you you want you ideally not live in a food desert but be able to source it locally right so that's why organic is a good thing that's why local is a good thing biodynamic is basically like the idea behind biodynamic is that the farm is a living organism and that that's some rudolf steiner stuff but you have a you

have a bunch of different things going on it's all synergistic and so on and like you don't need to know you don't need to know about that but no chuckle a little bit about like what i'm meeting so before i move to the farm it really varied but i'm trying to go to health food stores and i'm focused on a diet that i can here to adhere to that makes me feel good tastes good and prevents disease so you can be really strict but you don't have to be because you don't want to have to rely on willpower and you don't you establish some habits but you don't want them to be particularly hard to establish and you really want it to taste good cuz the better it tastes the easier it will be to stick to so that means like if you're eating all your stuff that you're cooking you need to make sure to salt the food because your body actually needs that and it tastes good and if you don't salt your food you're gonna have cravings for french fries you're gonna have cravings for chips you're gonna have cravings for Big Macs so you need to make sure that you spice it up and you make your food tasty right so it also depends a lot on budget but you

know go for the things that are food avoid the things that are food products a food product has been processed so much on a shelf ship from a long way away stay is stays in this container it doesn't go bad for years ants aren't gonna want to eat it you probably don't want to eat it either so it can taste good you can eat desserts you can snack if you want I mean you can be like okay I'm not going to eat Brad I'm not gonna eat gluten whoa like what about the quality of the bread if it's good wheat and it's milled and processed and baked nearby you it's gonna be a different thing right so that's why I like understanding quality is really really important and it's why you can pay more for less food and eat that and have better results right so what am I actually eating another thing to pay attention to is diet timing I am not super strict on this but something you want to pay attention to is eating window how many hours the day you eating how many hours of the days you're not so like right now for instance I generally finish eating by 8:00 and I don't start eating until maybe 9:00 a.m. I finish at 8:00 p.m. 9:00 a.m. so have a 13-hour a

fasting window and 11:00 hour eating window I hear some people say you want to be 15 hours or whatever but the idea behind that is compress it down give your gut some time to rest and when you're eating you're your gut and your brain have kind of a zero-sum relationship when it comes to energy and blood so on an empty stomach your brain is fully powered on a full stomach your gut is fully powered and your brain is turned off so that's why you get sleepy and you get foggy and so sluggish after eating a lot of food so one thing I would recommend for diet in general is like not to eat breakfast until you do some of the most important things in the morning so wait a couple hours on breakfast you don't have to but that that's a recommendation that I have whatever your diet is pay attention to that window I have some friends who are more about it and in the past I have been where I don't eat till at all till 5:00 p.m. and then I eat like two massive dinners and I have like a 19-hour or fasting window I find that that feels really good but it's also not necessarily that practical because that will cause you to like nap and fall

asleep and sacrifice your evening social you know it depends what you want but some things to think about okay so what am I actually eating it depends on what you ask what time you ask me this year and a lot of this is just kind of a function of what they feed me I kind of followed this lifestyle like I want to go to the farm and be able to farm-to-table cafe and they feed me what they what they have feed me and I'm a little bit selective like I don't want to minimize the cheese I want to minimize the processed foods but it's like in the in the morning we have local locally sourced and from our farm fruit and I have salad and I've been in the habit of bread and butter from the mainland but I'm working on not doing that anymore because I don't think I need it don't think it's healthy try to eat farm-fresh our or our own eggs instead because I know those are good and then lunch comes later you go with a vegetable soup and or a salad with that and then lots of stir-fry veggies lots of locally sourced meat from the islands fish for dinner hopefully see a lot of this stuff is like garnished with this one's garnished with mangoes this one

has you all uh sweet potato this one also garnished with mangoes you see carrots and stuff like that to go with it so not meat at every meal not needed at every meal not needing to eat tons of meat focus on like I said is it local is it was it healthy is it organic did it live well was it farmed with love and I prefer to participate in it it's the full food lifestyle but when I was not farming it's basically health food stores farmers markets ideally even signing up for a CSA is something you can do I didn't do that because I volunteered for my for my produce but you can basically sign up to get out pick up a box or get a box delivered to you from local farms and then that way you know it's good so hope you find that helpful I'll give you some some tips and some small things you can do for diet again I do agree that one of the best diets is basically whatever you can adhere to and what makes it easy to adhere to as it should taste good and it should make you feel good and then if you have those things down aim for things that will heal and and/or prevent illness and disease and that you can't you could do some crazy

stuff like I'm going on keto I'm going on ketosis I'm going on extreme intermittent fasting and all this extreme protein all this stuff that's fine but like if you just focus on eating good healthy food over time you'll be the weight that you should be you'll be have the help that you should have and me personally I was like this matters so much to me that I'm going to go and work for my food and participate because I want to see it so I hope you find that helpful and useful I appreciate you I look forward to hearing what you have to say in the comments you can share your diet or some things you thought resonated or some things you thought were off and please more video or topic requests because that's that's pretty helpful it saves me time from having not think step through I made videos like this in the past but I learned more stuff and I forgot I think like I made a video so I don't need to go back to that topic so people want to stuff and health fitness relationships lifestyle farming travel and stuff like that I'm happy to do it so here we go I appreciate you talk to you soon and much love fam