27 August 2018

What's For Dinner! ~Quick & Easy/Healthy Meals~

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hey guys welcome back to another what's

for dinner I know this doesn't look the prettiest because I heated up everyone's chicken on this plate but I have a drum stick it is the one that is already barbecue season that's from h-e-b all I did was make it in the oven and now I have a nice juicy drumstick if you prefer white meat you can definitely get it in white meat drumsticks with the only dark meat that I really like I don't really like thighs or wings too too much and the little like drumettes on the wing like when I'm doing regular wings I like the drum adds and then the drumstick as well the girls are having some spiral mac and cheese for dinner with their drumstick and salad and I'm not having mac and cheese I am having a huge salad so in my salad I cut up romaine lettuce I have some carrots cucumbers some croutons a little bit of Colby jack cheese and then on top is a mix of the Bolthouse cilantro lime cilantro avocado dressing the yogurt dressing as well as a little bit of light ranch just because that's what the girls like so yeah that's what very simple easy dinner tonight for dinner tonight is meatloaf with some parmesan

green beans this meatloaf is extra lean ground beef what else did you put in it baby I typically make meatloaf so I don't know how you made it onions breadcrumbs eggs salt and pepper and then the top is it ketchup is it a mixture of ketchup and mustard and some sugar yeah that's pretty much how I make mine maybe nix the onion but it looks delicious smells really good we cooked 1 pound so this is probably about 4 ounces maybe a little less because we all got some and then fresh green beans with let me guess what you did olive oil salt pepper and then parmesan on top this is a little different than how I make them I typically do olive oil salt pepper and bacon but this is really good he's made him before delicious let's talk to her tonight for dinner tonight is a classic salmon oven roasted salmon broccoli steamed broccoli and sweet potato so normally hi I cut up the sweet potato and drizzle olive oil salt and pepper on the dress cook tonight so he cooked it whole so I have a small one it's about a cup of sweet potato probably about a cup and a half of broccoli I put two tablespoons of the Colby jack cheese and

then six ounces of salmon I really didn't have a lot to eat tonight so I'm eating a heavier but healthy dinner and so that is what I'm having tonight for dinner that's what we're all having tonight for dinner it's already delicious I already dug into my salmon good tonight for dinners lettuce wraps so this is a little bit different take on the lettuce wrap I actually mixed in the meat zucchini celery peanuts carrots some soy sauce and sweet and sour sauce typically I use cabbage and like carrots but I didn't have cabbage so I improvise with the rest of the vegetables that I had and then I threw it on some iceberg lettuce and it looks and smells delicious so I have two lettuce four lettuce cups before the fall out but yeah this is a family favorite so what we're having for dinner tonight dinner tonight is a hodgepodge of things I had like four lettuce leaves four lettuce wraps the other day left so I chopped those up and made it the bed of my salad we had a pound of ground beef in the fridge that needed to be cooked up so we browned it up with some taco seasoning

threw it on top I had green beans from chippies birthday dinner the other night that needed to be used up put those on top a little bit of cheese some taco sauce and we had taco shells open so I crunched up one and threw it on top and that is what's for dinner tonight very lazy dinner clearly with the paper plate and mismatched things of food so anyway that's what's for dinner for dinner tonight everybody else is having pasta with pesto and shrimp I'm having spaghetti squash is about 2 cups of vanetti squash with two ounces of shrimp i and two tablespoons of the Kirkland brand basil pesto sauce is what's for dinner tonight it actually looks delicious and everyone so far is killing there so that's what's for dinner tonight nice simple and easy dinner tonight is salsa verde in chicken enchilada pie I actually filmed a video on this because the last time I had it a bunch of you guys had questions on how I did it I filmed an entire video on it it's all in the crock pot and then I just charred it in the oven but you totally can make it whole in the crock pot so really great recipe idea in a

video I will link it down below but that's where we're having tonight and then I made homemade cauliflower Mexican rice but it's half rice half cauliflower and I actually homemade it with like tomato sauce and seasoning and so yeah hopefully it's good I haven't actually tried it but that's what's for dinner tonight looks and smells delicious