07 December 2016


In this video ALL 6 of my children share a different breakfast idea especially suitable for the Autumn/Winter/Festive time of year!!! To be honest we have pretty ...

hi guys so for this video we're going to

show you six feeding breakfast at I'll perfect for the autumn winter time so I hope you like it hi guys so this breakfast I'm going to be having apple crazy and cinnamon porridge craisins are just two dried cranberries and they're really sweet and I love to learn really very nice and I'm just going to add this flaxseed have a look to this cooked porridge [Music] so this is my finished breakfast and it smells amazing I think this is a really good breakfast for this time of the year so I'm just going to go and eat this now hi guys so this breakfast and when I said pumpkin spice pancakes and if you will make these in the box below it will be recipe how to make these so on top of my pancakes we're going to have some cinnamon and maple syrup and outside of my pancakes we have some strawberries so I'm going to put all of this on now [Music] so this is my breakfast OpenEdge it's really delicious so I'm going to go eat this now hi guys if this breakfast I'm going to have a lucid raises bagel with a

chocolate spread top and I'm going to put this banana drop as well [Music] so this is my breakfast of finish it's maybe army and we're gonna go eat this now hi guys at this back there I'm gonna be making myself a gingerbread smoothie so this is my third smoothie October will be from the love a ginger biscuit and sickening cinnamon stick [Music] hi guys - hi ru - this breakfast also be having a pumpkin spice muffin and on our channel we have recipe for it is that my soul a yeah yeah let's just bit cracked [Music] yeah [Music] serve this breakfast Aras has any chocolate orange mud cake and on the top she has some contaminants and some caramel syrup then look no Cyrus no choice I because let's not do top is that no Cyrus what does it taste like is it sweet it's a special breakfast isn't it you think you're going to eat all of that I do right a little bit [Music]

yummy yummy teacher tell me [Music] you [Music]