30 December 2011

What To Eat During A Cleanse

Whitney gives a list of foods to buy and suggests recipe books that useful during a whole foods plant-based cleanse Shopping list can be found here: ...

hey it's Whitney go vegan gal calm and

if you've been following my videos we're just tuning in I'm about to do a cleanse in January and I'm inviting you to cleanse along with me and you want them to do whatever cleanse you want I'm personally gonna do either from the book crazy sexy diet or Chris Carr is 21-day and venture cleanse except we're gonna try to extend mine to the whole month of January and some of you have had trouble getting this book others like my friend Christina I know you're watching I don't want to read it all they just want to eat healthier and why don't we told how so that's what this video is all about we try to keep it short and sweet again if you want to know really why I'm doing what I'm doing and the reasons behind all this stuff crazy sexy diet I really think is like my favorite resource for that so far than I found but in summary eating a whole food plant-based diet no gluten no foods that are gonna like throw you off balance aka acidic foods and just basically eating as clean as possible so to me that's just going to mean any vegetable you could possibly want trying to focus on the green ones especially and so on with super-sweet ones like carrots for

example are super sweet fruit is okay but personally it can be a little too sweet for me so I like to keep that as an at a minimum have it maybe a couple times a week but according to crazy sexy diet it's cool to have fruit you know twice a day especially the kind that's low in sugar like berries lots and lots of gluten free grains so rice quinoa millet buckwheat those are all great and also gluten-free pastas the good organic kinds and ones that are made out of brown rice especially and quinoa I'm not a fan of corn especially with all the GMO issues around it but if you can get organic gluten free corn based pasta that's ok as well also tons of legumes eat pretty much any one you want soy is okay especially if it's like a tempeh and of course it should be organic but the super processed away including any sort of mock meats I would not recommend for a cleanse because they're not so good in your system so we've got vegetables fruits grains legumes and nuts and seeds of course how can you forget for us go crazy go nuts for nuts they may contain

oil and be kind of fatty but you know when you're on a cleanse there are nice nourishing things they've got a lot of health benefits like protein for example they're very fulfilling they can give you energy so I say you know I don't know maybe two handfuls a day or something snack on them trying to keep you know don't eat too many of them because they can they can be a little too much things to avoid this book is actually perfect reference for that you want to avoid really acidic foods big things you should be morning are of course any sort of animal-based products so cut out the meat cut out the dairy even if you don't intend to be vegetarian again try it for a month and just let your body take a break and if you really feel like you want to go back to it go back to it but four weeks is a really good amount of time to see how you feel without those foods also as scary as it may sound cutting out coffee alcohol most caffeine's yeah sorry I'm staying drugs also obviously those are harsh on your systems so cut out the coffee replace it with teens like white teas herbal teas green teas green tea does

can contain caffeine but it's offset by all the other great benefits like the antioxidant properties and again organic organic organic for all this stuff you want to look for teas especially that don't have any sort of pesticides or anything on them any sort of processed food of course those don't give us much nutritional value so they're not worth having also sugary foods sugar in general cut out all the sugar and have stevia if stevia doesn't work for you tried a bunch of different brands there are some that are really good sweet leaf drops through my favorite personally and agave nectar you know Chris Carr says is okay some people you know is huge debate on that but maybe go for maybe the whole type of sweeteners like brown rice syrup maple syrup because they have more of a nutritional value although they're still kind of harsh on your system anything that is going to be kind of well like ketchup and mustard or also recommended to avoid and vinegary foods although apple cider vinegar is okay to have because it's it's got a lot of good cleansing properties for a body actually very healing thing for us and then soda Lake giving enough

energy drink sports drinks let's see you I mean really the bottom line is is go to the grocery store and walk around the outside and that tends to be where the healthier foods are focus on the produce section go to the bulk section if you have one if you don't have the Volks actually go to the grain section get you know packaged nuts and package trains and just load it up on that stuff and then I can get some cookbooks or some raw food books and or go on the internet looks what I recommend of course crazy sexy diet there aren't a ton of recipes in here but there's enough to get you going macrobiotic books big fans of the kind diet and love love love this book just something about it just makes me feel nourished and blissful bites which is by my friend Christie also a macrobiotic style book and really really good stuff to be just beautiful raw food books that I love I love anything by MEP oh but raw food essentials is awesome I mean it literally is the essentials and Rob Lucien love this this book is just so not intimidating I think every time I open it up and like oh I can make that

there'll be like five ingredients in like three steps so love this book so much as far as raw food goes is January and if you live in a cold climate go easy on the raw food stuff maybe combine some we're all foods with cooked foods because sometimes raw food can be a little harsh during the colder seasons and that's why I booked like thrive foods is a good choice I actually have barely started reading this but I love and really hardly trust Brendan Fraser Britain Brendan Fraser who makes the Vega line of phenomenal protein bars and shakes and drinks nutritional stuff and he's just amazing triathlete and he has some really great looking recipes in here that are really nourishing he calls them nutritionally complete and it's a combination of raw foods and cooked foods so this looks really good as well but yeah any any vegan book that has a focus on just pure not processed organic foods it's going to be your best bet you're going to go out to eat again look for restaurants I support that Organic is so important when you're cleansing it's important in general but very important when you're cleansing so avoid the fast foods go to

places that have you know green dishes and lots of vegetables and then just keep looking online I've got an incredible support group that I put together on Google Groups you can find a link on my website you can also join me on Google+ the Eco view game got a page for that where I'll be having live web chats video hangouts as they're called and of course Facebook and Twitter will be a lot of support on there you can follow me on the Foursquare to see if I go out to eat and where I'm going to eat and what I'm going to eat there and I'll be sharing a lot of these videos on YouTube as much as possible to just really support you and I'm hoping that you will support each other as well so I really hope that you will share photos on the Facebook and all these other social networks and post videos of yourself and I'm really looking forward to the whole journey so I'll also try to make a Oh of shopping in the next few days that you can kind of come along with me and see what I'm gonna buy and invite you into my kitchen as much as possible thanks so much for watching you can always ask me questions I'll try to get

back to you as soon as possible good luck on your cleanse phenomenal new year not that I won't be making another video in the meantime but thanks so much for watching this Ellie's visit me at eco vegan gallop comm for more guys