24 September 2018

What to do After Cheating on a Keto Diet? | Getting Back into Ketosis

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hey y'all welcome back to my channel and

today we are going to be talking about a topic I get asked about all the time so today we are going to talk about what to do after you have a cheat day while you're doing keto so for me yesterday was Cody's 28th birthday so I had a planned cheat day I knew I was gonna cheat we were gonna go to our favorite restaurant going to get our favorite cake and so I knew that yesterday it was going to be a day that I was totally going to eat all the carbs in sight but today I wanted to talk about five tips about what I do the day after that allows me to kind of reset my body and start getting me back into ketosis after a day of just binge eating all the carbs first off when Cody and I woke up yesterday morning we had been having some torrential rain when we woke up yesterday I was absolutely shocked at the amount of water that was outside of our apartment it was literally like seven to eight feet high higher than I have ever seen that water here's a couple clips so this is what we woke up to this morning this is the worst it is ever flooded next to our apartment is the road right here and it is just underwater

absolutely insane was that not just absolutely insane our apartment was pretty much waterfront property and there was literally trees like flying by after we stood outside and watched that water for a little while Cody and I went over to our favorite Spanish restaurant it is called Meza Maya and they have the best fire roasted salsa in caso so we dug into some queso dug into some salsa and enjoyed a couple mimosas because you just can't beat a three dollar mimosa and then they have some of the best brisket breakfast tacos with white rice and black beans and a little Cuban inmate just makes me so happy when I eat that meal so that was definitely not a keto friendly meal but it was absolutely fabulous and Cody and I enjoyed that together and then lastly what is a birthday without a birthday cake Cody and I dug into a red-velvet nothing bundt cake and that cake let me tell you is to die for oh my good golly happy birthday happy birthday dear Cully happy birthday to [Music] stick up the long power 28 oh yeah so yesterday it was downright amazing Cody

had a great 28th birthday but it was back to reality today I let myself have my cheat day yesterday but today it was back on track so since I'm getting back on track today I thought it would be the perfect time to give you my five tips of what to do after you cheat on a keto diet so you may be like me you had a birthday you know enjoyed good food and good time so you just had a day where you just really wanted those french fries from Burger King you know what this is a lifestyle if you slip up what matters is that you just hop back into it and not let it be a slippery slope back to your old eating habits so say you binge Don all these carbs you probably wake up the next morning feeling kind of sluggish I usually get a pretty bad stomach ache I feel bloated I don't feel good my body is kind of punishing me for all of those carbs I ate but you know what I don't regret it I had a great time however I will get those consequences no matter what so tip number one you need to intermittent fast so I try to fast 16 to 18 hours from my last meal so we ate our last meal at like 8 o'clock last night so I tried not to eat until like past

noon today so I had a long time where my body was consuming no food doing intermittent fasting allows your body to start burning all those carbs up that you ate while you cheated you have to deplete those glycogen stores in your body because you just filled them back up when you had your cheat day tip number two drink a lot of water your body needs to flush all of that badness all of that glycogen out so drinking water but being mindful of the electrolytes that you could also pee out at the same time so make sure you are replenishing those electrolytes when you are drinking a lot of water number three getting out and getting moving while you are intermittent fasting those 16 to 18 hours or even more if you can do that I tend to get hungry and can't do that go out and get some exercise whether you hit the gym go to thirty minutes on the treadmill take your dog on a long walk just get out and get moving and that exercise will once again help get rid of the glycogen stores within your body tip number four after you have that day of carbs it is super important to go to bed and get a

great night's sleep your body rests and repairs itself so getting seven to eight hours of sleep will definitely help in the process of getting your body back into ketosis and making you feel good and tip number five do not let a cheat day turn into a cheat two days that turns into a cheat week that turns into a cheat month and then a couple weeks later you're stepping down on the scale and you're just unhappy with what you see because you let your cheat day just go down the very very slippery slope of just going back to your old eating habits well guys those are my five little tips of what to do after you have a cheat day while you are doing the keto diet if you enjoyed this video please give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel down below and I'll be back again real soon with another video bye guys mmm