24 April 2018

What Specific Topics Should I Study to Pass the PTCB Exam? | #AskPTL Episode 5

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hey guys it's oneisha pigs of pharmacy

tech lessons and this is the ASP ETL show and today we're going to be talking about what specific topics this question was proposed by Alexia buddington okay and Alexia asked what specific topics should we study all right Alexi a great question thank you for the question and the answer is non sterile compounding of course that's the big one medication safety Quality Assurance order entry oh man I just came from from laughing so hard so excuse me but those are the topics Alexia that you're going to be studying generally speaking the main topics out of those are the pharmacology the law and the medication safety and also order entry those are the top four big ones okay but you want to make sure that you know all of them of course that you're studying all of the right information and also I got this information from a post at pharmacy tech lessons.com and it's called the all about the PTC B if you go in there and click that you'll see this information plus more let's see who all do we have here in the chat let's see Andrew hey Andrew let's the inter says thanks so much for posting this I'm about to take

my test again on the seventh wish wish I could watch this comfortably but I'm here at work Oh Andrew it's okay you still can send your question in just send your question into the chat Kevin came and asked how was it mmm Kevin how was what so yeah I'll just reiterate so the answer to Alexia's question was which was what specific topic should we study before we take the PTC B exam so the specific topics are pharmacology law sterile and non-sterile compounding medication safety order entry inventory management building information system usage those eight core topics okay so make sure that you study those and you will do well on the exam what other questions do we have on today's episode which today is episode number five right the five or six things five well we're coming right along see here questions questions questions you know it as a matter of fact I believe we have more questions let me double check here make sure I don't miss any one for today do we yes we do okay so okay so we got a question from Amir Amir asked oneisha where are you from so Amir I'm from unite let's see hashtag ask PTL okay thanks Kia thank you he's accent

injure about tests good cool means let's see who you are so today we had one of the most awesome one-on-one sessions my name was Amanda oh my god she got helped drastically so much with the math and actually if you don't know already we're actually updating a program where we're not only going to have these problems math problems and the solutions and all the practice tests and all that good stuff we're actually now in the program are going to have digital solutions so every problem that you see there on that practice test you're gonna also just like you guys do here on the channel but at a more massive scale and it's gonna challenge you in different areas word problems conversions household conversions metrics all of those different things IV sterile IV compounding different problems in that area it's gonna challenge you in all those different areas let's see but we're gonna have it to where all the problems are literally worked out for you so all you have to do is follow along I wouldn't - you do the problem first then watch do the problem

first check your answer if you got it right still watch the solution but for sure if you got it wrong check the solution go see how we worked it and see where exactly you went wrong in your work let's see Malita can we buy specific lessons through your training program but lead a good question let's see I'm really struggling with math and okay so Malita basically you're having a hard time right now actually right now at this point no we don't have it somewhere you can specifically like buy the math like lessons although we do have a math pack now the math pack doesn't have solutions with it and actually we only do it a certain times of the year or sometimes if you're on the email list and you can catch something like that that math pack coming around but it's also hundreds of math practice tests but as I stated we don't offer that here on the channel but we do offer it to our email list so make sure if you're not on that list that you head over to pharmacy take lessons comm you place in your email and you get on that list okay you don't want to miss out on that let's see kia w it seems as if I am being overlooked because I am

short statured okay kid kid what's your question oh let's see let's see Oh kiya okay I'm so sorry you know what I did overlook you but it's not quite sure it's because you're short statured I didn't know that okay so kiya ask get certified now if you're not certified you can get something if your state office it like a temporary license or you may just go for the job but I wouldn't - you at least get your temporary license and from there once you get the interview you need to have a well-put-together resume which of course again get on the email list because we're going to be offering job trainings and different things like that we're gonna teach you about resume we're gonna have people come in and teach you about interviewing all different types of fun stuff so you don't want to miss that but I would say you two well together well put together resume if they choose to interview you really talk about and you're not registered now really talk about how you're looking forward to learning and getting certified because at some point while you're on that pharmacy job they're gonna want you to get certified

so that's gonna be something that you really need to hone in on and for its you might even want to say I'm planning to get certified in the next two months and and see to it that that happens okay and if you need particular programs to study I would definitely would it - you to come over to pharmacy tech lessons.com click on that pharmacy technician training tab and get in the program because it's very affordable and literally it's everything that you need lectures access to over 500 technicians who have taken the exam and passed it I mean I really you know I may just go in and show you guys some things today that are happening in the Kota pharmacy I don't do this normally but I actually show you guys a couple of things today but if you need something to study I definitely would go there and get in there it's gonna have everything you need no need to buy extra books no need to buy extra supplement things we have live sessions every single week in that group where people post their math problems they're getting hell we're walking through things they're talking about getting

jobs the best way to interview all type of things it's really cool let's see people are passing in the group literally every day so that's exciting it's exciting news for you let's see okay where's my screen there it is boom okay and show you some stuff so this is what you're going to get access to great as you can see people are asking all type of questions we have live sessions going on in here of course as I stated look here Heather she just passed that was yesterday morning we have tech madness going on in here I mean it's just really really really awesome math problems allegations we're talking about a lot of different things in here some people are waiting to get their official results because they passed it another person passed it I mean it's literally just a lot of action going on in the private group so get in the program and you'll get access to all of that nice good action let's see who else do we have here okay KITT no not the job I'm applying for I am registered okay Malita I'm getting ready to begin my externship would you recommend that I put together a resume to present to them

I mean Malita it can't hurt why not I would go ahead and do it because you're gonna need that resume anyway especially if you're applying for jobs so I would just do it anyway Malita you may increase my chance of employment is my thinking yeah definitely having a nice wall put together resume will definitely increase your chances of employer and also the experience of course also the way you interview the way you present yourself also the way you are on the job though it's what's gonna help you keep that job and what's gonna make your your you leveraging that job and your next experience more great because you definitely always want to be able to get recommendations listen guys I just want to say thank you so so so so much for tuning into the show I hope that is presenting a lot of them and helping want to get in pharmacy jobs okay so I just want to say thank you so much for your time let's see Malita no thank you so much for your time love your channel it is so helpful Malita I'm so glad that the channel is helpful to you and you are like I said if you're not in there's no reason no reason no excuses if you

think that this channel it's valuable you definitely need to get in the program you're gonna see especially while right now you can get lifetime access one-time pay you're in it for good when we let out those job trainings when we let out all of the nuances that we're gonna let out you'll get all of that stuff so you may say well I'll get certified and I'm done no not technically because we're gonna have job trainings we're gonna have internship opportunities job trainings we're gonna teach you how to get pharmacy job how to get Hospital Pharmacy job we're gonna teach you about other facets of pharmacy it's just so many things that go on in there we have all type of challenges we're connecting with people from all over the world it's just really really really cool let's see you Latrese how much are your pharmacy take lessons lieu trees head over to pharmacy take lessons calm click on the pharmacy technician training tab and you'll see all of that okay let me place a link in here for you just help you out a little bit from statelessness dot-com boom and again as I stated make sure you send your questions into hashtag ask PTL and we'll

make sure that we cover all your questions on the show let's see oh that's awesome I really suck my money into a terrible program really regretting now because pharmacy tech lessons.com is a fraction of the cost of what I'm paying now exactly Malita exactly please tell them again and the thing about it is the our program literally it's already the best program in the most engaging program that is out right now but the more value I know I just made an announcement earlier in today's episode about where we're going to be adding to the program which is all the digital solutions to over 200 math problems on our practice tests but the more value that we add the more the price is going to go up so I definitely would admonish you if you're trying to pass that test and you haven't passed it yet get in the program get in there today like now I mean it's gonna cause you to make what 1,500 extra dollars per month I mean $200 $1,500 right you've already made profit on it after you get certified let's see the trees thank you I'm really struggling with math you're welcome to trees after you get in the

program you won't be worrying about that check out yesterday's episode I think it was yesterday I talked about Danielle you hear what I was talking about with Danielle she struggled literally like newbie status with math Malita agreed plus the knowledge is key absolutely absolutely Malita you can say that again yep guys so I'm gonna go ahead and check out today I'll see you all tomorrow on another episode of the ask PTL show this has been oneisha big so pharmacy take lessons you all have a great night and evening bye bye