10 June 2019


What's up guys, today I am sharing with you a little bit of what my kids ate in a day, of course everyday is different. And we do eat out sometimes but most of the ...

what's up guys and welcome back so today

I'm sharing with you a little bit of what my kids ate in a day this was a Saturday so I had a little extra time in the morning to make them you know a decent breakfast not just running out of the house for school so I did make them some french toast sticks so those are pretty simple I always just slice the bread into little sticks and then I use whatever milk I have on hand and an egg and I just make the batter and I do put some a little bit of sugar and cinnamon in it this is a mixture that I had made because I made some homemade churros not too long ago and those were so good and then we're just going to go ahead and dip the sticks into the batter and I already had some butter melted in my pan and we're just gonna go ahead and keep dipping and putting them in a pan until they're all cooked up and it's really simple and really fast and my kids love them and you don't necessarily need to eat these with syrup because I never have syrup on hand I always forget to buy it so today we will be eating these with honey or you can also use them like to dip in yogurt like in a yogurt parfait you know just get creative kids love trying new things especially

if they help if you saw back there my daughter was helping me with a batter and my kids love to help in the kitchen I'll do more videos with them having it's so cute so you're just gonna want to cook those until they are golden brown on both sides and then they're ready so my son does not like scrambled eggs he does like hard-boiled eggs but he does have a little trouble eating those that's I am making him just some grilled ham and then for my girls they'll be having scrambled eggs on the side and then of course strawberries and bananas to top the French toast for my son and that is what they're having for breakfast and we will be drizzling them with honey and it is so good it's so fast and it keeps them full for a while it's not like cereal where they're like hungry in five seconds so I definitely recommend a meal like this and your kids will leave you alone and will not be asking for snacks every five seconds so for lunch I'm going to be making well more like a snack it's a meal banana muffin and I found this recipe a few years ago and I still use it and it is amazing I will leave the link down below

I did substitute the yogurt with sour cream because I did not have enough yogurt and they were just as good and it uses a very little sugar it literally only uses a three to four tablespoons of honey and they are so moist and so delicious I definitely recommend you guys give them a try what I love most about this recipe is that my girls make them all the time and I just set up the ingredients for them and they pop it in the blender turn it on and then they pour it into the muffin tins and they feel so good when they do it they feel like they actually made something from scratch so I'm going to top mine with a vegan chocolate chips you don't have to but I did I also did add some to the batter and this is what they look like they are seriously so good and so delicious and so easy to make definitely recommend you and give them a try and for lunch I'm going to be making them a spinach pesto and this one is really simple to make and they get a lot of veggies in so you're going to take some fresh basil some garlic some spinach some fresh Parmesan cheese but I didn't have any all I had was this

shredded Parmesan cheese and a bag which worked just fine and you're gonna put all of that into either a blender or a food processor also some lemon and then some salt and pepper and olive oil and you're gonna put it into a food processor or blender or whatever you have and you're gonna blend that and that's it that is your pesto sauce I make this all the time I tell them it's like green leprechauns made it or whatever ever since they were little I would just trick them into eating them so then you're gonna go ahead and boil your noodles and then put it back into the pan and then you will add a little bit of butter and then you will add your pesto sauce into the noodles and just stir it up and the cheese melts and it's so simple perfect easy and it's a lot of spinach that they get to eat so I didn't have any fresh Parmesan cheese but I did have a pecorino romano which worked perfectly fine and you're just gonna want to top the pasta with it and that's what they're having for lunch they're having one of the muffins and then some of the pasta and just some water and they're satisfied if I have a grilled chicken or baked chicken I will

add that to the pasta but today I didn't so I definitely recommend you guys give this a try especially if your kids are little and you can trick them into eating green pasta so for dinner we ended up having the shrimp tacos and chicken tacos and for my shrimp tacos I made like a cilantro lime sauce and this one's really simple other recipes call for a bunch of other ingredients but I like to keep it simple so I just used some sour cream some finely minced garlic some finely chopped cilantro lime zest lime juice and some salt and that is it I'll leave being phidian's down below if you need them they'll be there and it literally adds so much to your tacos even my kids and my husband put it on their chicken tacos which was fine it was then for my shrimp tacos and if you make this you're going to want to make it first so then you can cover it with plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge and then that way all the flavors combine and you could you know everything just settles together it's a really delicious so for my shrimp but I just peeled them and clean them and then I'm adding a little bit of olive oil the minced garlic that I chopped up and then

some gardenia Salif seasoning that I basically put on everything because it's really good then I added some cumin and some smoked paprika for like a smoky taste and I'm gonna add those same seasonings to my chicken and I like to buy my chicken thinly sliced because I don't have to slice it and then it cooks a lot faster too so in my pan I have a little bit of butter and olive oil and I like to start picking on my pan is a really really hot that way I don't pull my food I don't know that way I just feel like it's a good sear on it and then you're gonna want to flip them after a few minutes and shrimp cook pretty quickly so just keep an eye on them so you don't overcook them but then before I take them out of the pan I like to squeeze some fresh lime juice on top just for that citrusy flavor and it is so good so I'm also gonna go ahead and make some fecal video for our tacos and it's really simple all you're gonna want to do is chop up some Tomatoes and then also some onion at some cilantro and some lime juice and salt and pepper and you're done and it's really good and adds so much flavor and so much

freshness to your tacos [Music] and I did let my chicken rest for a little bit before chopping it up but this is what it looks like one see chop it up for your tacos and it is seriously so good so yummy definitely give it a try guys and then I'm just making like a little taco bar to make it a little fancy so I'm just adding my cilantro lime cream my cheese and then my people my chicken and my shrimp and I'll be warming up for my 30s in a minute so my son does not eat tacos assembled so I'm just giving him some of the leftover pasta from earlier with some of the grilled chicken and then my girls Johnny it's shrimp either so they'll be having chicken tacos like my husband with the cilantro lime cream and some cheese and that is what they'll be having I made a really good shrimp taco and this cream you guys it's over the top definitely give it a try let me know in the comments if you do thank you guys so much for watching and let me know in the comments what other videos you'd like to see and if you haven't subscribed yet please do so and I will see you guys in my next video