21 March 2019


In today's video I am showing you all what I feed my family in a day. It is Sunday today so I am showing you what we eat at breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as ...


good morning guys welcome back to my channel so today I thought I would do a little what I feed my family in a day video I didn't know these little while ago but just for what I fed myself and so many of you are asking me what the kids eat as well so I thought I would do that so I will show you a breakfast lunch and dinner and all the snacks we have in between because my kids do like a snack and the first thing we do and we come downstairs every morning is everyone has a big glass of water I'm not very good at drinking just kind of cold water so what I do is you guys know is I love my boiling water so I have got one of these already and if you look inside it looks like it's full of dirt but actually this is a new little thing that I found I went to a coffee shop in London a little while ago and I had this team is called a wakey-wakey tea and it's got ground ginger some cane pepper and some apple cider vinegar in there literally just like a eighth of a teaspoon of each then you top it up with boiling water and it is so nice you feel like it's totally cleansing so this is what I've been having every single morning and I probably have about 4 of

these throughout the day as well when you first have it you'll think that's disgusting keep going with it guys it's delicious I absolutely love it now and so like I said it is Sunday today so it's kind of a lot slower in our house on a Sunday and it's always our pancake day so today I'm going to be making these almond banana and oak pancakes a few weeks ago I went to a Blue Diamond event in London and the healthy twist ladies were there I will link blue diamonds website and the healthy twist latest Instagram down below the healthy twist ladies made us a plant-based brunch it was so delicious and they made these pancakes I've been making them like non-stop since I've been back from this event and they are so good so in my pancakes today I'm going to be using this unsweetened almond breeze milk made by Blue Diamond and I'm really grateful to say that Blue Diamond dies she's sponsoring this video today so I just want to tell you a little bit more about their milks they create three blends of milks they have an unsweetened and original and a barista blender as well the Blue Diamond almond breeze range is ideal for those

looking for a great alternative to dairy I know so many of you who watch my videos are vegan or dairy-free so this is like a really really good alternative for you to go to since going to their event a couple of weeks ago I can't stop drinking this especially the barista one at which I use in my coffee because it just makes it absolutely delicious I'm really trying to get our family to have less dairy in their diets when I'm making porridge or these pancakes for example I will always substitute that for almond milk for this unsweetened one it's only 13 calories per 100 mils which is half the calories that you get in skimmed milk and it's also a really great source of calcium so what you're going to need for this recipe is a hundred grams of oats 220 mils of the Blue Diamond unsweetened almond breeze milk you need one banana you'd want e's been a baking powder one teaspoon of vanilla extract 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and you're also going to need some maple syrup as well so instead of having chunky oats in there pancakes what they do is they get the O's and they put them in like a new chip a little something like that and they

blitz it up to make it into a flour I have never ever thought of doing that before so for those of you who are like gluten free this is the perfect alternative for you to have so I'm going to make those for breakfast at everyone and then I'm going to put the toppings out and they can choose what they wanted to have [Music] right it's quarter to 11 and we've just got to Rory's football match and it's absolutely freezing outside so Lulu and I are waiting in here she's desperate to go out actually I thought I'd show you what I brought the snacks the cares and whenever I come to football with Jamie he just wants basically like a buffet while he's here so I had bought some of these Blue Diamond almonds these are the roasted ones with sea salt they are so good they're like a really good size to just pop into your handbag and pull out whenever you need them and then I also have brought some other baked crisps these are gonna be for Rory once he has finished here's a football match because by then he will be absolutely starving after that we are gonna head on over to Chris's brother's house we're actually

like in Villa Ricky and that's where his brother lives so he said that we were going to go over there and have some lunch I think they're gonna do us some like French bread and some different fillings and stuff like that but once we're there and the kids have chosen what they're going to eat I will film it and I'll show you what they have decided this morning I got out some lamb mince because I'm going to make some spaghetti and meatballs for dinner stay tuned and I'll show you like exactly how I make my meatballs I think they're very delicious oh my gosh it is so cold out there and so windy so I've moved my car so my line of sight is the pitch so I'm basically watching this football game in the comfort of my warm car is so cold even my glasses are like steaming up now I've come back into the car great news is though Jamie wanted to stay out there so I get to have these almonds all to myself so I'm going to crack them open now have a few I always get peckish like a round kind of 11 o'clock and after I've had my breakfast anyway can I have some wet almonds now [Music] right you've just got to Christmas

brothers house now and have just found this tea called women's energy it's with hibiscus Angelica root and ginger so I'm gonna try one if it here's my tea and then on the little tag that it comes with is always like a little quote in mine says happiness is actually an art of living which is in us that's really cute like a yogi tea and yoga people always have like nice little sayings dead there it's now lunchtime the boys have got achievin ham baguette for their lunch this is literally like our Sunday's staple meal isn't it but normally we have a sausage in here don't really have a hot dog but every single Sunday we have a baguette with some kind of sandwich or hot dog sit nice just got home from Chris's brothers house and I feel so tired I don't know if you guys anything like me but on a Sunday I feel like I just really chill and suddenly the whole week like catches up with me so I haven't had my coffee today because he went to football this morning I didn't have one so I'm gonna have one now and I'm gonna be using the blue diamond to Paris to milk this is so delicious it makes your coffee so like rich and creamy the reason I use the

barista milk to make my coffees over the original on them Grey's milk is because it foams up really nicely and it also contains 30% less calories than a regular soya milk the reason I've still got my coat on as well it's because I turned our heating off yesterday and I think I was a little bit premature in doing that because it's really cold in our house so I'm gonna have a coffee to warm myself up and just have a little sit down at the same time to chill right there's only four o'clock so what I've decided to do is make the boys a little smoothie because dinner won't actually ready for them until about 5:30 at the earliest I think so I'm gonna do another one of the healthy twist ladies and recipes I'm going to do the blueberry smoothie one so what I have got here is actually like a blueberry and strawberry mix these were just frozen fruit so I've defrosted them so what I need for this is 250 ml of the Blue Diamond for is to blend 100 grams of frozen blueberries and I also need it one banana to go in here as well this movie is really delicious and I know for them it's just gonna like fill a little pocket in their tummy to keep

them going until dinner is ready a little bit later now ten past five and I've just thought I need to start getting on with dinner because suddenly everyone's gonna be starving hungry boys are outside playing football as you can hear Lulu it's going mental so what we are having tonight is some spaghetti meatballs I'm doing with Lyman tonight what you need for this meal is some lamb mince some chopped tomatoes some lily and parent sauce 1 onion 3 garlic cloves a vegetable stock and some spaghetti pasta as well how I do this is I just cut up my onion and I mince my garlic I cut my onion really finely and then I just combined all the mint and the onion and garlic together make them into balls and then fry them off I don't add any extra oil in the frying pan when I fry them off because the lamb means just lets off so much of his own fat once those have got nice and golden I will then take those out of the frying pan and make my sauce to make my sauce I will add in my chopped tomatoes you really have all those really nice and lamb flavors left in your pan so I'll put it in my truck tomatoes it's the million parens and I will also add in my

vegetable stock here as well once that's got warm I will then add back in my meatballs and just let it simmer really low put a little bit of water in as well and then let that reduce down and let all those flavors mix around throughout the sauce while I'm doing that I will obviously be making my pasta as well I'll serve it May - sprinkler cheese over the top and that's it it's a really really simple meal and it only takes about 20 minutes as well which is absolutely perfect on a night when you don't want to spend ages in the kitchen cooking JJ's our official drinks man on GJ neither one who gets everyone their drinks for their meals it is such a good job what are you making up some Kiwis and some apples careful teaching Rory knives skills actually you really get it using a knife punchy so he's popping all in this bowl and this is their dessert so when we were at Chris's brother's house early they actually had a few starbursts so I think they have like seven each so they're not allowed any other dessert now so they're having a fruit salad for their dessert instead

did you like your dinner guys yeah right we're now in bed and I thought I would update you on what we've been eating and drinking I haven't been eating anything the boys had their fruit salad and all I've had is this my second cup of hot water it's Sunday today and every single Sunday as it's lent Chris has been asking if we can do then Lent we're on Sundays you can eat things because if you didn't know that even like vicars and priests will always tell you that Lent is 40 days but they're actually 46 days from Ash Wednesday to Easter day and that is because you were allowed to actually eat what are you given up on Sunday so Chris today was asked if we could eat what we never given up but we didn't so thought I would update you that one so yeah that's what we have eaten today thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you try out any of those recipes that I featured in today's video tag me in your Instagram post or your Facebook posts or private message me I love hearing from people when they have made some of my recipes thanks again for watching I'll see you next time bye