22 July 2019

What My Diet Was Like as a Pro Runner | #AskNick

Just as a car needs quality gasoline to run, your body needs quality food to run. Make sure you are giving it good fuel and lots of it!! Autographed Run Gum ...


hey I'm Nick Simmons you may know me as a two-time Olympic runner or you may know me as the CEO of the energy gun company run gum I absolutely love connecting with my followers and I really like to answer their questions I answer every single question DM to me over on Instagram and each week I picked one of those to answer here on YouTube if I decide to use your question I'll send you a free autographed box of run gum let's get to today's question what was your diet like as a pro that's a great question and it's actually one that I get asked all the time you know we're sitting here my pitching one what better place to have this conversation believe it or not my diet today is very similar to what my diet was like when I was a pro I consumed more calories as a pro simply because I was burning more calories I mean I was running ten miles a day on average and I don't do that today obviously but as far as what I'm eating it's very similar one thing to keep in mind is that as a pro most of the time I was training from about 9 a.m. to noon and again from 5 to 6 so a lot of the calories that I was taking in had to be

scheduled around the training so I was very diligent about eating just enough to fuel me before that first workout know what's that I didn't like to run with a full stomach so I would have you know maybe some peanut butter on toast or a bagel or a piece of fruit you know I wasn't really hungry in the mornings I'm not very hungry in the mornings but I know that I need to have something in my stomach to fuel me for that morning workout inning today I still work out in the mornings and I make sure I get a little something like that in my stomach you know it's only a few hundred calories but it's just enough to get me the energy I need to get through that workout now as a pro once I'm done running those 1012 plus miles in that morning session I'm starving and so I make sure I get a protein shake in me the minute I finish working out the minute I finished cooling down as I'm stretching I'm getting calories in me you know that might be another 4 or 500 calories if I'm mixing a big scoop of protein into milk that's how I usually do I would I would mix and today I've milks Momentis protein powder into a big 8 ounce glass

of milk so that's what I'm having immediately after I finished working out and then when I get home I'm having a big lunch you know I love sandwiches I don't know what it is about them they just have everything I want that got veggies cheese meat bread so I eat a lot of sandwiches a turkey sandwich is one of my favorite go twos and it's actually my go-to before most races and in as a pro most of my races were in the evening and I would have a turkey sandwich and maybe some chips or popcorn you know four hours out from race time so that's a great healthy lunch right there as a pro I had the luxury of mapping frequently in the afternoons I don't have that luxury anymore so I'll probably have a Packer run gum right after lunch to get me through the afternoon office hours but then in the evenings no I some people say breakfast is the most important meal I disagree I think dinner is that most important meal you've worked out hard you you know whether you're working or studying or or out working out it's been a long day and you have to refuel that engine so I like big colorful dinners I like pastas I like

rice I like meats I like just my general rule of thumb is make sure it's a colorful plate make sure you have fruits and veggies you know I've never once in my entire life counted calories I think it's a waste of energy I think that if you're working hard and if you're eating healthy your body is going to burn the fuel and it's gonna take the shape that it needs to be in but I'm a guy who doesn't really binge eat I'm a guy who doesn't snack I was able to get the calories that I needed in in those three meals that I just described so you know everybody's a little different and I think I will actually make a video arm coming soon on how I cut weight like right now I'm a little bit overweight and you guys saw me race 100 recently I'll link that video right here and I just I felt heavy in the race so I may cut a few pounds next week I will try to get a video out about how I cut weight when it's time when you're in the heart of your season like I am right now so stay tuned for that all right I hope you found that helpful remember you can ask me anything over on Instagram just shoot me a DM and I'll get to it as soon as possible if you didn't win the autograph

box of run gum today no worries click the link below we sell them at random calm and every single variety box comes panda autographed by me and if you haven't heard of run gum before do me a favor and check out this video that does a great job telling our story see you guys next week for another episode of ask Nick