22 March 2017

What Is Raw Feeding - What Is A Raw Food Diet For Dogs & Why Do People Do It

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what's up guys this is Scott J Marshall

the second of dog beneficial calm and I am the dog dad the dog dad and I wanted to make this video for you today to talk about raw feeding now the dog tag channel is going to be heavily focused on raw feeding there's lots of reasons for that we'll go into that later in other videos but this time I just wanted to do a really quick what is raw feeding and why do people do it because I think that that's really important because that's one of the first things that people ask so first of all I do have a list here in front of me so that I don't forget things to say so if you see me looking down I'm not seeing something crazy moving I'm just making sure I'm not forgetting something so let's talk about what is raw feeding well there are some people out there that would kind of demonize me for making it so simple but raw feeding is simply providing a diet to your dog or cat but we're talking about dogs here and several other animals like various bla bla bla bla but dogs here and you are feeding these animals a raw diet consisting of fresh whole foods that are mostly raw there are some exceptions that we will go into in later videos

like certain fruits and vegetables that are boiled and pureed or coconut oil etc etc but again more on that later so essentially that's what raw feeding is we are providing our dogs with a fresh most of the time homemade doesn't have to be but a fresh diet that consists of raw fresh ingredients it's not commercially made for the most part there are some that are pre-made but it's not really falling under the commercial when you talk about it in the raw feeding we were think of commercial food as kibble or canned food or something like that something that is being mass-produced by a giant conglomerate that is not ideal you'll never hear me demonize somebody for feeding kibble or feeding any other form of commercial food I don't feel that it's the best which is why I don't feed it so let's get into why people feed raw and I think that we'll start with why I did it now back in I can't remember the year six years ago six years ago is when we started but seven years ago we decided that we were going to get a German Shepherd so being the kind of person that I am I decided that I was going to

learn everything about it I wouldn't bought German Shepherd books and started watching German Shepherd videos and the course I came to the part of what do I feed him well I joined some Facebook groups and lo and behold a woman that is still now a good friend named Vivian she said have you ever thought about raw feeding and I was like what is that so I started it again my personality I started doing some research and the whole reason that I was asking people what do you feed your German Shepherd what do you feed your German Shepherd because I wanted to do the best that I possibly could and so when I learned more and more about raw feeding I decided that it was for me and for me the main factors were I was taking control of what was going into my dog's diet total control I knew exactly what was in there no mystery chemicals or treatments or who knows what cooking process or where the food was being sourced from I knew exactly what was going into my dog in this case now dogs but it's the one taking control and be filling letter women 1 & 2 being that I felt that it was the best improved would provide the

healthiest life possible for my dog so let's go into some of the other reasons that people feed them raw one of the most common things that has talked about is Heath now commercial diets especially kibble while really both of them they end up with lots of tartar buildup because the canine mouth is really not designed to eat that the canine mouth isn't even really designed to chew it's designed to grab and not to be graphic but grab tear rip and crush the flesh and bones of other animals they are carnivores they're predators that's what canines are it's what they do we don't need to be all wrapped about it you know but so that's one teeth the action of crunching through bone and crunching through tougher materials actually removes the plaque from the teeth now you're going to eventually at some point and by the way my dogs are in here and you can probably hear them laying down just now but it is what you think you're doing kid hey [Music] so the process of coming through the bones crunching through the tougher meats that removes the plaque from the teats you're still gonna have to go

through teeth cleanings but oh well you're not gonna have to do it every six months like some kibble feeders have to another really common one is improved coke quality they report softer coats smoother coats sometimes less shedding not if you have a German Shepherd and easier to brush all kinds of things will come along with the cope writer color nose dull etc one of the biggest though is allergies one main ingredients in all commercial pet food not all but a large majority of commercial pet food is grains that can be corn or whatever most the time it's corn but the canines body is really not designed to digest that that is why often times when a dog that is being fed commercial food and I'll use kibble as an example and you can kind of see the kibble in there leavings because it's not being digested very well but anywho so yeah allergies that gets rid of that problem because you're not feeding any of this rain in a raw diet so allergies huge huge one we'll talk about a whole video about that one at some point there's also the taken control factor like I mentioned about me early or knowing exactly what's going into your dog you can control nutrients

and minerals and protein bones and everything else along the lines of recalls this is a really big one commercial pet foods have had especially since the I believe it was 2007 there's been a way too many not an acceptable level of recalls from pet food manufacturers from everything from maggots to metal to plastic being found inside of commercial pet food and that's not okay and I don't want to take the risk of that which is a huge reason for me it wasn't my main reasons because I didn't know about that at first but it's a huge one it's freaky it's scary I don't like it with life being raw because they can control what's going into the diet um let's see did I forget anything here oh my gosh greater longevity longer living dogs there is a current study and I will directly mention them and another video will go into this study in detail of a 30-year study that is about 15 years in right now so they're halfway through and have a massive set of data that is showing that dogs more animals more specifically in this case are have the likelihood of living twice as long on a fresh diet twice as long how crazy is that that's

like I have this concept in my head of you being like 12 13 years old and you get a puppy for Christmas or your birthday or whatever and 20 years down the road instead of that dog dying at 10 or 11 years old like a lot of dogs these days do if you are a really good owner then they left to you know not necessarily good owners things happen but you know if you're lucky 14 15 years old these dogs are living 20 plus years old imagine getting that puppy at 13 and having that same dog at 33 when you're married and having your first or second kid and that dog is meeting your children that's crazy that for me is enough of a reason to figure out how to do this whole thing and it's really not as hard as people make it out to be so I don't want this video to go too long because I don't want people to be turned off to watching it because I want people to get this formation so make sure that you come and find me at my multiple social media feeds whether that be you know Instagram or here on YouTube which you've obviously already found me or on Facebook on dog dad you can come and

find me and my community a trough feeding 101 - learn to raw feed in Facebook it's a Facebook group and we will welcome you in there we don't have any judgment we don't get on people's butts about doing this or that we're a peer support community so come and join us over there and I want you to take one major thing away from this video you don't have to be perfect to be an amazing dog owner you just have to do your best every day and try to improve as you go forward so thank you for watching this video if you liked it subscribe hit the like button leave the comments you've seen a million YouTube videos you know the spiel go ahead and do all those things share with a friend and again I am Scott J Marshall the second of dog that official calm and I am the dog guy peace