23 July 2019

What Is A Good Fasting Routine For Lean & Healthy People | Snake Diet

If you are lean and healthy and want to live a fasting focused lifestyle, there are couple routines that you can do to help you build muscle, maintain your body ...

hey guys don't worry welcome back to my

channel I thought I was gonna make this video on a two minute Tuesday but it's gonna be a little bit longer and I don't want to rush the answer for you so today's video I want to talk about is a question I get a lot from people is how do you maintain the weight after you have lost it all or she mean what do you do when you are ready lean and what kind of fasting your team can you put in place well today's video I'm gonna talk about what this lean person can do if they are healthy okay so this is for the lean healthy person I'm going to put in another video next week that's gonna be for the lean person that maybe has some skin issues or some other things that they need to deal with okay but this is for it the lean healthy person if you haven't done so already make sure to subscribe down below and if you like this video give it a thumbs up and now that I've got that done let's get into this video so assuming that you are healthy I'm gonna give you two options to be able to live a fasting focus a lifestyle in a few moments what I'll do is they'll go down and talk to you a little bit more about depending on your goal so if you're

looking to do some intense weight training so you can put on some muscle maybe you want to just maintain your weight or you want to do a little bit of a cut so the first option is you can do a one meal a day routine dry or wet totally up to you and you can eat anywhere in a one to two hour eating window and fast for 22 to 23 hours per day if you cannot get in all your calories depending on what your goal is in that eating window just open it up a little bit more the second option of what you can do is do fast around 48 so meaning that you fast for about 45 to 46 hours and then you eat within a two to three hour window and same thing applies if you can't get all your calories in depending on what your goals are you just open up that eating window just a little bit more the 48 hours are great for really like maintaining and also for losing weight but it does definitely take a lot of discipline so it just depends on what you have going on in your life but there is one hard and fast rule no matter what okay calories in versus calories up if you are taking in more calories than you were expending through all the different

metabolic processes all the exercise that you were doing then you take more in then you are gonna gain weight so just remember that calories if your calories in are higher than your calories out you are gonna gain weight and it is actually pretty easy to gain weight on Oh Matt if you're not paying attention to this if you're doing 48 that's a little bit harder to actually to gain the weight so one meal a day is great for three things if you want to do some intense weight training and you want to be putting on muscle it's also great if you want to maintain your weight so as I said you got to make sure that you're eating your maintenance calories and you've got to figure out what your maintenance calories are because everybody's body is very very different it is also really good if you are doing some cutting as well so you want to make sure you eat at a caloric deficit you can add some saunas in there and you can also do some dry fasting as well and maybe increase the cardio just a little bit more I actually did a one meal a day routine for my bikini fitness competition so I'll leave the videos down below if you want to kind of check

that out I found that routine was really good for me and it really helped me recomposition my body so honestly at the end I only lost 0.1 pounds but my body's like you know shaped and really really nice and obviously because I was lifting weights it's yeah it became it it had some nice shape so let me go back to the intense weight training so the best routine like I'm just gonna give you the best okay guys and you can play around with whatever works best for you in your life but for one meal a day and you want to do some intense weight training then I do suggest that you eat your meal earlier in the day so like oh let's call it the ohm at breakfast and I have done this and I do this every so often as well where you eat your meal earlier in the day so anywhere from like 11 or 12 o'clock and then you can train anywhere in the evening it's training the evening usually around five or six o'clock is a good time your stomach will be empty but you'll have done zuv energy in the gym and then when you go to bed you will be going a bit on an empty stomach and it's great because you'll have all the energy you need to go into the gym as you may

know or you should know that if you are going to be looking to build muscle you got to make sure that your food is also on point and you're consuming enough protein and then really your macros depend on you know your body type what works for you so you're gonna have to figure that one out when it comes to maintenance of your weight on one meal a day the easiest way to maintain your weight is if you do the ohm at breakfast because you have less of a chance to cheat because if you like having alcohol or you like having desserts but you eat your meal at like 11:00 o'clock in the day you probably are not gonna be wanting to drink some alcohol that early in the day or want to have dessert maybe you do maybe you don't but I find it's a lot easier for me to be able to maintain my right and also kind of lose a little bit of weight as well when doing an ohm at breakfast but honestly if you are disciplined you can do choose whatever eating window that you want in a day obviously just make sure that it's consistent and that you were being good if you want to do cutting as I'd mentioned again before

the best time honestly for all three of these that I just said is doing the one meal a day at breakfast but if you're gonna cut the key things you always have to remember though is to make sure you're if that caloric deficit you want to make sure you're burning more calories the best way actually instead of like if you don't really want to cut your calories too much because you don't want to be slowing it's not really good for the metabolism to you to be like cutting your calories so low is really to be able to just try and get out more do a lot of like low intensity work with like you know getting on the elliptical going for walks riding a bicycle as well so any type of low intensity exercises are really good for this so now I'm gonna get into that every 48 hour routine I'm gonna just be saying fasting on 48 so kay because it'll just be a lot easier there are two caveats that I have for you is with this is that it does require discipline it requires discipline to be able to fast on a rolling 48 so it's not very easy especially when you are lean and you definitely need to have that focus that you really want to do this the second

thing to note is that you need to be able to eat a lot in one sitting depending on what your goals are so if you're eating every 48 hours you know you need to be able to consume a lot of amount a lot of food so keep that in mind so the same as Oh Matt if you want to train maintain or cut so if you want to do every 48 hours and you do intense weightlifting and intense and you want to be able to put on muscle only train on your refeed days and on your fasting days then either do a little bit of light exercise maybe some stretching or maybe just no exercise whatsoever whatsoever but just make sure that on your training days that's when you your changes that's gonna be in your refeed day so then you're able to have all the nutrients to be able to help your muscles recover from breaking them down in the gym if you want to maintain your weight and tell you you can actually get a little away with a little bit more on 48 because you are gonna have that you will have that advantage of being able to get into ketosis because you have a lot more wider of a fasting window so remain tynin stall you

have to do is just make sure that you eat your maintenance calories and you can do the 48 and it's actually a really good healthy weight to be able to do it because you're getting more benefits of fasting and you will more likely go into esophageal as well within those 48 hours the last thing if you want to do a cut you got to do the same thing as I said in 1 mil a day you want to make sure maybe you eat a little bit below maintenance you maybe want to add in some saunas in there and just make sure you do some low intensity activities the best thing about doing this is because I forgot to mention it before is that by doing all those extra exercises you're able to like increase the amount of calories that you burn instead of trying to take more calories off of what you're eating because if you're trying to maintain your muscle mass or also like you're doing a recomposition you want to make sure that you're still getting all the calories that you need and the protein that you need to be able to help build and repair your muscles without having to pull out the additional calories from your diet so these are the two basic routines for you one meal a

day every 48 hours pretty simple try it out see what works for you and lastly if you don't want to exercise on these your teens I highly recommend you do though cuz you got to make sure you keep your body healthy and fit and strong just keep just be aware that one meal a day it's a lot easier to gain weight because it's easier to be able to eat over on 1 mil a day however you can get a little bit you can get away a little bit more 48s if you overeat because you'll be able to kind of end up really scrubbing it out so just telling you guys that there anyways guys thank you so much for watching this video I hope you enjoyed it if you did and give it a little bit of thumbs up and subscribe down below if you haven't if you have a routine that you like to do please leave it in the comments section below as well and any other questions please let me know I'll see you guys in the next video bye