31 December 2015

what is a good diet...?

just tell paige to give me a chance.

good morning everybody and welcome back

to another vlog you want to note as well Jordan's vlogs are a lot funnier mine are better made I don't want to be like John ray so I'm I really want to be playing here delicious dumplings like bill bill with stack of bills anyway last day I love ya nope right leg and your dad we were on the daily grind walking in practice got Alex Corbin who's walking on my right shoulder for starting that trend to prop the door open and be a nice guy welcome to vlogging in the locker room way this is so human eligible they let me talk France academically eligible Randy identically an eligible seriously Jordan blogging this is where he usually like some gays I just could hit up the dollar store it's actually a really cool place that's got like a whole bunch of recess for a dollar hopefully later I can go do something fun like go sledding or something hope you guys are having a great day today whether it's the morning afternoon or night I hope that it's going great for you guys uh down to the fashion no the art institute of technology my friend Quinn is because I hope you guys are holy balls this guy is goals OMFG ready for your daily cover

this is take me out by Franz Ferdinand so if your loan you know I'm here waiting for you I'm just across there I'm just a shadow we brought you and if you leave here the elite me bro you get her live I'm just across here I'm just a shot then we can die that's the only part I like really my last clip let's hit this lady so I was walking up next to her house he like apologize for hitting her but like just just as i was walking next to her she knows I'm there shouldn't be super passive-aggressive about it he's talking to her kid she's like next time we'll be able to go faster but I'm trying not to hit someone here's like that's it for my blog going today they'll do something better tomorrow