10 October 2019

What if Amberlynn lost weight?? (Weight loss journey gone right)

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came up white rice singapore rice noodle

and obviously the three meats shrimp pork and chicken so I am emotionally and just like physically exhausted I am so emotional II exhausted that it's like physically I'm feeling it physically if that makes sense so here is my first meal this is usually what I have when I first wake up because it's simple easy low-calorie tastes good and to me it's not that unhealthy so this is a typical day for me where I wake up and I think I'm gonna be on track but then somehow I end up feeling so I'm actually kind of glad that I chose this day to do what I eat in a day video so I can show you guys what I do to myself how many calories I eat when I'm actually off-track and fail in the middle of the day so I decided to have Subway I got two bags of chips why I don't know I sometimes I feel like I can't control myself and that's honestly the bottom line I honestly can't make any excuses and I always have to have something sweet after I eat so what I decided to have for dinner is Mexican food it's one of my most favorite go-to meals when I don't feel like cooking it's not healthy at all and I always get chips and salsa

obviously and then I always get a side of rice and sometimes I get two sides so for dessert I had mint chocolate chip ice cream I like to have any ice cream with milk and I'm reef left a couple hours ago and I'm actually about to go to the hospital to the ER because that pain is still there in my back of course it's nowhere near as bad as it was but it's like a constant dull ache in my right lower back kind of where you'd get some kidney pain so I for one I'm worried and I want to get that checked out or just see what the hospital says I can blame it on the lexapro all I want to like it also was my doing it's not in my blood to give up but I still feel like I need hope if I don't get help I'm never going to change I am gonna be getting help I promise this is something that is in the works I am pretty freaking pumped and I just can't wait I honestly can't wait for my last vlog today is my psychiatrist appointment and I'm nervous that's just where I'm at I just I feel a little bit more clearer after receiving so many messages and talked to so many people today and I have read so many messages

that all made sense and it's moral stories like why should I give up why should I let down people who have been here for so long and who have supported me for so long I don't want to punish them for something someone else did so I'm about to make my first meal I think I'm gonna have a salad so [Music] a 1-mile in blog badges and showers early Friday but improving to greater than six miles on Friday morning today I am going to the weight loss doctor I am nervous but I mean I gotta go like I'm doing really good and try to do better every day I want to inspire others and show them that if I can do it and they can do it I lost eight pounds in three days [Music] Matt so I'm feeling good on everybody this is our weight-loss weigh-in video for you guys saw very I do still have some of the cravings I didn't have a summer day yesterday but just one and that's only made to within the entire month of January I have a stronger desire to drop the pounds because I find myself wanting this stuff on the scale every day even if there's not gonna be

that much of a change so I get the part yeah if you got the part is Lilla I lost 40 pounds what do we notice Oh No I feel like definitely my face isn't asshole you pumped you ready you gonna do this you gonna eat that veggie patty [Music] [Music] [Music]