28 August 2019

What I Made for Dinner This Week | 6 Healthy Delicious Dinners

Need some healthy, family friendly and delicious dinner ideas? I've got 6 for you! Get an extra 25% off your first purchase and a FREE 30 day trial from Thrive ...

hi guys Jen here with how Jen does it

welcome back to my channel in this video I'm sharing what I made for dinner this week I'm starting with this masala chicken with pasta and Caesar salad this is a favorite of everyone in my family because the chicken is very tender yet crispy on the outside I use large boneless skinless chicken breasts and then I cut them in half and this is key to making them really tender so I have two beaten eggs in one dish and then in another dish I have about 1 cup of breadcrumbs some grated Parmesan cheese a little basil oregano garlic powder and red pepper flakes I'm using these gluten-free bread crumbs that I got from thrive market and I want to thank thrive market for sponsoring today's video so to make the chicken I dip each piece of chicken into the eggs then coat with a breadcrumb mixture in a large skillet I have thrive market buttery coconut whale which I've mentioned before it's a new favorite I add the chicken to the hot oil in batches and cook until a golden brown on each side I actually finish it in the oven so even if it's not cooked all the way through as long as it's really nice and crispy on the outside I add some sliced mozzarella to

the chicken well to about half of it because my boys prefer it without the cheese and then I pop it into the oven until the cheese is melted and the chicken is cooked through it really doesn't take very long in the oven because the chicken is thin so it's pretty much cooked through meanwhile I cook the pasta and warm up the sauce I wanted to try this red lentil tomato and red bell pepper pasta that I found on fried market there were other flavors as well I've talked about fried market quite a few times on my channel but if you aren't familiar with fried market is an online marketplace on a mission to make healthy living see and affordable for everyone i'm using thrive market tomato basil sauce is organic and really good it's really good quality so here is our dinner i spoon a little sauce over the chicken and pasta and we are having caesar salad with it next to have mongolian beef with rice noodles and steamed broccoli I start out by steaming the broccoli because the mongolian beef actually cooks very quickly I have a full recipe for my mongolian beef so I'll link that below

it's really really good I know some of you have already tried their recipes I love these anny tons Pad Thai rice noodles they're a little thicker and I love that I think they are so good so these are from thrive market also and what's great about tribe market is they have thousands of the best selling organic food and healthy food brands and natural products for 25 to 50 percent below traditional retail prices so you can find some of your favorites for a lot less money so I just cooked my rice noodles drain them then to the same pan I added olive oil and sesame oil I'm using this Napa Valley Naturals expeller pressed organic sesame oil which I also found on thrive market I cooked some green onions garlic and red pepper flakes and the oils then toss the noodles in with all of those delicious flavors and then I also added some tamari or you can use soy sauce next we have barbecued grilled chicken thighs grilled potatoes and sautéed green beans I use this primal kitchen classic barbecue sauce which is organic and unsweetened it's hard to find good barbecue sauce that doesn't have tons of sugar in it so I was happy to find us on

thrive market another great thing about thrive market is that you can filter the catalogue of products by your dietary preferences such as paleo gluten-free raw vegan non-gmo Fairtrade and more and if you're new to thrive market and would like to give them a try they're giving my viewers an extra 25% off your first purchase and a free 30-day trial so that's 25 and off the already low prices so I'll have a link in my description box below for you to check it out so I had John grill the chicken and potatoes and then I seemed the green beans and then I sauteed them with the buttery coconut oil garlic salt and pepper so yummy this meal was really easy but delicious next we have chicken tikka masala over rice super easy I used this tikka masala sauce and buzz Motty rice that I got from thrive market the rice cooked up perfectly this is great for when you don't have a lot of time to prepare dinner it really only took a little bit of time for the rice to cook in my rice cooker and then the chicken and sauce simmer together and I just added a little cilantro to the top it was delicious

really easy next we have enchiladas cilantro lime rice and pinto beans I am going to show you how I make my enchiladas they are so delicious but I'm sure they aren't authentic so I have 1 pound of ground beef that I am browning in a pan with one chopped onion and then I add taco seasoning into it and I make my own taco seasoning and I'll link the recipe that I use and that I'm making enchilada sauce and I'm going to link the recipe that I used for this as well so it's some oil chili powder tomato sauce and chicken broth I use the tomato sauce that I got from thrive market as well as bone broth this makes homemade enchilada so good I don't like the stuff from the can the sauce from the can but I love the homemade enchilada sauce so I have a baking dish corn tortillas some shredded Colby jack cheese or you can use cheddar and the enchilada sauce and the ground beef mixture and then I just assemble them I like to put the corn tortillas in the oven for just a few minutes so they get soft so they don't tear too much and then I just spread some of the enchilada sauce on the bottom of the pan and then add ground beef and cheese you don't want to fill

them too much because then they are really hard to roll up and one of my boys Josh does not like melted cheese so he has his own set of enchiladas so I just make as many as I can fill with ground beef and cheese and then I topped them with lots of enchilada sauce and cheese and then just pop them in the oven at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted we like them to be really nice and crispy on the edges and so they don't look as Freddy on a plate but they taste delicious and I served my enchiladas with cilantro lime rice and pinto beans and lastly we have chicken cacciatore I recorded this recipe a really long time ago so I'll link it below it's so good I haven't made it in a while and I'm like why haven't I made this it's so good it has chicken thighs and lots of flavor from peppers onions garlic crushed tomatoes I got those from tribe market tomato paste and some different spices and you put everything in the slow cooker and let it cook on high for four hours or on low for seven to eight hours and look at this it's so delicious it has such great flavor and then I use these spaghetti noodles I got these from dry market this

is one of my favorite brands the spaghetti is really nice it doesn't get all mushy like some gluten-free pasta can get you can see here it looks just like regular spaghetti so it makes it even more delicious when you have good pasta and this is the meal you can serve it with a salad or just as it is because you have lots of great flavor and all of the things that you need in a healthy delicious meal here and I just have six meals because we actually went out to dinner one night so I hope you enjoyed this video I hope it gave you some good dinner ideas and I'll have a few recipes linked below for you and don't forget to check out thrive market you can use my link below if you're new you get an extra twenty-five percent off your first purchase and a free 30-day trial thank you so much for watching guys I hope you have a lovely day [Music]