18 July 2019

What I eat on Weight Watchers! (on a 103 lb. weight loss journey!)

Bonus: Meal ideas! Just got in from the Farmer's Market with scrumptious fruits and vegetables! #WeightWatchers #WW #wellness #nutrition #weightloss ...

hey you welcome to my channel

authentically amber I'm amber and I thought it would be fun for you to see what I eat as I'm on Weight Watchers on a 103 pound weight loss journey so I just got them from the farmers market so I want to show you all the goodies that I got so excited nutritious food that's exciting because it is a tool that gets me to where I want to go and it helps me to feel better so Before we jump in and I show you all the delectable delights that I got I just wanted to ask that you would like and comment below and let me know what your favorite thing here to eat or where you are on your weight loss journey and please subscribe if you'd like to continue to receive weight loss encouragement and insights into your journey I would just love it if you would become part of the authentically amber family so without further ado let's just jump right in so start on my ring so I got you five times a bag of potatoes I like to add this in with beef stew or sometimes I'll make mashed potatoes obviously on Weight Watchers I don't eat very many potatoes mostly that's for the rest of the family although I do eat some but portions

portions got a bag of clementines oranges ocean spring and I got six years of really nice sweet corn nothing like fresh corn and honestly I just like it with some salt and pepper I don't even most of the time I don't even bother with butter first of all it's too many points and as long as it's nice and sweet salt and pepper it's good of course it's really good when it's on the grill I'm just boiling it and water is also nice so and I got a head of cauliflower because I like to make mashed cauliflower with sometimes even if I don't have the light cream cheese on hand I'll just throw some mozzarella cheese in there and just a little bit of milk but if I do you know make a special trip I will add the light cream cheese to it and it is honestly almost just like mashed potatoes it is very good I've got some bananas and that's a nice fresh asparagus I like to roast this in the oven with some garlic fresh garlic and some olive oil and salt and pepper and that is really good I got a package of blackberries which I love to just have a bowl full of mixed fruit some

blueberries super good I did purchase they have these packages just onions and peppers so I think I'm just going to throw that in and be ninja instant pot with some chicken for dinner tonight and I thought you know anything that reduces my work is nice I don't offer buy that but it just looks so colorful they got me on that one mmm and I got some fresh broccoli just like the asparagus I like to roast that in the oven with some garlic olive oil salt and pepper very good I got six sweet potatoes these were kind of on the smaller side but these are great baked sometimes I will have a little bit of butter I like to put and sugar on there too so you know that's just a nice little treat I don't have to do that I got a cabbage but that's dirt fine with some ground chicken or ground whatever you want to do turkey beef but I like it with the ground chicken kind of enough stir-frying kind of thing in a pot is very nice so cabbage is really good oh gosh you guys does that mean fall is coming oh I hope so so looking forward to eating this I am not quite sure if I want to do

a casserole or soup yet but I might let you guys know right decide on that but love squash I love all those people Karen like beef stew and carrots onion some potatoes in the Ninja and that's just a nice easy meal I got two cucumbers for salad and the Greek tomatoes these are really nice salad also had some fresh peaches I got really nice Georgia peaches what could be better right and they smell so nice so nice so we will have to eat those quickly because those don't last too long and when I got this Honey Crisp apples they're huge I got three of those just because I didn't want them to spoil before we were able to eat them but I like being nice my son likes these so they're really nice and tasty I did buy a free leg say these are from South Carolina three nice juicy tomatoes we could maybe have those on the side with our dinner tonight never too many vegetables and then I've got to California and grapefruits grapefruits my elbow sticking together I was a little odd it almost looks like a pear all right so that's nice for the breakfast so that is about it you guys but this obviously is

not all when I eat I eat chicken I eat beef fish but I had to stock up today on my fruits and vegetables because we were just about out and this is a big part of what I eat so I have to maintain my stash here so I don't get off my plan so just thought you guys might want to take a quick look and all the fresh biddies and like I say comment below subscribe and I'll talk to you later god bless good bye