11 March 2019


Hey guys living healthy has never been easier! Breath right and eat right. Come see what I ate all weekend! Leviot Air Purifier: https://amzn.to/2NVo3i7 code: ...

hey guys and welcome back to my channel

today I am going to be doing a what I eat this weekend for you guys you guys seem to like it last time so I'm gonna go ahead and do it again for you guys today before I get started I wanted to let you guys know March starts the seasons for allergies and all of us have a stuffy nose and we're tired of it so I want to show you guys a new product that I have it is called la Viet air purifier it's air purifier has three different settings low medium and high it has a unique size and contemporary look I really love the design of this it also has a nightlight which is amazing because when I put this in the girls room they love to have a nightlight and this will provide that for them I also love the fact that it removes 99.97% of dust smoke allergies smokers odor mold spores pollen and pet dander which is really nice too because a lot of allergies come from all of those things it is also 100% ozone free and it does not use UV or ions ok so now that we have cleared the air get it so now that I have cleared the air let's get started on my what I eat in a weekend video here is Friday [Music]

guys missed it last week I did weigh myself and I lost 17 point something pounds I can't even remember I probably should have looked it up before I got on here but anyways um so I did lose weight I am going to weigh myself every single month if you guys are new here I am Theresa I am on a weight-loss journey I'd like to lose about 40 pounds and I'm almost halfway there so that is good news um I'm just getting the kids ready for school this morning I have a PTA meeting that I have to go to at 9:30 and then after that we have a dance next week so I'm going to be doing the decorations and helping out and everything like that so I'm just staying at school all day long today so that way I can help out with that and get things done for the dance so I am packing my lunch today and as you guys could see I packed it last night so I will show you guys right here what I ate okay guys here is kind of like a breakfast lunch snack type things were all day long I am going to have one of these one bars these are amazing I've talked about them several times if you guys want one of these I will link it

down below this is the happy birthday cake one so good and I love the Oreo one too because it has a white chocolate around it so delicious but anyways okay so here I have a big huge salad I have some lettuce tomato cheese Turkey sorry about that guys I've been trying to video for so long and everybody keeps riding by on their bikes and everything lettuce tomato cheese ham turkey and I think that's all that's in there and then it also has some light ranch dressing here so this is like a chef's salad that I'm making that I made and then I also have one cup of grapes I have some black olives and green olives in here and these are just some vanilla meringues they're so delicious if you've never had them they're so good I got them at BJ's the other day for eight of these it's only 90 calories but I will show you guys at the bottom of the screen how much all of this is in calories so that is my lunch breakfast slash snack for the day okay now that that is packed up and ready to go we are ready to go to school so let's go okay so before I leave for school I wanted to show you guys all of my drinks I'm gonna drink this before we leave

this is green tea with apple cider vinaigrette or apple cider vinegar aiya this is about four cups one liter of water this is about three cups of water and then this is two cups of tea which I count it as water because there's no calories and this I'm going to fill it up with ice and then I'm gonna put a half a cup of almond milk in here and this is going to be my pink drink for the day I will pretty much take everything in besides this to the school and third day so yeah there's my water [Music] after school is over we came home and took showers and then we headed back to the school because they had movie night and we picked up some subway and I got a steak and cheese wrap this is the Southwest it is so delicious ok guys it is Saturday morning and of course I start myself out with some tea I will be introducing you guys to this tea very very soon so be on the lookout for that video but I did not eat anything because Alex and I went to a Girl Scout event where you can go around to these tables and you can try out the food from the different countries and so I just snapped on a few things here and

there and then once I was on my way home we went to McDonald's I stopped and got Jason and Sophia some food as well and the only thing I had was a cheeseburger no pickle and no onions and then for a little snack to hold me over until dinner I had eight of these little meringues they're just vanilla meringue for dinner we decided to grill out Jason had some steak and we had some corn I had salmon and asparagus and then it was such a beautiful night I went ahead and went for my walk and I hit my 10,000 steps go me [Music] hey guys and happy Sunday I was going through the video and I just figured why not do Sunday too so that way you guys can see everything that I ate throughout the whole weekend I just received these in the mail yesterday I did order them I got smart cakes and beyond I guess and they are gluten free and these I have seen on a few of the lady's YouTube channels because they are so low in calories zero carbs and sugar so we wanted to give them a try I do actually have a link I reached out to the company I have a link if you guys would like to save some

money on this you are more than welcome to if you want to give this a try too they have lemon let me see what else they have okay they do have lemon they also have chocolate and they have cinnamon and then they gave me some of these these are called smart buns and these are hamburger buns with only 72 calories which that is very hard to find these days it also has protein and fiber in them so that's pretty cool and these also have fiber and protein as well so four grams of fiber I'm sorry four grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber so if you guys are interested in trying these out I have not tried them yet I'm actually gonna try one this morning and I will let you know how they are but yeah if you want to try them out I will have a link down below for you ok so we tried them out and we really liked them they almost taste like a strawberry you know the Strawberry Shortcake where you have like the cake at the bottom of it that's what this one tastes like with just a hint of lemon very very good super soft and delicious [Music] Jason was so sweet and made us breakfast

I have one serving of hash brown with one piece of cheese on top and then I have some scrambled eggs and some ham inside yeah thanks babe so I'm just doing a little bit of food prep before we go to Sophia's birthday party she has a friend that has a birthday today and we're going over there but I wanted to go ahead and get some food prep done before the school day starts tomorrow because we have think four days this week that we're going to school because it is spring break I'm so excited anyways I'm packing lunches and I wanted to just show you guys what I'm doing because that's what I do anyways I have cut up celery in this bowl and it has a lid on it I like these bowls and lids for food prep because it keeps them fresh the whole week I don't have to worry about the food going bad if you guys want these bowls I will link them down below okay guys for a snack I'm going to have one of these 1 bars this is the cookies and cream and they are delicious for 220 calories [Music] okay guys here is my dinner for tonight

I am having three turkey meatballs with some vodka sauce and I'm also having some spaghetti squash if you guys don't know what that is you just heat it up put it in the oven for about 30 minutes put some oil salt pepper on there and then it comes right out just like spaghetti noodles and then I also have a piece of toast so I will show you guys how many calories this is okay guys I am ending my night with some of the vanilla meringue just 90 calories for 8 of these yummy delicious things and yeah so that's it thank you guys so much for watching I hope you enjoyed the whole weekend of me eating if you did give it a thumbs up and let me know down in the comments below what your favorite healthy thing to eat is bye guys [Music]