09 June 2019

What I Eat in a Summer Day // Healthy & Easy

This week's video is everything I eat in a summer day!! I find these videos so interesting to watch and quite a few of y'all requested one so here you go! Click the ...


[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] what's up you guys it's winning here and welcome back to my channel so for today's video I'm gonna be showing you guys everything I eat in a typical summer day I love watching these videos I don't quite know what is so like interesting about watching what other people eat but it's fascinating to me and apparently to you guys also cuz I've gotten so many requests from y'all asking me to do any of these so do keep in mind this is what I eat in a single day so bill my days as a whole look similar to this they're by no means identical so if you want me to do some more of these videos make sure to give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment down below that way I can only show you guys a little bit more variation if you're wanting it so it's right now almost 9:30 I just woke up and made myself a cup of coffee in my coffee all I put is just some almond

milk I like to use the Khalif of arms unsweetened like original almond milk every now I'm gonna put in some sugar and really feeling it but lately I have been loving just a plain almond milk but I will say I start every single day up with a cup of coffee so this will not be changing at all so I'm gonna start off by showing you everything I'm putting in my smoothie so the first thing baby spinach this sounds really gross a lot of people I know and like I promise it's time I will save spinach will make it like a pretty nasty color if you mix it with like other fruits it can do that but it's a really awesome way to incorporate some into your smoothie and the truth is if you don't go overboard you won't taste it so next thing fruit I like right now I'm just using like a frozen berry mix but you can use whatever you want but yeah so I'm just going to put so then I'm going to add in just some protein powder I just like to use this whey protein powder vanilla flavored is from supermarket so I'm just going to add a scoop of this in here then ask for my liquid sometimes I'll just do like normal water but what I've learned is if

I'm using spinach in my smoothie I like to use coconut water which kind of helps like bring in some flavour the other day I made a smoothie and I use normal water and it just kind of tastes like I was eating like blended up spinach which I was but anyway so coconut water is really it has like a nice taste to it and at the summer time it's not about idea to drink some coconut water because it's SuperDuper hydrating like way more hydrating than actual water so I'm gonna put like a little bit of this coconut water in and then I might mix it with more also I have absolutely no idea how much water I put in half the time rice smoothies really thick and then half the time it's like like really thin runny so I'm sorry okay so I think the smoothie is done I made a really really big smoothie whoops so this is my smoothie I have like enough smoothie for like three or four people but so this fraction looks pretty good and the color is it to whack sometimes like when you add the spinach in if you don't add enough like fruit and stuff it can look like actual water that's really disgusting so I'm gonna go ahead and pour this into a cup obviously

I have a lot left over sometimes I end up like I'll just like refill my cup if I'm still hungry sometimes I don't and then obviously metal straw okay that's actually pretty good I'm satisfied so I'm going to put this in the fridge while I make my almond butter test so as for my toast I love using this type of bread obviously so does the rest of my family but my mom gets it from the HIV bakery and it's called the scratch sprouted wheat bread just really pretty good for you it's just like a bunch of whole healthy ingredients just awesome okay this is difficult to do one-handed we're good so anyway I'm just going to pop this in the toaster and let it toast [Music] okay so here is our current breakfast situation almond butter toast with honey smoothie and water water is super important so I'm gonna eat this and I'll catch you guys at the next meal grace is 17 today ladies and gentlemen we're at Tiny's she had a tiny cookie but it's gone it's like 7:00 in the morning nope that's raw like ten in the morning but we still have our matching watch a

lot taste with oat milk any thoughts on being 17 grace I'm your big girl haha for lunch today I just made myself a yogurt parfait I love making these I'll have them for lunch or breakfast a super tasty or the yogurt base I love using these ciggies cartons the vanilla flavor is one of my favorites but also I really like the peach one and the coconut one just kind of whatever I'm in the mood for so then I'll top my yogurt off with some blueberries or whatever other like fresh fruit or berries we have on hand so as for granola I really like using this one this is just like a grain free granola that's honestly kind of like a trail mix type thing but I really like it this is obviously the chocolate one the ingredients are super good but I'll add like 1/4 cup of that or something and then I'll top it off with some honey so yeah nothing super fancy if I'm wanting something a little bit more Hardy I'll add a scoop of peanut butter but today this is what's working for me okay so it is right now afternoon snack time that my family does this about every afternoon we just have our coffee and some type of bar I'm having a Larabar

mom has a think bin bar Maisie and Emma are indulging and some sweets but yeah we do this spot every from the day and you know so yeah at dinnertime mom today has cooked dinner stuff turkey rice super yummy and it salad to go behind it's the place with pepper salad [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so it's right now evening tea time happens about daily and we all just have tea and we they're like ice cream or vanilla is which are like he's like healthy oatmeal cookies this is the current setup the room has 13 mom just burned her hand she's not very happy about it then there's Sarah um we got that would be it for this video thanks so much for watching make sure to subscribe and leave a comment down below telling me what you want to see next thank you [Music]