22 July 2019

What I Eat In A Day (Non Vegan + Healthy)

Spend a day with me eating everything I normally eat everyday:) (I mean not everyday lol) hope this inspired you to go cook so good and healthy meals!

hey guys what's up come back to my

channel so today I thought I would do a what I eat in a day basically showing you like what I usually eat for breakfast lunch and dinner if we're gonna start out I usually in the morning tried to make a smoothie Bowl so these are so good and I really have liked making them recently though my blender absolutely sucks so I have to hand mix most of it but it's still worth it because it is so good in the end pretty much what I start off doing is this dish first where you're gonna want to do is take your blender and then fill it with one cup of triple berry blue blueberries raspberries and blackberries so you want to pour in a cup of that your wonder sorry I can't get a good angle about Utah it smell good so it should be like about this much that might be a little bit too much but that's what I like and then you're gonna take a banana put like 5/6 of it into this blender and then save like this much to put on top as a topping of this movie because if it tastes really really good when it's just like playing by itself on top of this movie and then I take a scoop of protein powder and I just scoop it in there what you're gonna

want to do once you have all this in there is you're gonna want to put on the lid and then blend it at low make sense or up a low setting like the lowest setting that you can look I'm 42 okay it gets better so once it's somewhat mixed won't be mixed very well oh you should mine won't be you're gonna want to take some low-fat vanilla yogurt and take like a spoon and take about 2 or 1/2 spoonfuls to give it kind of the texture of milk but not actually be using milk and make it worth it so I usually blend it until it is like the consistency of like this all right since I do have to hand mixer that sometimes the tire then low on the settings so it gets a lot more watery for me but that's just like I can't help that like it won't blend any other way like you know so yeah so then I usually pour it into a bowl and then add the toppings [Music] usually for toppings I don't really like to go crazy I just like to add some raspberries and banana cuz otherwise it gets a little bit like too much for me I kind of just like the smoothie and then like the fruits so I just kind of put in fruit and then God is how I make my

smoothie Will's oh yeah that is pretty much what I eat for breakfast see you at lunch time all right so now it is time for lunch and since this is a non vegan just healthy kind of everyday lunch I am going to be making a chicken Caesar salad yes healthy but it is so good alright guys so now we are back in the kitchen and I am going to make a chicken Caesar salad yeah so I usually start by taking some little cut-up chicken pieces breast things I don't know and then I heat up the event to like medium and then I use some panel oil do you see that camera you see it come on buddy now whatever I spray it so I'm using a really little pan cuz I mean chicken doesn't eat much now it's kind of heating up so then I put it down Roebuck you got medium to low heat oh so frozen oh my gosh so I put a few on there so the trick is not you so much food he is way too much then it's like too much so then it should look like this [Music] since my - let's keep it really simple I only use a few spices spices brew that is some seasoning so I use this

McCormick Montreal chicken and then I use some salt and pepper once it starts sizzling like it is then I start to kind of mix it up a spatula and then I start putting on those spices what I like to do is put it in a different spot so this is where it was cooking and then I like to put it in a different spot to let it kind of stay warm but still be cooking or whatever and then I start making oh that's funny and then I start making this salad portion first I want to say sorry for this fizzling in the background it's still cooking so pretty much all you're gonna need cute make this Caesar salad is really basic so so I've Panera salad dressing I have some shredded Parmesan cheese some croutons and then lettuce I just make it in a bowl with two forks per reason you'll see pretty soon pretty much I just start by getting some lettuce so I have a ton of lettuce and this sort of thing so I'm just gonna scoop that up my desired amount of lettuce I just add some Parmesan cheese Caesar dressing croutons and then my chicken okay so now that's a lot of dressing and this is kind of foam but pretty much

what I do is I just take two forks and I usually most kind of like I would forks or whatever side it's kind of use disease and then I mix it all together so this is the finished product I know I know it doesn't really look that appetizing but it's not always for the looks people sometimes it's for more than that okay so that is pretty much what I have for lunch not everyday obviously like I don't not everyday do I eat a smoothie in a salad but I do usually try to eat healthy or somewhat healthy so I see you at dinner funny okay so yeah so basically the night that I would I was filming I was supposed to do dinner or whatever but then it started storming thundering some power went out in my city - so it wasn't like you know not a good time then I decided today I would film me getting chai pot so basically at Chipotle I like to have chicken tacos with like white rice salsa cheese and lettuce so I just ate Chipotle it's the next day so yeah I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and follow my [Music] you