10 June 2019

What I Eat In A Day (Attempting to Eat Healthy) | Camryn Hope

Here's what I eat in a day.... I try my best to eat healthy for the most part and not eat out as much as I used to. Also I use MyFitnessPal to help me with this.

hey guys it's Cameron welcome back to my

channel so if you guys can tell I am currently filming in my kitchen today and that is because I'm going to be filming a what I eat in the same video this is going to be like kind of healthy addition because lately I've been trying to eat pretty healthy so it is currently 11 a.m. I am going to make myself a quick breakfast it's a little bit late but I'm gonna be going to the gym in a little bit so I just want to eat something very healthy and nutritious before I head over there so I'm gonna show you guys of what I eat for breakfast I also know to show you guys other options of things you can eat like things that I would also eat for breakfast but I'm just not anything today so last time I lost a ton of weight I was actually tracking my calories using need MyFitnessPal app so this is it if you guys don't know and this is basically just an app ran by Under Armour basically you can track all their calories for the day your micro some macros you can plug in your exercises and you can plug in how much water you drink all you have to do is search the item at you're plugging in or you can

even scan the barcodes way I would scan the barcode here and it would literally show up right away some things obviously if they're from certain restaurants aren't like big it's not gonna show up but you can like kind of ask me and like compare it to what should get another place and put it in I definitely recommend using that so I'm going to be showing you guys everything I'm eating and then I'm going to be plugging into my fitness stuff everything that I eat for breakfast and lunch super simple it takes me a few minutes mango like I said I have to go to the gym in a few minutes so I'm gonna get right to making my breakfast so let's get started so for my breakfast today I'm going to be eating my Chobani Greek yogurt this is the strawberry one this one comes with like chunks of strawberry in it but you can also get it without the chunks I know I like it with but a lot of people don't so what I like to do is I open it up and when you open it it just looks like this so it's not mixed like I should have known that was gonna happen right but it looks like that and basically I'm mixing it together

[Music] during mix the yogurt I'm going to pour it into this full and then I'm going to pour the brown when I'm home it just makes it a lot easier to mix it all off when it's in a bowl rather than when it's in this little cup [Music] that I'm going to be taking this nature Valley and all its oats and honey 1 and it has protein in it so it's really good I'm gonna plug it all and you see MyFitnessPal after but I'm gonna be using a little less than half a cup probably a quarter cup of this I don't need to put a lot the serving size is half a cup but I'm not going to do that much [Music] so now that I finished putting this all together I'm going to plug it into my fitness pal so we're going to go to the breakfast one and I actually have the same breakfast plugged in from yesterday which is also great it literally will say add yesterday's breakfast and you just swipe right to add it so I'm going to add it but basically the strawberry Chobani yogurt has 140 calories 20 grams of carbs 0 grams fat and 14 grams

protein the protein oh and honey granola the serving is half a cup and like I tried to make it a quarter of a cup because half a cup is a lot so I tried to make it a quarter but it was a little less than a quarter that's so this was 105 calories like I said it's not 100% accurate but that's what it has here and that has 15 point 5 grams of carbs 3 grams of fat and 5 grams of protein so it's not a tyrant protein but with that combined with the yogurt it's a lot of our commute so it's pretty good so the entire meal together is 245 calories [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] okay guys so I'm back from the gym it is currently 229 p.m. so 2:30 so I just went to the gym guys and it says I burned 132 calories from my run and 375 calories from my workout exercise was 507 Callard I am going to making lunch originally planned to make salad for lunch so I was gonna use romaine lettuce tomatoes cucumbers corn grilled chicken and balsamic vinaigrette but I don't have the corn I thought I did and I also do not have the grilled chicken so I was

thinking about putting Turkey in the salad then I was like I'm afraid I'm not gonna like because I've never done that before I'm also a very picky eater so I don't want to make something and not like it so I'm just gonna have a turkey and cheese sandwich because I literally don't know what to make actually really wanted to make my salad on camera but it's fine whatever so I just have this American cheese shop break and I'm going to use two slices of that so I'm plugging in the cheese I'm gonna do two slices so it is 140 calories for two slices of cheese and then I'm going to be also using a ShopRite turkey slices I don't I think it's I only have two slices left anyways so I'm just gonna use the last two slices so I'm gonna put that in turkey shop right two slices and this does two slices of turkey of 67 calories I don't I don't know how accurate that is but we're just gonna plug it in and then I'm going to be using these Jake has sown rolls and they're like the small ones and I'm gonna plug this in right now I think it's already in here but I'm just gonna scan it I'm already holding it okay so

this is 100 take [Music] alright guys my lunch is made like I said before I'm a super picky eater so - this might just be like why is she eating just turkey and cheese on a sandwich but honestly it's a step for me because I used to hate cold cuts but since the sandwich is kind of small I'm going to get myself some snacks so I have a green a granny smith apple that I'm going to cut up and put in a bowl and on MyFitnessPal um one green granny smith apple medium says it is 80 calories it has 22 grams of carbs 0 grams of fat and 0 grams of protein and then I have some strawberries here so I'm gonna cut up about 5 strawberries and cut them all in half and on MyFitnessPal here it says one strawberry is five calories it's four calories I'm going to do five so it'll be 20 Hillary's I don't know how accurate that is but it says it is 4.5 grams of carbs 0.2 grams of fat and 0.5 grams of protein so I'm going to cut those up right now put them in a bowl and then have that as like a little side snack with my lunch [Music]

all right guys I'm probably outside right now because I'm me and my mom we're making dinner we're making burgers I'm having turkey burgers everyone else my family's having other burgers say hi mom my mom what he's doing really hard to cook things on the grill stop like put the burgers on the turkey burgers need like 15 minutes each side so that's gonna take a little longer okay and these are the turkeys I know exactly how long those gonna wait themselves we're going to wait a little bit they're frozen so they take a little longer and then I'll let Cameron learn how to flip it alright guys so while the burgers are cooking I realized that I didn't have my lemon a cucumber water for today and I drink at least 24 ounces of that every single day and I didn't do today so I'm about to tour right now so I basically put it in this cone contigo thing and this is a 24 ounce bottle and I just put them in cucumber water in here I normally fill it up in this pitcher so I cut up some lemons and some capers some lemons and some cucumbers and I put up in here but this and usually I refilled like a few times when I've desired just refill because it

still has like the flavor in it and everything but I'm gonna just redo it for the sake of the video so I'm going to empty this out and then we're going to cut some new ones and then we're going to throw this and then of course some in my bottle and I have to finish this by within within the next few hours because I usually drink it during the day and I totally forgot today so when I track this in my app I like to track with my regular water cups a day I like to drink at least four more cups of water a day but this I do separately I do it under snacks and I just search like lemon and cucumber water and that's 24 ounces and it says it's nine calories um cucumbers I kind of have cut up already so I'm just going to leave I cut them up a few days ago and I don't want to waste the whole another to cover [Music] okay spatula for the church [Music] all right so while we're waiting for them to cook we just flip them I'm gonna put them into MyFitnessPal so the turkey burgers my mom gets our Jenny oh that's the brand we don't the box anymore so it's not skinning them

they're just already in my phone because I've had them before so a jennie-o turkey burger patty patty two patties is 360 calories so I'm gonna insert that I'm going to do two patties I'm gonna stack them and then I'm putting two pieces of American cheese so American cheese yellow two slices same thing as earlier today when I had the turkey cheese sandwich there we go then I think the bun Arnold smaller pepperidge farm I'll be back watch my barbecue see it ha and back my mom took over Arnold okay so an Arnold country white sandwich bun one bun is 160 calories the whole-wheat one is only ten calories less so it's whatever I guess so one button thirty grams of carbs two grams of fat five grams of protein oops those carbs though now I am at 643 calories remaining for the death [Music] okay so I'm just gonna track this salad with it so there's a romaine like one cause that's what I have so I'm doing one cup and then some Tomatoes great Tomatoes 1/3 cycle 17 calories and then the balsamic dressing this is the light Ken Steakhouse light off so Oh mom just kidding I really didn't put a lot of

dressing so then it's 30 calories [Music] okay guys so I just wanted to close out the video after dinner actually went to a carnival and I got corn on the cob but that's really all a after um dinner but anyways that is it for this video I really hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I eat in a day um hopefully it gives you guys some tips if you're trying to eat healthy I really recommend MyFitnessPal it's such a great app and it's helped me so much and I'm really hoping that I make some progress with doing this because it is hard but I think that's it for this video so I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll see you guys next time [Music]