12 June 2017


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good morning everybody good morning so I

woke up about half an hour ago and I have already had some water and right now I'm very excited I'm about to make some banana ice cream I haven't had like banana ice cream or even a smoothie and such a long time because what I just don't really have smoothies that often and to our blender broke and I haven't had an ice cream because we own we don't have like a high-power blender and our food processor isn't big enough to make an ice cream but yesterday Kyle found this blender right here on a local buy and sell website and it's a really good it's like a Breville blender and it's like high power it can make nut milks and it can make nice creams it's like basically brand new works really well and yeah buy it sell websites secondhand I swear like that's how I buy most of the things that I buy is through secondhand or through strict shops and it's honestly the most eco-friendly way to buy things and it's generally always very cheap so that's my lil sorry about my blender [Music] [Music] all right so this is my breakfast it actually kind of turned out to be a

smoothie texture more than ice cream because I put in a lot of bananas this time because I was making it for both me house so I put in cap I put in about eight bananas and the blender didn't really like that and it overheated and so these kind of started to melt and you know life but yeah this is really really good I made this combination for the first time yesterday it's just bananas lime juice and vanilla and sounds like a weird combination but honestly it's so so good and then I just topped it with some hemp seeds because I love MC and this is my breakfast it's probably about like four bananas in here and yeah I'm going to eat this and then I'm going to get ready to go to the gym [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] well that was a really great workout I feel really good I did a mile run as a warm-up and then I did bunch of those exercises that you just saw and probably a few others that weren't filmed but yeah feel I definitely feel like I'm getting stronger I've never really

worked so hard in the gym putting like trying to like put on muscle and gain strength so it's really exciting for me because I I'm actually like seeing progress and getting stronger and feeling tighter and it's just and I'm really sweaty so that means I did a good job and that noise in the background is Kyle boxing and kicking the bag so I think I'm just going to do a little bit of stretching I ever saw Franco to streak I'm just going to do a little bit of a stretch well mister does a little bit of some bag work and then back home and I definitely need to shower because his hair is quite wet aye aye aye captain hi my eyes response I can say my eyes so I'm showered and I've already started making lunch the plan originally was going to come home and have just a small bowl of oats before I made lunch but we actually stayed at the gym a lot longer than I thought we would once we went upstairs to the gym and Carl started punching on the bag like we just kind of got carried away having fun and boxing and stuff like that so Steve a lot longer and so I thought I'd just come home and make lunch right away so while

I was in the shower I started cooking the sweet potatoes and so I put those in the ovens they're almost ready to go and then I've chopped up some garlic and some tomato and I've rinsed some kidney beans and I'm going to make such sweet potatoes and I'm so excited because I haven't had these in a really long time and I've been craving them so really excited for those and yeah and then I guess if I'm hungry in between lunch and dinner I'll have my bowl of oats because I did Todd my bowl Lopes today and quite that when you don't have your own [Music] I want the Frank I'm not Frank is the Roger he wants right I can't go more no more huh kid this is honestly like one of my favorite quick and if it's kind of relatively quick go to go to go kill relatively quick go to lunch meal I love it so much it's just so it's so satisfying and so simple so tasty three great source of protein after the workout a lot of people have been asking me lately how to incorporate more vegetables into their diet they don't like vegetables to be honest I never

liked form sick taters like if you gave me this meal even a year ago I would have been like barf I cannot eat this this is so gross but now obviously I love them and the trick is you just need to start incorporating those types of foods that you don't like or vegetables that you don't like in recipes or meals where you can't really taste them so I started incorporating orange sweet potato into like soups and chilies and stuff like that and eventually your palate kind of changes and now I'm obsessed almost a subsistence an avocado I never used to like avocado either or beans and Here I am having beans and spinach and sweet potato and yeah make a cheese sauce around broccoli and I like broccoli put peanut butter on your carrots cheese on your broccoli peanut butter on your and peanut butter on carrots is actually good oh yeah people don't like vegetables cause like some of it on Center salt fat on them or bread them mr. and mrs. vegan have a great video about breading vegetable yeah it's just so good great post-workout man speed my muscles cool indeed all right so I just came in from outside obviously we just

kind of spent a lot I kind of spent the afternoon outside doing all the work that I needed to get done I got a lot done which is very very good thank projects thanks coming soon I also made myself a bowl of cold outs because of sitting outside in the Sun and I got hungry but I didn't really want to make oh I'm so because I didn't want to eat something hot whoa oh my gosh what is he doing clearly have problems today get it together so made myself a bowl of cold oats with a ton of frozen berries and that was very good very refreshing and now I'm just drinking some more water this headline juice in it a smile a little quality and I think we're going to make dinner soon so now we're having dinner and Manny's making tofu with rice and quinoa and broccoli broccoli cucumber tahini sauce avocado oh yeah you can help me what do you need output you want to cut tofu a lot to make the marinade okay okay look [Music] [Applause] [Music] I know I did a very great job at cutting

this piece of parchment paper but you know I didn't want waste it if you remembered yeah oh nice one buddy No [Music] [Music] hmm I have so many random clubs of Jack today in this video oh I'm knock it down they're so cute oh we're home well that Sun is about to set we've got some real good sunset vibes happening right now this is dinner it looks really good and it was just kind of like a throw together so we've got leftover rice and quinoa I just heated up obviously broccoli avocado lettuce cucumber and then tofu and then the dressing that I put on it is lemon maple tahini dressing and I made that recently in our falafel recipe video so if you want to know how to make that you can go check out that recipe video but basically it is lemon juice tahini maple syrup and water and that's it that's bomb and there's cat hair in my food digging dig in this is my favorite part of the videos we make eating the food yep I mean it's pretty good undressing

works really well too hon good fresh nice yeah all right well guys I think that's pretty much it for today I may have a snack later but I highly doubt it because I feel like I'm gonna be pretty full off grades so yeah I'm fast it was a good day good day hot o-type it it was like almost 30 degrees looks so nice out today 29 degrees today and I'm really happy that I did my work outside and enjoyed the Sun for a little bit because I feel like losing our tail definitely lost my Hawaiian tan yeah me too ah well guys I hope you enjoyed this video if you did give it a big thumbs up thumbs up for me and leave a comment down below let me know what you saw subscribe if you're new to this channel I will see you in the next video [Music]