09 June 2019

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY - Vegetarian on a Slimming World diet!!

Welcome to my YouTube channel! My name is Jenna, I talk a bit too much and I'm a little bit crazy! I had loads of fun making this video so I hope you enjoy!

hello a morning as we know I'm on a diet

and I'm bad at accents but today I thought because I'm on my diet oh I'd film what I eat in a day on my diet so what usually I don't eat breakfast unless I get out of bed because I manage to stroll that I paired that like one so I might as well just having lunch at that point but I'm gonna have breakfast today because you know to myself okay so I was gonna have bag through because I usually have like strawberries bananas and blueberries but even a strawberries am bananas and this spice get on my nerves [Music] one thing you're probably learned in this video is that I'm just terrible at like food and it's different general like look how Anna Peden that looks my dad made that I would look yummy [Music] [Music] [Music] the extra that's your healthy be extra for the day and then spread it out took ten another tomato and I were looking super tasty Oh get some of your healthy a extra low-fat mozzarella which I'm struggling to cope with one they've got homemade sin free bruschetta okay so

we're making dinner first crack four eggs badly like me some how much free like four tablespoons and mix it chopped up vegetables and yeah sweat sweat sweat stretch stress grip [Music] that's a meat if you eat meat and then don't feel me tada simply spaghetti carbonara I actually forgot from an outer of that video and usually throughout the day because I don't usually have breakfast and I had breakfast quite late it's like a lie but o'clock because I don't usually have breakfast I usually snack a lot more than I did that day and there's a good after was anyone having a few sins oops but usually I tried just now gone through Apple yeah sometimes I have like cake like the ones I've made in the stealing world cakes video I have a cake that I homemade or sometimes have some jelly with some strawberries in but if I want a snack I usually have fruit or if I've got my healthy extras I'll have cheese on crackers I would like an album bar or something so that's kind of what I eat the rest of the day because I'm really bad for snacking in my gate I would before I

started slimming world I would smack all the time but on like junk so now I just try and snack there's a I can't help it I'm free and I'm not robbed an update slimming world been gone three weeks and actually got my 1 stone award today so then I'm waving this app around actually got a one stone award today so it worked him these these slimming world cakes and them this what I eat in a day malarkey so if you're interested and you're wondering if it works I don't really do that with exercise I just kind of like walk a lot I know walking is good exercise burn like um I just like go out and about like I don't set out to do much exercise really I tried to be able more active but the slimming world is actually really easy so I recommend a thanks for watching toe off