11 October 2019

What I Eat In a Day Vegetarian | Healthy & Easy Nutritious Meals

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hey guys today I'm on a command welcome

back to my channel so as you can see from the title of this video I'm going to show you guys what I eat in a day I pretty much show you guys already on Instagram if you follow me on there I have a little highlight story on my Instagram page where you guys can see all of my favorite foods favorite snacks and smoothies but I'll just make this video so that way it's a little bit more detailed so I'm going to start by making my favorite juice if you guys watched my last vlog then I showed you guys my celery juice which is what I've been having every single morning I think there's great benefits to drinking celery juice first thing in the morning or last thing before you go to bed I'm going to list the benefits down below if you guys want to learn a little bit more about it and maybe if you guys want to try it out I'll list it below so check it out after the video is done so let's go to the kitchen this is how much celery I'll be juicing today also going to use a medium sized green apple and a small piece of ginger because I absolutely love the taste of ginger I'll be using the Breville juicer absolutely amazing I love that it comes with this

huge jug but I'm not going to be using it today because because it's way too big for the amount of juice we'll be making so instead I'm going to use this little one which will most likely fill all the way up [Music] [Music] [Music] look how healthy and green this drink looks it's so good and I can definitely feel that ginger I'll put a little bit extra today and oh my god it made the drink so much better so I'm supposed to wait twenty to thirty minutes before eating anything so what I'm going to do is answer a couple of my emails while drinking my juice and after that make something quick to eat for breakfast all right so it's been about 30 minutes or so and I'm going to make myself something very light to eat I know this may sound wild to some of you guys but I'm not big on breakfast it's just not something I look forward to not something that gets me excited I don't wake up super early in the morning to say oh my god I'm gonna make something amazing for breakfast I'm just not that person to be

honest I love Middle Eastern food and if I could have food in Phillip and homos oh my god tabouleh I would have that every day but then I would get fat so I try not to make that very often because you guys I'm so so obsessed with that kind of food Middle Eastern food it's like the type of food that you can eat for breakfast lunch and dinner but I prefer having something like like a rice cake with peanut butter and fruits fruits is really like my main thing for breakfast and also a grapefruit on the side it's my favorite fruit of all time so yeah that's what I'm gonna have now I'm going to the kitchen and make myself something quick to eat so I'm going to have one of these and I'm trying to lose weight but the plain rice cake is just so bland and boring so I have to get something with some sort of like flavor in it and I chose the caramel rice cake I'm going to use some peanut butter and add some strawberries and blueberries and then have this on the side oh how many of you guys love grapefruit because it's either you love or you hate this this fruit and ever since I tried it since I was a little girl I've been absolutely obsessed

I love the bitterness like the sourness of the fruit its I know it's it's crazy [Music] I just finished eating breakfast it was just so perfect and like exactly what I needed I remember I didn't show you guys my YouTube whom it's coming along pretty nice we put the wardrobes up so it looks so much better than what it was if I'm working towards it to make it really nice comfy cozy and glamorous at the same time it's just very me and I love it so I'm gonna show you guys how it's coming along are you guys ready look this side is not done yet but I'm loving this side of the room Hamid and I assembled it by ourselves we took upon the challenge to see how difficult it would be and yes guys the pumpkin everybody knows I've been trying to look for a nice pumpkins for the fall and they're all over my house Mohammed's not too is not a thrill about it but I just love pumpkin so much anyways look guys I've put some of my stuff up already so a lot more it needs to be up but I think I found a way that works for my jobs to be displayed as well so you're supposed to hang clothes here but instead I just put my most favorite hedge ABS up here

so that way you know it's easier to make outfits and not throw his jabs all over the ground and most of them if not 90% are from Odisha I absolutely love their chiffon his ups are just amazing so this is how it's looking so far and let me show you the other side of the room it's very blah at the moment there's the router my tripod light mirror another light that's that's pretty much it not much going on in this side of the room alright so that's that alright go in the meantime I am going to clean around the house and then around twelve I would say I'll make something for lunch I still need to figure out what I want to eat for lunch I'm not quite sure I always go for something safe like an avocado salad I usually like having salads for lunch anyways so I don't know we'll see we'll see what I'm in the mood for a Mac so I finished cleaning and I also changed my clothes because if I stay in my pajamas all day that will definitely change my entire mood and I will most definitely not finish the tasks that I set for myself to do for today so I am going to prepare some lunch and I've decided to make a salad like I said I

love salads especially for lunch time I don't like eating something super heavy because I'll get me super lazy and I'll just lay on the couch and pretty much not do anything for the rest of the afternoon so I'm gonna show you guys to wait that I love to make my salads I use the spring mix salad and I already cut and washed broccoli I also use some of the pita chips and I'm also going to add tomatoes celery onions chick peas avocados green pepper olives carrots and cucumber and as you can see it's not your everyday basic salad I'm making a lot of salad because I usually eat it throughout the day and the Mohamad really really loves when I make this type of salad so I'm going to do enough for me and also for Moe and he comes home from work [Music] [Music] salad it looks so good guys whoa I'm so hungry it takes forever to make the salad but it takes five minutes to finish it I put myself a decent size and there's still a lot left forget so I'm gonna go watch friends and post something on Instagram just chill for a little bit before I start making dinner

so it's currently 342 in the afternoon and around this time is when I usually just start making dinner because I like Primeau to eat after coming home from work I mean he's hot he's like so tired when he comes home from work and all he wants to do is just relax and have a home-cooked meal so I like to have it prepared so he could just you know feel so much better and I'm going to make black beans quinoa pico de gallo and also avocados on the side so I'm gonna show you guys the way that I like to make it so this is what I'm using to make pico de gallo we have cilantro tomatoes onions and garlic obviously some salt and lime afterwards and this right here is what I'll be using for the black beans [Music] all right so the big idea hey how are you I'm good I'm good you caught me like right in the middle of finishing dinner I'm hungry you're hungry good I was watching friends - yes actually all day long I've been watching friends okay well so what are we eating we're going to have black beans quinoa pico de gallo and some avocado on the side

sounds very Spanish yep so good go change your clothes so we can have their 10 minutes no lies I'm hungry two minutes all right [Music] so it's around 9:30 and at this time we usually like to have something to eat again but usually we have lots of foods fruit tonight and I was thinking to make a size since I get a lot of questions asked about my acai bowls when I post them on Instagram like which friend do we get and what do we add on the ball so Mohammed's gonna help me make acai bowls okay and mold you want to show them the bowls that we got from Amazon we got these a while back and they're super I mean they look small in your hands yeah they're coconut bowls yeah um but it's super cute and aesthetically pleasing of course so Muhammad's super entertained because we have football in the background but I'm gonna need your help okay we'll be quick we'll be quick I'll show you guys exactly how I like to make them we have blackberries blueberries dragon through and strawberries and this is the acai that we use is the organic what is a cult

Oh Samba sown in going samba zone is their brand is four packs in this bag and we're gonna use exactly four packs to make our acai bowl [Music] so here is our acai bowl it looks so yummy it looks honestly it does look really tiny in your hand oh if I get you a spoon I'm sorry I'll get you one right now you know the fun part about eating acai bowls is that you can add your favorite fruits coconut flakes chia seeds what else honey oh honey Nutella peanut butter almond butter honestly sky's the limit you guys can add whatever you want there's no specific way of making it the only thing is that some people add water to the acai to make it like a slushie or like a smoothie yeah yeah but I don't like texture instead of the liquid we just put the acai in the blender just as it is with no water no nothing because we like it when it comes out a little more anyways but still yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed this video what I eat in a day hopefully I gave you guys some ideas to try out and if you do try out any of my

food please take a picture and let me know on Instagram if you liked it or how it turned out I really want to see a picture of it so I can see Muhammad's getting anxious yeah and I'm hungry as well and again thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next week Friday