14 June 2019


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hey guys welcome back so today I have a

what I eat in a day to lose weight so all these meals are plant-based they're super easy and nutritious and delicious now I will say I'm not a health expert I know that I have a lot of room for improvement I think we all do when it comes to what we eat I'm not saying that these are the absolute most healthiest meals ever but I like them and I don't like to deprive myself from things that I like I like to just try my best at least to have as much balance as I can I'm still being able to enjoy things that I eat cuz I don't want to just eat like grass every day you know I'm saying but my hope is that you guys can get inspo from these meals I'm not saying that this is going to work for every single person everybody has different ways of losing weight and that's totally fine I don't count calories or anything like that because I just felt like it just doesn't work for me I kind of just know the portions and know what I feel full off of it and all that you know so just do what works for you but hopefully you get some info from this video last time I checked I was around 140 I was kind of like fluctuating between like 139 138 140 and as of now it's been a

few weeks and I haven't been checking the scale because I just found myself to be very obsessive over it and the times where I was feeling very unmotivated and just kind of when I hit a plateau I felt like being on the scale didn't help at all so I just decided to not even check it and just do what I can you guys healthy as I can go to the gym and just take a lot of photos because I feel like photos are the best way to really track your fitness journey and track your body and see the changes that you've made anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to never sack and let's get started grab healthy snack alright guys so it is time for breakfast which is my favorite meal of the day so avi I'm gonna be having some chocolate chip pancakes if you guys watch my videos or my vlogs you know that these are my favorite the a log-cabin all-natural pancake mix you can get it on Walmart calm you might be able to get it in stores depending on where you live I just personally can't so I always order a bunch of boxes online because it's like super cheap and it's my favorite pancake mix cuz it has a couple ingredients and they're just so

good and all you need to do is add water so I love those and then I do add these chocolate chips in here these are also only with three ingredients and I also find these at Walmart so love that and then on the side lately I've been adding some hash browns because I love the combo of sweet and salty and I just get these crispy circles seasoned shredded potatoes from Aldi and I have about the serving size that's on the back so with these I always have around twelve to fourteen pieces that's 170 calories nine grams of fat no sugar which is great there is a lot of sodium in these but I do like to season mine anyways just for a little extra flavor but I'll show you what I use I use salt for seasoning so it's like totally fine and a little bit of protein two grams of protein so this has been like my go-to breakfast I don't really switch out my breakfast all that often to be honest I like to just keep it really simple and of course you guys know I always have to have my lemon water I just have a three half cut up frozen lemons in here I usually do this on Sundays I'll just buy lemons in bulk wash them rinse them really good cut

them up put them in a plastic baggie and just freeze them for the week and I refill this all throughout the day so I don't know how many of these I have honestly I probably go through almost a full gallon if not full gallon of water every single day okay so I have my hash browns in there I actually pop them in the oven for a little bit and I forgot to show them so they were only in there for like five minutes or so I just took them out really quick but I have two servings in here because I'm actually gonna make some for my cousin and I so for my seasonings these are both from all these so these are these stone mill seasonings and they're my favorite they're so good and their salt free so you can use a lot and not feel guilty so this one is by far my favorite there's just a ton of really good stuff in here onion spices garlic really good things so I used some of that and then I top this off with a little bit of garlic and herb again also salt free so you can go ham and not feel guilty so I'm gonna pop these in my toaster oven for about 20 minutes but these are the nutritional facts for the pancakes I usually have one big one or two small or two medium

ones it just depends but I usually keep it at two especially since I'm having the hashbrowns so I really love these because there's only a few ingredients like I mentioned and they're just so good they're so easy and on the back you can see the instructions on how to make them but honestly all you need to do is add water and they're still really fluffy and really good so you don't need to add all that your ingredients or oils or anything like that just add water or you could use almond milk but I personally feel like water tastes just as good and it's a little bit lower calorie that way okay so for the pancake mix honestly at this point I just eyeball it I kind of already have an idea of what works whenever I'm doing two pancakes but you can measure it out it's probably around a cup or so so I just have my little bowl here and it's around that much Micke and then I add a few of the chocolate chips so so the so pretty whatever chocolate chips you like again I also I baldies I do maybe about ten or twelve or so for both pancakes and then for the water you don't want to add too much because you don't want the mix to

be too water you want it to have you know a smooth and creamy consistency so like obviously this is not enough water so I kind of just added as I go okay so every time I cook I usually always use some extra virgin olive oil nonstick spray okay so this is my breakfast the pancakes don't look super pretty but that's fine because they're gonna taste really good so that's all that matters I'm gonna top these off with a little bit of this pure maple syrup and I just do a little bit because it does run really high in sugar and then I have my super crispy tater tots which I love and then for ketchup I got the no sugar added just a traditional ketchup so this is my breakfast and then of course my lemon water it's a pretty big breakfast but it's so good it's so filling it's really easy too like the longest thing you have to wait for are the tater tots so this is breakfast okay just finish eating I made too much food honestly i overestimated how hungry I was or underestimated I know I overestimated cuz I thought it was a lot hungrier and I'm really I wasn't so I only decided to eat one pancake I should have just made

one from the beginning I just wasn't able to finish it but anyways I wanted to mention the supplements that I take so I take the Garden of Life organic multivitamin and this one is from Walmart I love this because there's a ton of really good stuff in here and it's non-gmo it's vegan it's really great so I just take one of these a day usually after breakfast if I remember if not then after dinner alright guys so it is time for lunch I'm gonna keep it really simple and really light today because I felt like for breakfast I ate a lot so I wanted to keep this really simple so whenever I'm feeling lazy I just make a salad because it's really good it takes me like not even five minutes and I get all my veggies in so I have here at these mixed greens I just got this at Aldi you just get kale spinach and just a bunch of other greens so I put them all in my Bowl right here I'm also gonna be adding some black beans these are rinsed low-sodium beans I'm not gonna use all of those probably just a couple spoonfuls I also have some chopped cucumber shredded carrots in some avocado and then I'm just gonna add some

dressing over top the good thing about salads is you can really add whatever you want these are just the veggies that I currently have on hand and sometimes I also like to add corn but I'm gonna have corn for dinner so I'm not gonna add it in here but really you just add whatever you want and if you want to add some extra protein you can add some sort of seitan or tofu or grilled chicken you know whatever you want to do sometimes I do add like a tofu or something to it it just depends but today I'm not really feeling it so I'm just gonna but simple with the veggies and of course my lemon water I just drink a ton of glasses of these throughout the day [Music] so this is what the salad looks like I know it looks like super Plain Jane but I'm telling you it's so good and then I do have some dressing here on the side I will leave the recipe that I use down below it is super easy literally just a couple ingredients I use raw cashews almond milk nutritional yeast 1 clove of garlic a little bit of salt and pepper a little bit of lemon juice and a little bit of Dijon mustard which front of fact I actually hate mustard

but I felt like in the recipe it tasted really really good so it's just a really nice like creamy almost like Caesar like dressing it tastes amazing and it's super healthy compared to like other dressings at the store which I used to get all the time but I finally found this dressing which is so good so just check the description box below um yeah this is the aftermath I guess I was hungry or having what I thought and there's Bernard he does not even like salad but yeah that was really good you guys have to try the dressing it's like super creamy and like cheesy it's so good ok so I'm about to start dinner literally in like 10-15 minutes or so but I'm just having a little snack I'm having some green grapes they have to be green sweet crunchy grapes I hate a soggy grape nobody likes to talk agreat no let me know if you like soggy grapes down below but crunchy grapes are all that I love so I'm just having some of these my obsession this summer have been grapes watermelon and cherries those were like my three favorites in the summer so now it is time for dinner by the way I'm sorry about the lighting it's like super yellow in here cuz it's

like a really gloomy day out so like the natural lighting sucks today but anyways today I'm gonna be making a classic meal for me I grew up eating mashed potatoes like straight up like this they're my favorite so I'm gonna be making mashed potatoes broccoli and corn this is not just for me it's also for Hector as well it's a really good comfort food and it's very easy to make the longest part of this obviously is the mash the other than that like really easy so I'm gonna start by just boiling for yellow potatoes you can peel the skin off if you want but I personally really like the skin in the and the broccoli obviously just boil it and then the corn you don't really need to cook it you kind of just need to really heat it up on the stovetop which I will do towards the end once the mash is almost done so I have my water boiling here for the potatoes I'm just gonna boil those until they get nice and soft and then I'm gonna mash them up add some almond milk add my seasonings my garlic and that's it so I'll show you guys how that looks in just a minute with this meal Hector and I love adding some sort of like meatless meat to the

side you can get these at any grocery store even Walmart or Target so definitely be on the lookout because they're so good 19 grams of protein for two cutlets I'm probably gonna have just one and have mostly veggies and then I'll give Hector maybe two or three because he eats more than I do but yeah you just get four cutlets in here and the gravy and I'm just gonna pop these in the oven or about like 20 minutes or so I know it says 12 minutes on here but I usually do it for about 20 because I like it really really crispy this isn't like super super healthy obviously but you know it's a good way to get some protein in and I don't do it all the time just once in a while for some of my meals and it just adds a little extra something so you know treat yourself right and then with the gravy packet I just boil this in some water like for instance just like this I'll just add this right into the hot water just to get it nice and warm and then I'll just add this right over top of the mash I'm sure that there's like a healthier way to make gravy to be honest and just being lazy tonight but you can find a ton of like vegan really easy gravy

recipes but I'm just gonna use it because it's in here so for seasonings for the mash I'm gonna be adding some minced garlic my favorite I go ham with this this stuff is really good it gives it lots of flavor some garlic and herb a little bit of garlic powder actually a lot of garlic powder some black pepper of course I also have some pink Himalayan salt and then some unsweetened milk just to make this nice and creamy okay so the potatoes are done I am gonna start mashing them up I have the broccoli boiling over there and then I'm gonna heat the corn up once that's done so I'm just gonna mash these up and then start adding the garlic and eat almond milk mmm how good do these look so with the almond milk I kind of just eyeball it and this really depends on how creamy you'd like your potatoes if you want them to be not as creamy don't add almond milk it could obviously add butter sometimes I add a little bit of butter okay we're gonna add minced garlic lots of this I'm probably gonna do two spoonfuls we love garlic over here like love garlic powder black pepper a pinch of the pink Himalayan salt this is the only thing that I don't

do a lot of so I'm actually gonna do one tablespoon of this this is my favorite butter and the tablespoon is actually disturbing site on the back alrighty so this is the finished product I gave myself lots of broccoli to get my greens in the corn the garlic mash I added a little bit of the gravy packet like not even half of it and then the turkey cutlet so that is it for dinner so I always have to end the night with something sweet if I'm being super healthy I'll usually eat fruit but you know today I want cookies one because I always have a sweet tooth to I have really bad garlic taste in my mouth so I feel like stuff like this helps so these are literally my favors I'm gonna have a milk and cookies so these are the back to nature Chocolate Chunk cookies I just get these at my grocery store which is giant in like the organic slash Whole Foods section and I love them so the serving size on these is two cookies I usually will have two or three if I'm trying to be super healthy but you know let's get real when I'm on my period serving sizes don't exist so I do go hand with these so whenever I'm not on my period I do try to be mindful of that

but for two cookies is 130 calories 9 grams of sugar mmm there's some sodium in there but there's some potassium and the ingredients aren't terrible compared to other cookies so they're really good it kind of just tastes like a Chips Ahoy cookie and then I will have not even a full cup of almond milk just like a little bit this is just the unsweetened watch so when I tell you I don't have that much milk I literally probably have like just a little bit just to be able to dip my cookies in like a tiny bit of milk this is just what it looks like it's a pretty good size it's just like a traditional chocolate chip cookie so I just like dip it in get it a little soggy this is the only thing that I like soggy and then that's it so that officially this what I eat in a day I hope you guys enjoyed it leave me your go-to meals down below play bass or not I watch people who aren't vegan as well like they're what I eat you today's because I still feel like I can get info from them so at least meet your suggestions down below thank you so much for everything I hope you enjoyed I love you all and I'll see you

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